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  1. currently in the process, just wanted to see if there was any info.
  2. I've come to notice a problem with this mod that prevents me from using it: the Tundra parts are unusable for me due to the lag they cause. The Duna & Ranger series work fine as do the rest of USI mods, but the Tundra parts lag my game down to ~8 fps. I've put the graphics down to 1/8 res and fastest render, which has minimal effect. I've noticed that the Tundra textures are different when downgraded. Is there any known issue with this? I can't use the mod if the parts that the guide claim are critical ruin my game.
  3. Help me please, I think my game is glitching out. I'm playing with galileo's system replacer, using a station and a probe. I've put the station in the same orbit as Lili but shifted ahead (a large asteroid in the belt of a large planet) and want to use the probe to find ore deposits. the station is in a stable position - I've accelerated time and watched them orbit, they stay the same distance apart. The trouble begins when I actually go to use the probe. I get it into a capture of Lili, and then the station's orbit changes. it goes from stable and separate to falling straight down to the planet, and when I use Hyperedit to place it back in the same orbit as Lili, it starts Falling towards it. I've looked at the velocities, and they're the same. Lili is orbiting at 455,000m and 3578.5m/s, I'm orbiting at 449,000m and 3578.5m/s. When I switch to target mode, I'm moving towards Lili at around 200m/s. How can I be moving in the same orbit and same velocity as a celestial body AND be falling towards it? also, when I fall towards it my orbit doesn't show a transfer into Lili's SOI, I just crash and explode. Can anyone explain what is happening?
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