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  1. Hi just got a few suggestions, you don't have to add them but I'd really like to see them in game. I am into building airliners and would like to request a shorter version of the Mk1 Business cockpit with the Mk0 attachment point right beyond the cockpit glass so it would be possible to create cockpits alike ATRs, Dash-8s or Saab 340s with different shapes of nosecones. Another thing I would like to have a variant (selectable in the same way you can change the direction the props face) of the 'Kitty' turboprop with four straight blades instead of six, which would benefit the creation of most twin engine turboprop aircraft. Lastly I'd like to request a variant of the Bell X-1 landing gear with two wheels instead of just one, to aid the creation of an ATR 72/42.
  2. Could I suggest some more airliner parts such as widebody cockpits, a 737 cockpit and some DC-3 parts such as landing gear and a cockpit?