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  1. @severedsolo I'm playing on 1.3.1 and just for kicks installed Kfiles. Although it said that I completed Episode 1, it won't load/offer episode 2. Is there a way I can hack the .cfg files in order to force it to offer it.  Also, is there a delay in it being offered. Like a Kerbal day has to pass before it's offered?  That's the only other thing I could think that would keep it from working.  Are you going to / interested in expanding or updating this mod for the new versions? 
    I'd love to work on it with you.


    SGT Charlie 
    US Army Signal Corps

    Fort Campbell, KY


    1. severedsolo


      KFiles is dead I'm afraid. I've not worked on it for years, and have no plans to take it back over.

      Your specific question - the COntracts window should tell you why it isn't generating. If it's because the "complete EP1" requirement isn't working (for whatever reason) - you can just delete this line from MunUFO.cfg:

      name = CompleteContract
      type = CompleteContract
      contractType = KFilesUFO
      minCount = 1


      Also: just for future reference, I'd prefer it if you could ask for support in the thread for the mod, rather than on my profile please.