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  1. An RCS Failure will just stop the RCS block from working (it won't produce any thrust from that block at all).
  2. Why are you still using Chute Safety Indicator? That was made stock in 1.2
  3. New beta with lots of goodies: UPFM Beta 12 (0.12) released! Removed secondary failure check Fixed failures always happening at maxTimeToFailure instead of randomly Resource Blacklist is now editable via MM - see this post for details on format required. Solar panels can now have sun tracking failures. Fixed issue where fixed panels would report failures even though they can't be deployed or retracted (thanks to forum user @New Horizons for showing me how to fix this.) MASSIVELY reduced logging for release versions. It will now only log when something interesting happens. EVA kerbals will no longer prompt warnings about the safety threshold. GUI will no longer open by itself in the flight scene. RCS Failures now actually work. Parachutes will now warn you of a failure before you try to deploy them. Fuel Line Leaks will warn you before the explosion happens. If the engine is shut down quickly enough the explosion won't happen. Fuel Line Leaks will now actually leak liquid fuel (very slowly). This will happen regardless of whether the engine is throttled up or not. Added option to stop timewarp when failure happens (defaults to on)
  4. A small utility I wrote for myself, but maybe someone else will find it useful too. Ever started a new game, and thought "Ah man, I wish I had saved that craft file from my old save, it would be perfect for this job"? Ever find yourself building the same craft over and over again when starting new careers? CraftSaver may be the mod for you! This little utility will allow you to backup craft files from your current save, and then automatically import them into any other saves you use. Instructions (images are spoilered as they are huge): We start by clicking the icon on the Stock Toolbar which brings up the CraftSaver Menu You can change the path the crafts are backed up to (in my case I want them on my OneDrive) - CraftSaver will remember your choice. If you want CraftSaver to automatically update its backed up craft file when you make changes, tick the box (this must be ticked before you click "Save Craft") You must save the craft first through the KSP button - if you forget to do this CraftSaver will warn you. Once your ready, click "Save Craft" and CraftSaver will move a copy of that craft file to the backup location you have specified. And if we start a new save, you will see that CraftSaver has automatically imported the craft files I backed up previously into this save, so I can use them. Warnings/Errata: CraftSaver doesn't care if you've unlocked the parts required to build that craft, it will just dump all of the backed up craft files into your Ships Directory. If you haven't unlocked the parts you'll get the "locked or invalid parts" message. Licence: MIT Download: Github
  5. KSP 1.3.0 versus 1.3.1

    Why not do both? Copy your 1.3.0 install somewhere else (if you are using steam) or just download 1.3.1 separately. Then you can test it with your save, if it works for you, great, if not, well you haven't lost anything.
  6. Seems to be working as intended, and UPFM is picking up the new IDs and doing it's checks. Haven't checked KCT yet but I assume that will be ok
  7. So I think I found a bug. ScrapYard seems to save the ID in the module when the craft file is saved. This isn't usually a problem, if you are, for instance using KCT, because you'd normally go back into the VAB to build a new craft, where it gets assigned a new ID. However, if you are using stock, and you use the Launchpad to launch that craft without visiting the VAB, you get the exact same craft, with the exact same IDs. If you then recover that craft, and already have that part in your inventory, you get two parts, with the same IDs in the inventory. If you then go to the VAB and build those two parts, and apply the inventory, both parts have exactly the same ID. Now, I have to say, ScrapYard doesn't seem to care, but UPFM does, as it uses IDs it hasn't seen before to decide whether to roll new failure stats.
  8. It's not currently doable via MM it reads the file directly, but that's on the list for the full release. Edit: OK apparently it's actually easier to read the GameDatabase than it is to read the file directly, so I've turned this on in build 32. Format is as follows (this will change when I officially change the name of the mod): OHSCRAP_RESOURCE_BLACKLIST:NEEDS[UntitledFailures] { name = RadiationShielding }
  9. Sure, for now you can add it to DontLeak.cfg - the format should be pretty self explanatory
  10. Yeah I'm pretty happy with it now, I feel like it's getting close to being release ready. I'll add the dropping out of warp as a difficulty option, then I need to stop the window from jumping in your face every time you switch to the flight scene and go on Eva (it's driving me insane) and exclude Eva herbals from the gui, and I think it will basically be ready.
  11. It basically checks the thrust. ASL Thrust of less than 100KN will be classed as space engines.
  12. Earn Your Stripes 1.3.3 Released Moved WorldFirst checking to OnProgressComplete to stop duplicates
  13. UPFM Beta 11 (0.11 Released) Fixed MM Patches so chances to baseChance changes from last release are actually respected. Fixed space engines not having lower failure rates than launch engines. Added RCS Failures (warning - experimental)
  14. So release 4 doesn't seem to be working at all, when starting a new game it's throwing an exception in onGameSceneSwitchRequested - I tested release 3 in case it was me doing something wrong, but that seems to be working fine (I assume so anyway, it's still generating the cache :D). Here's a log:
  15. Development Update for Consoles!

    I'm so glad that console players are finally going to get to experience this great game as it should be. For myself, I really want KSP on PS4, but no offence, after the last one, I will be letting you guys be the guinea pigs and test it throroughly before I dip my toes in the water.