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  1. Can you zip up your SeveredSolo/OhScrap/Logs folder and send it (without starting the game, as that will delete old logs) please. This is a known issue, but I am still trying to track down what's causing it. Raised under #12 and #13 - I changed the space engine calculation in the last build, I probably broke something
  2. That's Oh Scrap! (and no it isn't supported, but I may look into it)
  3. severedsolo

    [1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x] Kerbal Changelog v1.1.4 (12/28/18)

    I mean that's fine. I'm going to have to change my script at least once, whatever you do. For now I can point it at the latest release, and change it if /when you ever do another release. It really depends on the mod. Just using me as an example (and I use changelog) I've incorporated it into Monthly Budgets and Oh Scrap, because those mods regularly get big changes. On the other hand, I did a version bump of Kessler Syndrome and decided to not use changelog, because honestly, it's a purely maintenance release, and a changelog that basically says "no changes" is useless. This would be nice but not essential. I put game breaking changes at the top anyway. What would be nice though is a different colour (say red) for high priority changes, to make them stand out. One thing I noticed with oh scrap is that big change logs turn into a wall of text, and capitals didn't stand out enough. Very much against this. I want this so users can't ignore game breaking changes. At the end of the day, if a modder thinks its important, users need to see it. I'd be ok with "low priority" changelog hiding to be an option though. I have no strong feelings either way she probably wouldn't use it
  4. What about setting up a survey on survey monkey (or similar) you get emails when new responses are received and your dashboard will show you votes (and you can have a free format field too) it won't be perfect, but better than trawling the forum
  5. severedsolo

    [1.6.x] Kessler Syndrome (17/01/2019)

    KesserSyndrome Released Version bump for KSP 1.6.x compatibility
  6. I just had a poke in the API, and assuming that outputRate does what I think it does, this looks easy enough to implement. Looks like I may even be able to make it a "slow burn" failure too (so have the alternators output gradually drop off). Speaking of TAC Life Support.... I may just have a little fun with that, and have the "scrubbers" start to burn more EC when they fail etc (kinda like TGApple's "faulty wiring" for probes, but on manned missions too)
  7. See, that's what I was forgetting. For me planes are a necessary evil in the early game, I always forget that some of you nutters actually like flying around Kerbin - once I get the tech to land on/get to Mun, planes no longer exist to me. Now for my next question, does EC failing on a plane actually do anything? I'm assuming reaction wheels mean it can't hold attitude or something?
  8. Doable (I think, fairly certain I can just rejigger the existing code) and I like the idea, so will probably happen. Definitely doable and on the list (if/when I ever get time lol) Eh... I keep thinking about this, but the conclusion I come to nearly every time is "not worth it" - alternator failure is really only a problem at launch, and chances are whatever you are launching has enough charge to get it to orbit in the 2 minutes or so it takes anyway, at which point your alternative power source would kick in. (If you disagree, please say so though - I would like a reason to change my mind) Disabling flow is possible, I think DangIt does something similar. Like this one too. Uh... not sure this is possible but I'll look into it Really like this one. Will be looking into this too. Cheers for the suggestions (and for those of you who are going to point out that you already suggested SRB thrust failures etc, thank you too if I didn't acknowledge it)
  9. Huh. Maybe I fixed it and don't remember doing it.... will take a look at it tomorrow
  10. Sorry mate I forgot about that... raised under #11 so I don't forget again
  11. severedsolo

    [1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x] Kerbal Changelog v1.1.4 (12/28/18)

    Me again - can I ask you another favour. When you package your releases, would you mind just calling the folder "KerbalChangeLog" rather than "KerbalChangeLog<version number>"? It's not a big deal, but I have an automated script for packaging my releases, and it would be really useful if I could use it to grab the latest version of your mod from my GameData directory - I can't do this at the moment because the folder name changes (or rather I can, but I have to update the script when you release) This would also make things simpler for your manually installed users, because they can just overwrite the existing directory, rather than having to delete the old one.
  12. Oh Scrap 1.5 Released Recompiled against KSP 1.6 (1.5.x should continue to work fine) Fixed issue where failure rolls would be spammed in prelaunch Exposed baseFailureChance and expectedLifetime for Space Engines in the MM config for EngineFailureModule Added bash script to automate release build process (only relevant if you are compiling from source, but it's in the Github Repo so mentioned it here)
  13. Uh, kind of intentional, but it's not supposed to drop off that quickly. Space engines have a very short ExpectedLifetime but a much better base failure rate because I didn't think it was fun to have to test a space engine every time - but for some odd reason I hardcoded that... will slip it into a config on the next update.
  14. Probably. AFAIK nothing broke between 1.4 and 1.5 so chances are it will work.
  15. Fix for this is now live on the build server - I want to investigate the KCT issue before I do a proper release Edit: Scratch that. Apparently the build server isn't doing new builds any more, I guess magico turned it off or github is being stupid. Don't use the one on the server, it's nearly a month old.