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  1. I cant access it either. @magico13 - is the server down again?
  2. First pass of safety ratings is now available on the build server - haven't added the report yet, and the GUI will still give you % chances, but it's a start.
  3. I like this. To be honest, the percentage system has always grated on me a little (my tiny human brain doesn't comprehend why a "10%" failure rate comes up so often, but actually if you run the math, it's pretty likely if you apply that across all parts). The framework for this is already basically in place, would only need minor tweaks. I could possibly also put it into the engineers report (cant be that difficult, other mods hook into it, and I can do away with the horrible "in your face" GUI) Tracking this under #5 - I'll probably leave the percentages as a debug option, because I basically do my balance testing while playing, and having those numbers to hand is good when I'm trying to figure out what I need to tweak. With the newer updates the failure rates have been pushed downwards quite heavily, so they are unlikely to be (read: almost never unless you are pushing it to the safety threshold) scrapped. I might make it toggleable, like the "Recover parts above Safety Threshold?" option is already - in fact, I've just realised that option is now redundant, because a part will never go beyond it's safety threshold, so I may re-purpose that option for this instead.
  4. @severedsolo I'm playing on 1.3.1 and just for kicks installed Kfiles. Although it said that I completed Episode 1, it won't load/offer episode 2. Is there a way I can hack the .cfg files in order to force it to offer it.  Also, is there a delay in it being offered. Like a Kerbal day has to pass before it's offered?  That's the only other thing I could think that would keep it from working.  Are you going to / interested in expanding or updating this mod for the new versions? 
    I'd love to work on it with you.


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    1. severedsolo


      KFiles is dead I'm afraid. I've not worked on it for years, and have no plans to take it back over.

      Your specific question - the COntracts window should tell you why it isn't generating. If it's because the "complete EP1" requirement isn't working (for whatever reason) - you can just delete this line from MunUFO.cfg:

      name = CompleteContract
      type = CompleteContract
      contractType = KFilesUFO
      minCount = 1


      Also: just for future reference, I'd prefer it if you could ask for support in the thread for the mod, rather than on my profile please.

  5. Yeah, the log says they pass every test except StripHonours On - so I'm gonna guess that was the issue if you do get it to happen again just re-provide and give me a poke please.
  6. Well thats frustrating. I can see it's skipping the removal, but the log doesn't tell me why. Please download this build and replace the existing dll. I've turned on some extra logging so please reproduce and file the log again. Please also make sure you are restarting KSP before starting a new save (EYS will start the first time you go to the Space Centre and continue to run in the background, it may be a first load problem)
  7. [1.3.0/1.3.1] Monthly Budgets 3.0.1 (10/10/2017)

    Makes sense, thinking about it I have no idea why I haven't already done this considering I get annoyed by having to change it for myself every time. Tracking under #1
  8. [1.3.0/1.3.1] Monthly Budgets 3.0.1 (10/10/2017)

    Wouldn't be terribly difficult to do if there is a need for it? I noticed on Github somebody forked it to make it more RO friendly and was planning to add those changes, don't know if anything happened to it. If you can give me a use case I'll be happy to do it.
  9. Odd. It's working ok for me, and I've not made any changes. Log and save please. You deserve it. Your suits are amazing!
  10. This one. They will never be quite as reliable as a part that has had a test flight, but the difference is about 1% on a part that has been built several times.
  11. My apologies, for some reason I have stopped receiving email notifications for this thread, or I missed them. Anyway: The first version of this mod was compiled against 1.3.0, there has never been a 1.2.2 version I am afraid. You are of course welcome to try one of the 1.3.0 builds (EarnYourStripes 1.1.1 was the last one of those) but this is entirely at your own risk and will void your warranty. More colours to what? The suits? Try this mod
  12. UPFM Beta 14 (0.14 released) Fixed RCS failures not working Fixed situation where 2nd flights could be more likely to fail than 1st flights. Failure rates for the same types of part will no longer be allowed to vary by more than 10% (assuming all other things are equal) reduced expectedLifetime for all parts, but also changed the way it's calculated, so they will fail less while within their lifetime, but won't last as many launches as they did before. Parts will now never be more likely to fail than the safety threshold allows.
  13. Hmm, another (possible) bug. Does Scrapyard happen to register a new "build" when you click the launch button in the VAB when using KCT? I know it does it onVesselRollout in stock. The reason I ask, is I was doing some testing for UPFM and accidentally clicked the "launch" button twice. I scrapped the build from the Space Centre scene when I noticed, and then launched the vessel I had built. To my surprise, UPFM reported that this part was "generation 2" (FYI it calls ScrapYardWrapper.GetBuildCount(part, ScrapYardWrapper.TrackType.NEW)) - but it had only actually been launched once. I'm not even sure this is a bug, because technically, the build was triggered twice. However, I feel like maybe KCT should decrement the builds again if it gets scrapped before launch.
  14. Intentional, but may be exasperated by @JoshuaRaven's issue (and better explanation below) Individual parts are supposed to show a slight deviation in failure rates, to simulate manufacturing defects etc, but it's not supposed to be THAT bad. It sounds like those parts returned REALLY bad results for expectedLifetime - which may be a bug in the new randomiser I wrote, or (more likely) I need to do some sense checking. So, to eliminate the first - I assume you are using the release version - can you try the dev version (here) and see if it helps. It won't help the existing parts (their failure rates are already set), but may with new ones. In the meantime I will do some tweaking of the values that expectedLifetime can return.
  15. KSP Weekly: A Private Space Race

    From the first link: Basically, it looks like it's TakeTwo's "indie" arm.