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  1. @digorno It's Oh Scrap, and it's working by design. Oh Scrap blocks parts from being added to the inventory if they haven't been launched, to stop you from just doing "pad/recover/improve stats" ad infinitum and bypassing the point of the mod.
  2. severedsolo

    Saving a stock game

    Actually Steam won't update second copies of the game even if you leave that copy in the Steam folder. It specifically looks for the one called "Kerbal Space Program" to update - secondary copies will be untouched. For instance: Usually this would have another copy that I use to play too, called something like "Kerbal Space Program - 1.4.5 Modded" - but I've moved to Linux for most day-day stuff. I digress - my point is that Steam leaves "Kerbal Space Program - ModDev" alone.
  3. Put your probe cores into hibernation for the trip. There's a second core hidden away, (iirc is between the batteries) both need to be hibernated
  4. @Jaff - Make sure you have "auto-apply" turned on in ScrapYard I will say though, KCT's "recover active vessel" function may/may not work, I haven't actually tested it.
  5. severedsolo

    Stand Alone Map View - Multi monitor KSP [1.4.x]

    So this is awesome! I'm also struggling with stripping down my map view. I deleted everything from the Squad/Parts folder except Mk1-3Pod and it failed to load when it got to the IVA's - so I deleted everything in Spaces except for the Mk1-3 pod and shared assets - still failed to load. Would someone who has got it working be able to share what needs to stay to make it load? Also a tip for other people - mods that effect the map view (in my case: BetterBurnTime, Maneuver Node Evolved and Trajectories) need to stay in the client too - although I tried it fully stock yesterday, and I am fully expecting BBT and Trajectories to not work, as my understanding is that the client creates a dummy vessel, so the predictions are going to be wrong.
  6. Works fine for me, but I haven't tried it with procedural parts.
  7. severedsolo

    KSP Weekly: Thrusting into the future

    *I in no way intend this to be taken seriously* Hmm, lets see what would happen shall we? Ubisoft: collect jebs suits that have been left scattered around the landscape EA: Want that new booster? Pay £0.99 for a chance to win it in a lockbox Firaxis: Buy at least three expansion packs to unlock all the content. Bethesda: Rovers will float above the terrain, even if they aren't supposed to Codemasters: Pay £40 every year for minor changes masquerading as a "KSP 2018/19/20" etc. Rockstar: Well at least we might get multiplayer and shut a few people up. *semi serious bit* Also, when was the last time that a AAA company actually seriously accepted feedback from the community? Say what you like about Squad, but they do at least take an interest.
  8. Oh I know what you've done. Did it look like this by any chance? You grabbed the 1.3.6 pre-release - but the release zip for that has been removed because it breaks existing saves. What you got was the source files, which doesn't have a compiled DLL in it (which is the bit that makes the mod actually work) You want this one: Also make sure you have ScrapYard and Module Manager installed. If that's not it - (I assume you are on Windows) you can find your log at C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program - I need the output_log.txt file. Or the KSP.log from your game directory.
  9. Could you please provide a log?
  10. @magico13 - If I'm going to do it, I'll take all 4 (KCT, SY, SR and Magicore) - but I will have to wait a few weeks. My daughter starts school on 7 September, at which point I will have my free time back and will make a decision (tbh my own modding has fallen by the wayside recently, Summer Holidays are hard work for all parents, but doubly so when you have an autistic kid). On a personal note - thank you for your work over the years. I consider all your mods to be essential to my install, and can't possibly imagine playing without them. You have helped me learn loads about KSP modding over the last couple of years. Good luck with whatever you do next, and I'd be interested to see/test your game when/if you get it working.
  11. *drops to knees and cries dramatically* Nooooooooo! Aww man, I'm really sad to see you go. It's been a long journey since those early days of the KCT beta and noob me bugging you for features (before I started doing this stuff for myself and realising how difficult it was obviously ). In terms of taking over, realistically I may have to take ScrapYard if nobody else picks it up, for Oh Scrap!, but I feel like KCT, ScrapYard and StageRecovery need to go as a suite which I'm not sure I can do justice to right now (although I'm sure I could learn!). I will wait and see if anyone else expresses an interest, and throw my hat in if nobody offers.
  12. severedsolo

    [1.4.5] Monthly Budgets 4.6 (22/08/2018)

    I had one of my trademark changes of heart So, breaking it down by level like that is a pain in the posterior, because KSP does not actually return the level of the facility in a sane format, you have to work it out. The math used to do that only really works for three levels. So, what I've done is broken it down by building. Buildings will have a base cost, and it will scale with level (with the weirdness that happens if you have more than three levels, but that was happening anyway). Incidentally, your costs for Lv1 buildings were spot on. At default settings you get around 12-13k left over from the next budget after the first "flying flea" launch. Without further ado: Monthly Budgets 4.6 Released Facility Costs are now broken down by building. Facilities added by mods are treated as "other facilities" Reduced vessel maintenance costs to $1000 NOTE Make sure that you replace the "MonthlyBudgetsDefaults" file. I've added some new variables and removed one. Failure to do this will result in Building Costs defaulting to 0. Due to the above, the first time you load 4.6, ALL SETTINGS WILL BE RESET TO DEFAULT and you will be presented with the settings dialog (like it does the first time you install it) - I did this because otherwise existing saves would have their building costs set to 0. If you don't want the hassle of changing the sliders yourself, you can set your previous values in MonthlyBudgetsDefaults.cfg before you start KSP for the first time after upgrading and they will be loaded when the reset happens.
  13. Thanks mate, I downgraded my Mono to 5.10 and that worked perfectly. For anyone else who has this problem this is what I did: 1) I edited /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-official-stable.list and replaced the line in there with: deb stable-bionic/snapshots/ main (your repo may vary, this was what it was for mine) 2) Removed Mono using apt-get remove mono-runtime 3) ran apt-get update (it complained that it wouldn't be able to update the repo, just ignore that) 4) Reinstalled Mono with apt-get install mono-runtime 5) Reinstalled CKAN because it got removed when the dependency was removed. Eh voila, working properly.
  14. severedsolo

    [1.4.2] Contract Configurator [v1.25.0] [2018-04-15]

    In short: Yes, and for your situation that's exactly what you need to do (explanation below): You misunderstand what the :FOR tag does. It won't only load those contracts if [mod] is installed (thats what :NEEDS does) - :FOR instead goes: "I am [mod] and here are my configs" - it tells MM that the mod is installed (thats not the only way MM picks up on it, but a :FOR tag will announce that [mod] is installed). In short: you MUST remove those :FOR tags if RP-0 will not be installed, otherwise your mod will be advertising that it is RP-0 and MM will adjust it's configs accordingly (which will lead to problems because RP-0 is not installed)
  15. severedsolo

    Steam/Ubuntu: Making History crashes

    Yeah I'm seeing this too, my log said that it was an Out of Memory error - which makes me think Steam is launching KSP.x86 - the workaround is to launch KSp.x86_64 directly instead of through Steam (theres probably a way to point it at the right executable, but I never launch KSP through Steam anyway so I've not looked into it). Edit: Oh wow old post whoops. Well, I'll leave this up in case you are still around, or someone else has this issue.