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  1. Ah yes, Vintage suits by default is a bit... aggressive. I've actually known about that for a while, but forgot about it. For now, just turn the option off and set the default suits using the coathanger, it won't be fixed for a while I'm afraid. Due to the lockdown due to COVID-19 in the UK I'm currently working from home. The machine that I am using to work from home is my gaming/modding PC which I've put in my "home office" (ie the spare room). It's really important for me to be able to separate work from home, especially as I can barely leave the house as it is, so when I'm not working, that PC is staying off and the spare room unused. This unfortunately means that all modding is on hold until the lockdown is over (or I can find a better solution). Sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully you understand.
  2. (emphasis mine) If social distancing wasn't a thing I'd be hugging you with gratitude right now
  3. They should do, that was a problem back when EYS was first released, but it was fixed in TR years ago.
  4. In the settings (in the difficulty settings menu) just turn off "Give Veterans their own suits (requires Breaking Ground)?" - then you can change the suits back using the "coathanger" in the Astronaut Complex and it will stick.
  5. The particular logs you are talking about are for balance testing reasons. So basically: I used to get alot of people coming to me saying "the mod fails too much/not enough" - and it's really difficult to quantify that, because people suck at wrapping their head around random numbers. It logs so I (and now zer0kerbal) have hard cold numbers to back it up. If you have "extra logging" turned off, the actual logging it does is super minimal. It literally just logs that a failure tried to happen, the time it tried to happen at, and whether it was successful. Those logs are deleted after 24 hours. The performance impact is almost zero, because it writes the logs out on a scene change (when the game is doing a bunch of I/O anyway so you won't notice).
  6. You shouldn't need to worry about that, the nice thing about space Dock is that it allows you to just keep pushing releases with no changes to CKAN needed.
  7. I wouldn't hold your breath on that one (not the author obviously, but I do have some insight on this). It's incredibly difficult to accurately detect a touchdown. If a plane bounces even slightly while taking off then the situation will quickly change from Flying, to Landed, and back to Flying. A touchdown mod would almost certainly be looking for a vessel going from Flying to Landed. There are ways around that of course, but it's not an easy thing to account for all the variables.
  8. I think FailureRepair is something to do with Missions. As far as I can tell, it doesn't actually do anything in game. Chutes and Wheels use RepairSkill IIRC (I was looking at this a couple of weeks ago for a different project). Looks like MKS Mechanics have the RepairSkill but not FailureRepairSkill so if you were to do that (and I agree it would make sense) it would need to be patched in.
  9. Basically, assuming that's the actual trait name. I feel like there is a Repair skill in the game though? Can't remember the exact name, but perhaps that could be leveraged if you didn't want to hardcode.
  10. It's hardcoded at the moment, but a skill would probably be the better way to do it yes.
  11. Engineers already boost repair chance. Mechanics would be easy enough to do but you'll have to ask zer0kerbal when he's ready to take over fully.
  12. Welp, I'm an idiot. And I broke the version CKAN downloads for 1.7.3 too. Nobody has complained, so I'm going to guess that nobody who uses this is still on 1.7.3 but just in case. PAWS + Released backports all changes to KSP 1.7.3 (but is compiled for .Net 3.5 / KSP 1.7.3 so your game won't freak out) so CKAN users still on 1.7.3 don't get a broken version fixes the version file and correctly marks itself as 1.9 compatible (no need to update if you already downloaded, this is just to fix the CKAN stuff) Technically, it was the release script that forgot. Let's just ignore the fact that I forgot to actually set the script up on this mod, and blame the computer. Bad computer.
  13. If I could just have a way to indicate breaking changes in big red letters that would be great (even if it's just a bool that prints some standard text in red at the top of the changelog when true)
  14. RealChutes I think is the issue more than RP-1 itself (I haven't really dug too far into it though tbh). - it's not so much a conflict as in "you should definitely never use these two mods together" - it's just that ScrapYard doesn't like adding RealChute parts to the inventory. OhScrap depends on ScrapYard so will auto install if that's used. Stage Recovery and KCT are definitely recommended mods. Kerbal Changelog is at the moment set up as a dependency on CKAN (definitely for Oh Scrap!, I don't remember for ScrapYard" - that's basically my "if I make a save breaking change you can't say you weren't warned" defence because CKAN users may not read the changelog on Github.