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  1. No need, I know what the issue is. It's trying to call some debug stuff that doesn't get compiled into the release version and falling over when it can't find it. I forgot that it doesn't compile that code in Release, I thought it just hid it. Sorry about that. Oh Scrap 2.0.1 Released Fixed NRE Spam and slowdown
  2. MADLAD 2.2 Released Fix PATH always failing in InstallValidator (linuxgurugamer) Added support for KSPAssembly dependencies Added support for a whitelist where an assembly is expected to fail to load (for example ContractConfigurators extra dlls to support KerbalKonstructs) - see OP for details
  3. Oh Scrap 2.0 Released Recompile against KSP 1.8 / .Net 4.2.7 Resized icon so KSP can properly compress it when using half res textures Added Alternator Failures Added Landing Gear Failures Support MADLAD's Install Validator Oh Scrap Released Fix bad .version file
  4. IIRC low stupidity and low courage would cause the screaming originally? and BadA55 meant that they were immune to it. I can't say what the current behaviour is, I ignore the portraits usually.
  5. Sorry, I missed this before. Are you saying that when StageRecovery handles the recovery you are getting funds back? - that's a StageRecovery thing, but there is an (experimental) option in OhScrap to try to stop this from happening. Although now I think about it, it should probably be in ScrapYard thanks for the report, I'll look at this.
  6. ScrapYard 2.0 Released Recompile against KSP 1.8 / .Net 4.7.2 Added support for MADLAD's Install Validator Added ScrapYard_ContractConfigurator to MADLAD's whitelist (MADLAD doesn't support this yet, but it will soon)
  7. Yeah, I know I'm behind, it's been a busy few weeks, I'm off work next week so hopefully I can find some time
  8. FlightTracker stores it's data in the "FlightTrackerScenario" config node. IIRC a kerbal has to be rolled out to the pad to generate save data for it.
  9. Indirectly the exception is being triggered by Automated Science Sampler - it's complaining that Dmagic Orbital Science and Station Science aren't installed. Knowing the way that mod works, you can safely ignore those errors if you don't have either of those mods installed. The dlls that have failed to load are just "extras" to make it work properly with those mods. You have brought up a good point though, I should provide a way for "known failures" to not trigger.
  10. To be clear here, are you doing a "KCT recovery"? Recovering the Active Vessel? - that's nothing to do with ScrapYard. If you are building the parts again, and they aren't showing as packed then that sounds like a bug and I'll need logs/saves/etc
  11. You can also "follow" a mods thread. Most, if not all modders will make a "I've just updated and here's the changelog" post and you'll get a notification when that happens. - I appreciate that's not ideal, because you get notified of any posts at all, but if you set it to "daily/weekly notifications" it's quite manageable.
  12. Madlad Released Fixed very bad folder structure from last release. If you copy and pasted the folder blindly, I'd check your GameData directory for duplicates. Sorry.
  13. Where Can I Go 2.0 Released Recompile against KSP 1.8 / .Net 4.x
  14. Only if it was more broken than I thought! I use Linux Mint. Nah this was just 2 years of detritus and bad package management (on my part) building up until the system became an unstable mess, so I had to reinstall.