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  1. Earn Your Stripes 4.1 Released Version Bump for KSP 1.11 Strip Existing Honours can now be split between the "Big 4" and regular veterans (rescues etc)
  2. Alright - apparently the way I know that rule is wrong... just ignore me, nothing to see here.
  3. Just nitpicking here, but "mod's website" should read "mods website" On the subject of backing out of a "whoops I clicked it by mistake" or wanting to review the changelogs further down the line. Not to be rude to @Stone Blue but isn't that precisely what the release page is for? If you want to review the changelog you could easily pop over to the mods page and review the changelog there. From my point of view, as a modder who uses this. I need this to be idiot proof. I'm the sort of modder who will quite happily rip up half the code when I have one of those "which idiot wrote this... oh
  4. If you do end up adopting it, can you give me a ping in the new thread (assuming there is one) - as this is critical infrastructure to me, and I keep an eye on the thread
  5. This is more a question for the Contract Configurator thread, but I'll give you a start: You'd need to rewrite the DATA node (warning - this has been done from memory so syntax might be wrong, check the Contract Configurator Wiki) DATA { type = Vessel debrisTarget = AllVessels().Where(v => v.VesselType() == Debris).Random() title = //flavour text } That will grab any vessel that has been marked as debris, you would then target the DATA node using @/debrisTarget You probably don't want to use .Random() though as that will duplicate contracts. What y
  6. @Eugene Moreau - you can use KCT as normal, there are two places where Bureaucracy and KCT clash 1 - The building upgrade system - as you already mentioned, you need to either disable KCT's Factility Upgrades or turn off Building Upgrades in Bureaucracy. The reason for this is that they both try to take control of the "upgrade" button in the Space Centre scene, and I can't guarantee which will get there first. Either way it won't work for one of them. 2- Multiple launchpads. Bureaucracy can't tell which Launchpad you have selected in KCT (the short, not too technical reason for this
  7. This sounds like a CC issue - if they were calling "OnKerbalAddComplete" Name Generator would pick up on it automatically.
  8. No reason it would fail to work unless we get a Unity update / .Net framework change (the mod doesn't actually interface with KSP at all, it uses basic Unity and .Net file system methods only). I'll do a recompile in a couple of weeks - currently waiting for my new PC to arrive as the laptop I'm currently using complains when Firefox is running, I'm not brave enough to try installing Rider on it
  9. To answer the question, MIT licensed content can be redistributed under a more restrictive license (and sublicensed), as long as you include the copyright notice. However, why not just distribute the whole thing under MIT? To quote Cc-BY-SA These are all things already covered by the MIT license.
  10. Sounds like a loading order issue. Probably coincidence that you added EYS and Flight Tracker and it started working. Was it a new save by any chance?
  11. Not dead, it's just never needed an update until now. I will take a look and see if I can figure out what1.11 broke, thanks for the report
  12. FWIW this mod has broken on an update once in 4 years, and that was due to a Unity upgrade (which usually break mods). It's also fairly popular, and nobody has screamed at me, so my working assumption is that it's fine until told otherwise.
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