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  1. Indeed there is. The actual saving is done by Flight Tracker - if you search your persistence file for "FlightTrackerScenario" you should find it. Note: A kerbal will have to go on a flight before they will be added to the tracker. It's been a while since I wrote it but I think rolling them out to the launchpad and recovering will be enough to create the entry, you may need to actually have them take off and land for it to count though. Once they have created entries, you'll need to close KSP/unload your save otherwise it will just save over it if you try editing while your save is open. Entries should be self explanatory, it's worth noting that "TimeLogged" is in seconds though.
  2. Nothing has changed with research between 1.4 and 1.5 so if you do figure it out get/manage to get a log I'd still be interested in seeing it.
  3. If Kerbalism has generated the science then it should show in the research panel. Can I get a log from the time the experiment completed (and thus should have been passed to Bureaucracy).
  4. If you mouse over, the tooltip should tell you. Off the top of my head I think its, 0 = Do Nothing. 1 = Kill Warp, 2 = Pause Game
  5. Assuming they use the KAC API then there is a reflection check to make sure the KAC assembly is there. Now, in theory I could make a dummy dll that would forward calls to SAC, and trick those mods into thinking KAC is installed, but that's... problematic because I'd essentially have to implement KAC's API. That also doesn't solve the issue of what happens if they make an API call that AlarmEnhancements/SAC doesn't support? It causes more problems than it solves. To put it another way: If I start tricking mods into thinking KAC is installed, those mods are going to behave as if KAC is installed. If they can't do what they want, that will break those mods.
  6. This is a great request, the only problem is, that you would need to have KAC installed anyway. (Any mod worth it's salt should be checking for KAC before trying to add an alarm). If that's acceptable, I definitely would add this.
  7. Not a FMRS user but if it's doing a "stock recovery" this should automatically be added to the inventory by ScrapYard, unless FMRS is doing weirdness with save files.
  8. I actually have some code that sort of does this. In my personal copy of Oh Scrap I implemented the ability for failures to play "catch up" when the vessel is loaded (ie will do failures that would have happened when vessel was unloaded) and rebalanced it to take that into account (it was never implemented because it would be hell with current settings, way too many failures). If I still have the code, happy to submit a PR if you're interested. Does it have to be a separate GUI? Oh Scrap already implements an entry in the stock "difficulty settings" screen.
  9. Please for the love of god allow the sounds to be turned off if you do add them (ie not play at all).
  10. Don't install any other mods than the ones that your mod is dependant on. Get the mod working in stock before you even consider supporting other mods.
  11. @[email protected] - ScrapYard_ContractConfigurator is an extension class. It adds a few PARAMETERS to Contract Configurator that can in theory be used if ScrapYard is installed. It doesn't actually do anything without CC installed, and AFAIK nobody is using them anyway (probably because they are undocumented)
  12. The departments still get allocated the monthly budget, as per the allocations. The only difference is that your funds aren't capped, so you'll get given the "funding" departments money on top of your existing funds.
  13. If you are planning to go interplanetary, in my experience this is a problem that solves itself later in the game - I turn on Rep Decay (at about 5/10%) - although I have plenty of money in the "Apollo era" - when I'm going interplanetary it's not unusual for a launch to cost me 400-500k funds which obviously takes a big chunk out of the budget. Without flying other missions, the rep is decaying between launches and you find yourself on a tight budget. Otherwise, you could turn down the multiplier, or the rep rewards as you said. Or you could allocate less money to Funds and give your Construction and Research departments more budget.
  14. It's the daily budget catching up with itself. The budget runs (approximately) every 1 solar day on your homeworld. However, if you happen to leave the scene before a full day has passed, you won't get the reward. So when the mod loads, it checks when the last update was and catches itself up.
  15. Expected behaviour - although I agree the tooltip could be worded a bit better (or possibly split into two tooltips). The margin is both the margin before the event, and the margin within which an alarm won't be set (to stop it from triggering alarms straight away when within the margin - as per your Maneuver node report below). That's definitely a bug, it should be respecting it if you are within the margin. These two are really the same issue, just coming at it from different ends - but definitely a bug. Thank you for the reports - raised #5
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