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  1. I still need to fix it I keep telling myself I'll do all these things I keep putting off when 1.12 happens. Let's see.
  2. I got an email notification that you'd raised an issue so should be good. Thanks - I tend to go through the issues on Github when doing a release, so you've got much less chance of me forgetting about it when its on Git
  3. It's also worth mentioning that All Aboard! is not actually limited to docking ports only. You could use it to board through any part you like with a simple Module Manager patch.
  4. Even if it did, I'd be amazed if you could find a tablet powerful enough to run it at an acceptable level. KSP is a CPU hungry game and mobile chips are usually underpowered.
  5. 1) This has been known about for years. 2) How exactly does overclocking the engine make it a warp drive?
  6. From memory, the hacky method of changing the orbit, which was changing the vessels SMA by assigning to it stopped working, and it wouldn't play catchup (same base cause probably). I'll admit I didn't do a deep dive, as I'd just come out of the other end of fixing Earn Your Stripes which also broke quite badly with the 4.x update. It's entirely possible that was a KSP bug which they fixed between 1.8 and 1.11, but *shrug* Pretty much. You could try compiling against 4.x and a later version, in case it was a KSP bug that has since been fixed, but if that didn't work, yeah you'd need to co
  7. To grossly oversimplify: the framework or "language" that mods speak changed between KSP 1.7 and 1.8. This means that as the code is right now, I'd have to continue to build Kessler syndrome against KSP 1.7 forever, because I literally can't build against the latest version of the game and continue to use .Net 3.5. It won't compile because it's speaking the wrong "language". This means that I can't update to use newer features, if something changed between 1.7 and now, well tough luck. In effect I'm forced to choose between keeping Kessler Syndrome updated or keeping Decay Manager.
  8. 1.3 was the last version compiled in .Net 3.5 - it broke when the mod was recompiled in .Net 4.x. In practical terms, that means "in it's current state it will only ever work if I compile it against an old version of the game" which I'm sure you can appreciate is not an option. It's probably fixable, I just didn't have the time or inclination to dig into it at the time.
  9. @Errol As it turns out it wasn't so difficult to extract the Decay Manager stuff, as I had the foresight to make it into it's own script and not run from the main KesslerSyndrome script. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/severedsolo/KesslerSyndrome/f8bf5a583bf653557da75c16ae66c041617adde0/KesslerSyndrome/DecayManager.cs It should basically compile as is, once the references have been setup (plenty of people who can help you with that around here). You'll need to modify any lines that reference HighLogic.CurrentGame.Parameters.CustomParams<KesslerSettings>() as that is re
  10. I will send you the files by PM - it won't be today, but hopefully tomorrow. If I haven't done it by Wednesday hassle me by PM about it (because I know what I'm like and have a terrible memory)
  11. I mean - firstly I'm fairly certain this would probably breach the forum rules on monetising mods. Secondly even if it didn't I wouldn't take it anyway, taking money creates certain, expectations on support etc. Things get messy when money is involved. (Just to be clear here, I'm not suggesting that it would go that way I'm just explaining why theoretically I would not accept money for a mod, in much the same way I would not support paid mods if Squad ever decided to go that route.) Making a KSP mod isn't that hard, and I'd be willing to offer up my code in a way that's not tangled up in
  12. Yes Nothing right then. The retirement checker will skip any kerbals who are ASSIGNED. When they are recovered they will then get their retirement extension bonus, if the retirement date is still in the past, they will retire then. Also: Update on the update I promised a few weeks ago - I've been sick the last week or so, so haven't had a chance to actually work on it. It's coming, just bear with me.
  13. I could do with a little more information. Is it turning Kerbals who already were stripped back? (that would be a bug), is it not stripping Rescue Kerbals (kinda a bug but I'd understand why that's happening). A log and the name of the Kerbal(s) who are having issues would be handy.
  14. That's great thanks, I'm playing at 1080p myself so should be easily reproducible.
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