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  1. Thats your problem right there. It doesn't need admin rights, but the launcher does ask for them (for whatever reason - possibly because it's trying to start another executable, which could be perceived as suspicious) - as the launcher has been defunct for quite some time, don't bother with it.
  2. Also, as I use VS 2017 myself, I wouldn't be surprised if MonoDevelop would not like the source for OhScrap! (I know that Magico had to update the build server to get it to compile on there) Wouldn't recommend it tbh. VS is a fine IDE, use that if that's the route you are going down. - Incidentally, I don't recommend it. I'd re-write a mod from scratch for this.
  3. severedsolo

    [1.4.3] Monthly Budgets 4.5.1 (19/05/2018)

    It doesn't. Although I should probably change it to. At the moment it uses TransactionReasons.None - which essentially ignores all strategies. It's pretty well balanced, but personally I recommend turning rep rewards down to 40% (just my personal preference)
  4. That depends on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to make all "Terrier" engines have a 20% failure rate, and all other engines a 10% for example - no, that can't be done. If you want your parts to all have different failure rates based on how much they have been used - yes this mod does that.
  5. Apologies for the quietness lately. I'd like to give a good reason, but to be frank: it's very hot here at the moment, and sitting in front of my PC is a chore, because my house is like a greenhouse. Can somebody please provide me with some (stock) craft files from 1.3.5 so I can test the issue with the pre-release not updating the failure rates.
  6. severedsolo

    Runway heading incorrect

    A runway number is determined by the first two digits of it's heading. Case in point: London heathrow: 4 runways, 09L and 09R (90 degrees) and 27L and 27R (270 degrees)
  7. Previous version should indeed fix the situation (but take a backup first just in case). The problem is basically, KSP stores the info OhScrap uses in the craft file. There was some code that forced it to refresh, but apparently that isn't working. Failing that, you can try using the "Refresh" or "Apply Inventory to Craft" buttons in ScrapYard (that should force a refresh too)
  8. Probably same issue. Safety Rating tracking may not be accurate at this time. It's still tracking it, it's just the numbers it's using as a threshold may be off. Or it's pulling numbers from the persistent file instead of recalcing them (entirely possible). Thank you, this is really good data! So, the thing that's jumping out at me is that your high generation parts are still failing very often. Would you say that's a fair analysis? If so, I may need to fix that.
  9. severedsolo

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    I don't see it working for mods. I think most of us have already moved our modded installs out of the steam directory anyway for update reasons. One thing I can see working well though is Missions. I tend to do missions on a mostly stock install anyway, as gameplay altering mods can interfere with missions, so I'd probably use it for those.
  10. Same as it's always been, if it fails the check the part is permanently broken. I'm not ignoring everyone else btw, I've taken it all in, I'm just a little busy atm
  11. A new career would be the absolute ideal, but I've done some pretty serious testing on Gen 1 parts already. I'll take what I can get at this point XD
  12. Pre-Release Time! Fixed bug where stats wouldn't get refreshed when applying inventory manually. Failure Model Overhaul Reduced overall failure rates by a factor of 10 to 20 Parts will now check for failures regularly, instead of only when the vessel is first loaded. Non-Engineer kerbals will now only have a 50% of repairing a part. Engineers will gain a bonus to repairs which scales with experience level. Removed "cascade failures" Parts can only fail while being actively used (Fuel tanks and batteries are considered to always be in use). Probably a bunch of other stuff I've forgotten about. NOTE: If you are going to use this, I want some serious feedback. Even if it's "seems to be all perfectly balanced ok". Nobody feeds back, you don't get it fixed. What I want from you: 1) Obviously report bugs. 2) What I'm really looking for though is balance feedback. At what point did you get failures (whats your MET)? Did that seem fair? What was the safety rating of the part when it failed? How long were you going between failures. Here's one I wrote for myself while testing: 3) Performance information - particularly from people who suffer from GC issues or have Potatoes. It can be a little performance intensive, and I have a good PC. How does it run? Any noticeable slowdown/GC stutter (particularly at high warp)
  13. Sure Aside from the fact that it would mean literally rewriting the mod from scratch (because Part Modules aren't active when the vessel is not active) - I just don't find the idea fun. I personally don't want to have to worry about what my station out at Duna is doing while I'm not watching it. This is pretty close to how it works right now. The only difference is that the re-rolls only happen when you repair a part. It's pretty obvious that this method is not working (while I could go ahead and tweak the failure rates until it does, I like the new system much better. More on that later.) New system will implement this indirectly, in that the "shelf life" of a part will be higher the more it's built - while Safety Rating 1 parts are still pretty fragile (but not as bad as they were) - Safety Rating 5 parts will almost never fail (there is still a small chance they can). Again, indirectly implemented. Parts will only fail while in use. Parts that are not in use for massive amounts of time will be checked for failures (where applicable) more often. I've made my thoughts pretty clear on this (sorry Gordon) - In short - this is a KCT companion mod. KCT doesn't build new Poodles quicker because you've built Terriers before (however proficient you are at them) - only when you've built a few Poodles. - I do agree though that this would probably be needed if failures stayed at the ridiculous level they are now.
  14. It's a good idea, and definitely possible, dang it does something similar, but right now I need to get what I already have working nicely. hopefully I'll have a prerelease ready today or tomorrow
  15. Seems like a good idea to me. Moving back to the space centre just to repair the launchpad, and then going back to the VAB/selecting the launchpad from there is just adding extra clicks. Much better to just have a "would you like to repair the launchpad for x funds" when you click launch.