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  1. For some reason when i use your mod, which I totally love, don't get me wrong, half of my ships are with your parts But once i establish a base of like 10 meters in length, it starts lagging very very bad, when driving a single undocked piece it's fine, but once i dock, my fps drops to 10 fps around that area. Any way to fix this? Or are there known things that cause lagg?
  2. Is there a way to stop the rover from going as fast as a Formula 1 Car? And how do you put the rover back on it's feet if it tips?
  3. ToxicSerum

    Looking for engineering mod

    Heyo kerbonauts! I was wondering if there's currently a 1.3.1 compatible mod that allows my kerbonaut engineers to disassemble/remove certain parts of a ship. Why? Well i have a base on the moon and to get parts there i use RCS, but they look ugly on the base, so want to remove those as they also serve no purpose. Cheers!
  4. ToxicSerum

    Galactic Neighborhood

    Is it possible to disable some stars you don't want?
  5. My screen goes black and the KSP loading symbol is spinning forever when trying to run this mod (in the menu this happens) cannot go ingame or anything