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  1. Thanks for the update guys. Have a good weekend!
  2. You need to change the download link to say DL=1, not 0, otherwise it just shows the folder view of the zip. @million_lights
  3. MechBFP

    Bob Likes Ike

    Good mission, very challenging. After numerous attempts and trial and error, ended up making the landing perfect (landed right next to the rover). One thing I noticed is that the mission fails if you have less than 150 units of fuel, even though the text says you need 140 units of fuel.
  4. @SQUAD The mission of the week is missing.... can't download it from that thread.
  5. MechBFP

    A Rescuer's Worst Nightmare!

    @Gaming Kraken Tried to download and it says the File Does Not Exist.
  6. SAS turns off during warp, otherwise it would.
  7. If the ship isn’t rotating (the actual ship itself in reference to itself), then using the word rotation doesn’t make any sense. Things are just orbiting.
  8. Ahhhh I get what he is thinking now. Thanks!
  9. But the op is saying the ship is rotating during warp, as per the title. But it doesn’t, as everyone who has played the game is well aware. So I don’t understand why he thinks it does?
  10. Can someone explain in laymen’s term what exactly the issue in this thread is?
  11. Impossible. They either poof or they are fine.
  12. MechBFP

    How to get into eve

    You should have no problem getting a small probe there with enough Delta V to burn into an orbit without even aero capturing. Make each stage as small as possible, so your first stage should be a probe with say Oscar tanks and a tiny engine, then the next size of tanks with the next size engine, and so on until you get to the biggest engine you have. Then add a bunch of boosters to it as the final stage and you should have more than enough DV.
  13. MechBFP


    No harm in staying on 1.3.1 unless you are interested in the parts that come with the expansion. That would be the only reason to upgrade. I don’t plan to do any serious modding of my game until 1.4.4 comes out, as that version will probably be around for quite awhile before 1.4.5 shows up. EDIT: I have noticed personally however that performance in 1.4.3 is significantly better for me than in 1.3.1, so that could be a factor too.
  14. MechBFP (Mod Hosting Site)

    Apache just needs swift boot in the ass and it will be good as new. If only I had admin access. *sigh*.
  15. MechBFP

    KSP killed my computer

    What is the ambient temperature in your house?!