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  1. Good idea! Too much effort for me, but definitely a solid solution.
  2. I assume these are all for etchings not actual carvings since unconnected circles and other shapes don’t float.
  3. From that 1.5 hour long podcast. Somewhere in the first 30 minutes if I recall correctly.
  4. Don't keep letting it crash because of insufficient power from your PSU. If you do the PSU will eventually die, and might take everything else with it. Only solution other than a new PSU is to underclock the GPU to reduce its power requirements enough that it doesn't crash the PC, assuming the PSU wasn't already maxed out without the graphics card.
  5. Best of luck on your thesis and defence if you haven’t completed that yet! I don’t think I’ll ever go that route myself but I have a few friends who were super worried about it but passed the defence with ease. So if you are in the same boat I think you will do fine.
  6. Because there is no air pressure to keep it contained. It also depends on the shape of the exhaust nozzle, hence why there are vacuum rated engines and atmospheric rated engines.
  7. Probably has something to do with it being a 1.5 hour long podcast.
  8. A generation ship designed to go from Earth to Mars. True innovation.
  9. That is the sound those guys in Quake 2 who shoot rail guns at you say the first time you see them.
  10. The thing I love about this the most is the instant visual feedback it gives to the player regarding atmospheric pressure, as it gives players an intuitive feel as to when they should switch to vacuum engines, or if they perhaps needs to make their booster stage last a little longer. On planets like Eve they will immediately see the effects of high atmospheric pressure as well in their lander, and perhaps appreciate more why their engines (probably) don't work worth a damn, lol.
  11. There is really no need to keep those people interested at the moment, as they will become re-interested once the marketing campaign begins.
  12. Whatever the progression-based mode is. I enjoy solving puzzles presented to me, not making my own and then solving those.
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