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  1. I absolutely love that this project has some real talent, education, and experience like this behind it. Some of the problems like this that need to be solved are anything but trivial and it is going to be such a better experience in the end as a result of having the people with the right skill sets doing the jobs.
  2. I understand the legal intentions behind it, but it comes off as ridiculous and rude, especially because it wouldn't be enforceable in court anyway because you don't sign it with your name or any sort of identifiable information, and therefore they have literally no idea WHO actually wrote the feedback. At best they could cross reference it to an IP address but that wouldn't hold any water in court anyway, unless of course you actually admitted that you submitted your idea in that survey. I would tend to think anyone insane enough to try to take a company to court over an idea they freely submitted to them wouldn't be the truthful type either lol. I think their legal department needs to take a step back and see for the forest for the trees.
  3. Been an issue since 1.10 mostly. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/25716
  4. Ya, the terms and conditions are pretty funny. Don't put your secret life's work into the survey.
  5. Been an issue for me for months as well. The issue appears to fall on deaf ears (much like these posts because of the lack of notifications )
  6. If the game had a way to graph the data and save it, then it would be very useful. You could for example land a probe into Eve and see how the kPa for atmospheric pressure changes based on altitude and plan your descent/ascent vehicle accordingly. However just displaying it is essentially useless in most cases but is nice to have it you are just curious what those values are in certain situations.
  7. They can use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (Continued or not) then, problem solved. Autostruts being changed across docking ports when a ship docks causes massive problems for way more people then it actually solves for others, hence it is a good change.
  8. That’s a feature, not a bug, and a good one too.
  9. Verify files in steam. Also remove any mods you have installed. If you don’t know how to remove mods then just make sure your “GameData” folder in the “Kerbal Space Program” folder only has “Squad” and “SquadExpansion” folders in it. Delete everything else as those are mod related.
  10. Disable “tidy up KSC debris “ in the options at the main menu when you first start the game before loading a save. No idea why but it is helping people with this issue.
  11. Well that is the problem right there, expecting something for nothing.
  12. This is correct. No game in existence to my knowledge has ever called their second game "V2.0", except as tongue-in-cheek in maybe 1 or 2 cases.
  13. @herbal space program there is now a cheat that lets engineers do things that are too heavy, so do that and then get the engineer to rotate the part. * Implement cheats - Ignore Kerbal EVA Construction Mass Limit, Ignore Kerbal Inventory Volume/Mass Limit and Fix repairable parts.
  14. If you are on Steam make sure to verify files. Steam has apparently been doing a excrements job of patching games lately, not just KSP. I was getting crashes too and when I verified I had 49 files that needed to be reacquired.
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