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  1. It goes into detail regarding the planets @ 32:42 for anyone wondering.
  2. If you want you can do the Oberth calculation at whatever periapsis around the Sun that you wish to use and see how much of a gain you get. https://www.askamathematician.com/2013/01/q-how-does-the-oberth-effect-work-and-where-does-the-extra-energy-come-from-why-is-it-better-for-a-rocket-to-fire-at-the-lowest-point-in-its-orbit/
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle
  4. The Inline one. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Mk2_Inline_Cockpit Can see the 5 windows in the front in the reflection.
  5. It has to do with what the camera displays when looking at the map view. It doesn't have anything to do with multiplayer, at all.
  6. Throwing out buzz words/phrases doesn't mean anything or do anything to further your argument. What about their culture? What about their availability? What about their access to new blood? How do any of those things have absolutely anything to do with your concerns that you keep re-stating ad-nauseam? You are making assumptions about your assumptions, and then using buzz words to define why those assumptions are valid. It frankly feels like I am Alice going down the rabbit hole attempting to piece together what you seem to think makes sense.
  7. History of what exactly? I assume you aren't referring to Cyberpunk because on one hand you complain about KSP 2 being in "eternal development" but at the same time complain about Cyberpunk being rushed out the door and devaluing CDPR. I mean, which is it exactly that you want here?
  8. The simple fact that the game (KSP 2) is still being worked on proves you wrong. Unless you think Take Two is planning to commit seppuku with their company using the KSP franchise as the sword? EDIT: As a side note someone ought to update the first post with the correct links/information.
  9. Clearly not KSP 1, that would simply be running into the sunken cost fallacy and putting more money into a sinking ship, right?
  10. Is it possible to combine methods? IE use UV for most of the sphere but change to cubic or icosphere for the poles? I assume it is possible but I imagine the complexity of making the textures becomes much higher as a result.
  11. Have you considered the profit they are making from the consulting agreement to work on KSP 2 is significantly more profitable than the dwindling sales on the KSP (or whatever type of agreement they have with Private Division to work on the first game)?
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