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  1. Speeding up KSP?

    That guide is garbage, just so you know. That might speed up boot times, but will do liquid all to other performance unless your PC is a malware infested bot box.
  2. ksp update @guesswho2778
  3. ksp update

    Use at your own peril. @guesswho2778
  4. Thanks for the info. It is the latest version supported on KSP 1.3.1. I figured I would see if anyone else has ever had the isssue before diving too deep into it. When I get a chance I’ll dig around my existing save file and see what I can find, and I’ll also give her a try in 1.4.1 and see if I can reproduce the issue reliably. EDIT: Turns out it was the minCoverage issue. I manually fixed the files as mentioned in the link above, and everything is fine. Sorry for wasting your time!
  5. If you right click on the tank in the VAB you should see a “Enable Cooling” button.
  6. Music and Ambient Sounds

    True, more like a bad design decision I suppose.
  7. Hey there, has anyone else ran into an issue with SCANsat were you start a new game and can no longer do contracts for the planets/moons you scanned in the previous game? When I started a new game, all the scan maps are blank like I expected, but it appears the SCANsat contracts still "remember" what I did in the previous game as it thinks I already scanned those places and won't offer me the contracts. EDIT: I don’t think it is related to the rounding error discussed above, as it is literally every (and only) the planets I scanned in the previous game.
  8. Do you mean the engines don’t work DURING time warp? If so, ya that’s normal, no engines work during physics-less warp. If you hold alt plus the increase time warp button, you can do up to 4 times physics warp, which the engines will keep working in.
  9. Music and Ambient Sounds

    Sounds like a bug to me. Report it?
  10. I have this exact same issue and I was also wondering what the deal is. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer.
  11. Music and Ambient Sounds

    Go to settings and turn the music slider to zero. I highly recommend keeping it though, it really grows on you.
  12. They was in the bug tracker and marked as fixed because they put that completely worthless blue text in the part information. One would think it would have been way simpler to just do a search and replace for all instances of “materials bay” in the contracts text, but what do I know.
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    I made “The Beast”. Able to carry a 30 ton payload @ 14,000 dV. Just under 3 million tons with 56 vector engines firing during liftoff.
  14. Heat Glitches

    I think he is talking about the reentry effects guys.
  15. I think the blue mun mission wasn’t designed properly. It puts you in an inclined orbit, which has nothing to do with the next objective. Also for “fuel efficiency” it simply tests how MUCH fuel you have remaining, not what percentage of fuel you have remaining, which is illogical as that will vary massively depending on the design.