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  1. Almost 100% guaranteed to be a no. Dealing with the LOD maps alone for different altitudes on the scale of KSP on dynamically altered geometry would be unpleasant to say the least.
  2. You are correct, there would be something wrong with the marketing campaign if that was true. So I’ll keep your comments in mind when it starts.
  3. They are saving all that and more for the marketing campaign, as they should be.
  4. I agree, more options for heat shielding is needed for sure as it severely restricts the possible builds of a craft otherwise.
  5. You and I have a very different definition of "good".
  6. Well you both can, and will... so... lol.
  7. With time warp being available it is an unnecessary inconvenience.
  8. You're not wrong, but its still terrible game design.
  9. So is 39 degrees fine? How about 38? 36? 30? etc? The reason why I am asking is because the specific time window that is used changes the challenge anywhere from completely impossible to slightly harder than a normal eve trip.
  10. So what timestamp are players supposed to start at? Do you mean the time the solar system is at the start of a new game (ie 0 days 0 hours)?
  11. Definitely, as long as you are okay playing it at about 3 frames per second.
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