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  1. That was admitted a LONG LONG time ago lol. Exactly why I am excited for a sequel, it can fix all those problems from the ground up, which is fantastic.
  2. I have a feeling you just dislike portmanteaus alot subconsciously.
  3. mi·cro·trans·ac·tion /ˌmīkrōtranˈzakSH(ə)n/ noun a very small financial transaction conducted online. I consider $20 a very small transaction.
  4. That’s because micro-transactions means different things to different people. They have to be specific what they mean. If they said no, then sure enough a year later when they will release an expansion pack someone will be like “YoU sAiD n0 MiCrOtRaNsAcTiOns!!!!!!?”
  5. Read the intent, not the words. The people writing that aren’t lawyers, so stop analyzing it like they are.
  6. I agree, that would be nice. Although I do think that rescaled solar systems should fall under the difficulty section with a clear warning as to the additional challenges the player will face as a result.
  7. I was kinda hoping for FTL drives so that I could send a message back to Jeb telling him to send an expendable Kerbal instead.
  8. The problem with a bigger scale is that it is annoying for most new players. It takes an additional 3 to 5 minutes to get to orbit every time and for the most part you aren’t doing anything but watching the ship slowly get up to speed. When doing trial and error on a ship this is a very bad thing. Its the exact same reason the majority of players just ignore the ION engines in KSP, they are boring. I occasionally like a larger system too for the challenge, and actually needing to use cryogenic fuels, but you need to be an advanced player to understand the reasons why a bigger system is interesting.
  9. Well designed UIs are probably going to look similar. It is rocketry after all.
  10. The design will definitely be taking multiplayer into account, so that would be my guess as well.
  11. I do agree with you that this is better. As much as I love this mod, I find the sunlight strength/color hurts my eyes for some reason.
  12. I believe that post was sarcasm, lol.