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  1. The vast majority of people I talk about KSP in real life are like “Oh, so you can fly around the real solar system???” “No it’s a smaller fictional solar system.” “Oh... well that is stupid.” Nuff said.
  2. Damn, I even told myself today is April 1st and to believe nothing, but my brain don’t listen.
  3. What, you mean people don’t want to sit in 4x physics warp for hours at a time? Lol
  4. Unless someone can create a vaccine, it’s here to stay, which means upwards of years in many places. Once there is enough hospitals and ventilators, etc, then the restrictions will ease up and it’s just a matter of time before everyone gets infected and general herd immunity will reduce it to about the same impact as influenza, although probably worse mortality rates every season (assuming no treatment is found to reduce the symptoms)
  5. Wow, the definition of perfectly must have changed recently.
  6. Free weekend is good for any friends out there who want to try it but don't want to spend any money yet. 75% off on sale.
  7. Only another rocket can help them now.
  8. “Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”
  9. It’s because you have the atmospheric occlusion set to higher than the default. If it is set to “1” that means the signal doesn’t “bounce” in the atmosphere and reach your ship if you don’t have a line of sight to the ground station. By default this setting is set lower enough that there isn’t any blind spots.
  10. I think you guys might be talking with a computer bot...
  11. Unlikely, I imagine they can all work from home if needed.
  12. Answered no on all 3 because the release version has no relevance on the question.
  13. The KSP mod Realism Overhaul adds things like unthrottable engines, limited ignitions, requirement for ullage engines, etc. While that is cool, I think it definitely either belongs in a mod or a “realistic” difficulty mode as it adds a lot of complexity that would completely turn off new players.