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  1. No since I don’t want Star Theory to get sued.
  2. Oh wow, this bug has been around forever. I would just open a new ticket and reference the old one. They are NEVER going to bother looking at a ticket from such an old version.
  3. Different solar systems will probably just be static like people said. Far enough away from the center to be moving in a straight line when approximated, and far enough away to be moving at the same speed when approximated. These star systems are probably going to be relatively very very close to each other (when compared to distance solar systems in real life) so it doesn’t take forever to get there with time warp.
  4. That will happen if you have Snark’s Missing History mod installed.
  5. I would be surprised if we seeing anything before February.
  6. I was gonna say that I think this is the first time we have ever got sales figures. Gotta love that accidental release of info lol.
  7. Good, that timeline was much too aggressive anyway.
  8. Early career is pretty close because I don’t really have a choice. After that things tend to have 1000+ more than they actually need, assuming money isn’t tight.
  9. Made a working quadcopter that uses real physics for controls via using 6 KAL controllers to modify the rotor RPMs in order to pitch, yaw, and roll. Unfortunately had to use 2,3,4,5,6,7 as keys to control it because of limitations with binding keys to robotics. If someone knows of a way to play a KAL controller on loop when “W” is pressed and to stop playing it altogether when it is released, that would make life easier.
  10. I will be liquided if this isn’t allowed. Same with not allowing multiple connection points at the same time (ie connecting the quad adapter upside down to 4 existing 1.25 tanks. )
  11. Hey guys, Is anyone aware of a mod (or if it is even possible) that automatically controls the pitch of propellers based on forward velocity? I imagine such a thing is probably possible using KOS but curious if anyone has seen anything around this.
  12. That is nice, but unfortunately it doesn’t provide the production values that the real solar system would get from the devs. Not that modders can’t do a good job, but it will be years before we get a RSS mod that would be the same quality. I am hoping one of the solar systems you can visit with interstellar travel is actually the real solar system. Then it is just a matter of writing a mod to start on Earth instead and work out the balance issues, which should be much quicker than creating all the art assets. EDIT: Even if the devs provided a scaled down real solar system for balance purpose, it should still be a lot less work to scale it back up.