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  1. I take it that ship must have to be at least 1.5KM above sea level in order to hit orbit?
  2. MechBFP

    Universal Storage II

    The cores that let you attach wedges are super unstable without KJR installed. However as a workaround if you don't use that mod, you can set the core to auto-strut to "Grandparent" and that will fix the problem. I usually do that to both the core and the fairing and it is quite stable after that.
  3. MechBFP

    Tuning changes in 1.6

    These changes are great, especially the Mastodon tweaking. That engine was completely worthless before. Now it is quite useful for certain lifter designs.
  4. All good stuff from my point of view. Excellent job SQUAD staff.
  5. MechBFP


    Stock DV looks pretty snazzy I must say. You guys did good. Now just make sure it doesn’t have bugs.
  6. MechBFP

    Colliders are a bit bugged with this update?

    @JPLRepo Can you link us to those explinations you mentioned? I can’t find anything either.
  7. MechBFP

    1.5 Mania!

    See the thread pinned at the top for that.
  8. Ya I honestly can’t fathom how it is not a bug when you can make your own ramps with structural panels and it works just fine lol.
  9. Thanks @SQUAD keep up the amazing work! Now that a lot of bugs and graphical issues have been taken care of, will we be seeing any new gameplay specific updates in the future?
  10. MechBFP

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Hey there, Just a heads up that I appear to have found a bug in the latest release of Kopernicus. I have submitted a bug report for your review.
  11. Thanks for the help you two. I was able to narrow it down further to just MFI, MM, and Kopernicus and the problem was still occurring, so then I uninstalled just Kopernicus, and the problem went away. As such Kopernicus appears to be the culprit. I'll file a bug report with those devs. EDIT: Bug report filed.
  12. I am running into a bug and looking to see if anyone else has run into it and has any insight into it. One of the following mods is causing the bug, as these are the only mods I have installed (installed through CKAN), and I confirmed it cannot be reproduced in a pure stock install. "name": "GPP" "name": "ModuleManager" "name": "Kopernicus" "name": "ModularFlightIntegrator" "name": "GPPTextures" "name": "CommunityCategoryKit" The bug is that if you are transferring to another SOI, and either use the "Warp to" feature, or the "Warp to node" feature, the patched conics move positions on you. I.E. Your periapsis will change altitude every time you try to warp. See the following screenshots in the Squad bug tracker, as I thought it was a stock bug at first. I would like to narrow it done further to 1 particular mod if possible, but since these are all pretty much dependencies for GPP, I am not sure the best way to do that. EDIT: I forgot to mention, this is 1.4.5 with the latest versions on CKAN.
  13. MechBFP

    0 Isp No thrust Engine?

    Let us know your results, I am curious.
  14. Cool beans. Thanks for the fixes as always. (PS, when are we gonna get structural adapter parts to go between 1.8m and 1.2m+2.5m? :P)