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  1. Hahahahaha. No they don’t, you just don’t see them. They have done a good job of keeping the bugs to the outliers, so you think it’s a bug free release in your particular use cases, but it most certainly is not a relatively bug free release.
  2. Welcome to software development. It’s just a fact of life with software. When it comes to non-trivial software no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, eliminating bugs always causes others to appear. It is practically impossible to eliminate all bugs. The end goal is to eliminate the most common and problematic ones and leave all the outlier ones that people rarely run into and can easily avoid or work around.
  3. I assume these are nuclear reactors from one of the near future mods or the Kerbal atomics mod. If that is the case then you have to wait for them to fully cool down, which takes years. You can then transfer the depleted uranium into an empty uranium container on the ship, and then transfer new fuel into the reactor. As such if the plan is to refuel you always want 1 active reactor and 1 standby reactor so when the first one runs out of fuel you can let the other one run for years, at which point you can finally refuel the first one again.
  4. Transfer planner is the only one that anyone actually “needs” anymore, as it is almost practically impossible to get proper transfer windows without it or going online and finding out there. Everything else is just wants.
  5. Welcome to the Internet. This is common place and literally nothing can be done about it.
  6. Best of luck. Make sure to double check for random screws and other bits of metal in the case before powering it on.
  7. There will be an editor. It's called the Unity SDK.
  8. Basically I don't want KSP to turn into something like this:
  9. I mean quite literally a windows style. Like Windows the operating system. You know WINDOWS like in the title of this thread and what you are talking about. The exact thing I already said 3 times now. I honestly don’t think I can be anymore clear about this.
  10. Why do you think the operating system "Windows" is called windows?
  11. Strange, I have never had that issue. How many patched conics do you use? I only use 1 above default normally.
  12. In my opinion this is a non-issue. Its simply not worth the effort to fix something that really has no practical benefit the vast majority of the time. If a ship literally needs light from both stars to function, it is badly designed. Its a gimmick more than anything.
  13. The fuel transfer works, eventually. You just have to fiddle with it enough times until they fix the bug.