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  1. GitHub link is broken. Download keeps "crashing" and when i manage to download it, the archive is corrupted. Can we get a mirror?
  2. I'd call that response at least disappointing. Shame that the landing autopilot won't be improved.
  3. It's not even about the atmosphere or being accurate with reentries. The landing could be easily corrected if only MechJeb decel burned for a bit longer. All it has to do is correct the course, rather than fly over the KSC Pad and decel burn past it.
  4. I have a problem. When using Landing Guidance, MechJeb overshoots the KSC Pad by about 20km. Everything else goes well, it just lands in the sea instead of landing on the KSC Pad. There's a deceleration burn, then it stops, i fly over the KSC and decelerate again well past the KSC. I open landing guidance, click on KSC Pad, click SET and then Land At Target. Am i doing something wrong? LOGS
  5. I'm having big trouble with the whole landing and orbit landing autopilots, and there is no solution (or instructions on how to use the autopilots, maybe i'm blind) in the manual. Is there any way i could contact you, so you could help me on my issue? Preferable not on the forums, because i can not send personal messages. Discord? All i want is for the rocket to land back at the KSC Launch Pad (or at least somewhere near it), but the autopilot either doesn't land or goes nuts. Could you provide some kind of detailed instructions on how to use the landing and orbit landing autopilots? I'd be massively thankful.