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  1. you don't see the mod or the parts doesn't work ? and what is you KSP version ?
  2. I don't know i didn't make any RO config but you can try
  3. I going to fix that thanks for you report
  4. the propellant mass is not the same with real fuel mod and without . in my config i put the same amount of fuel as in the real rocket, and if you don't use Real Fuel mod the mass of the rocket is too high
  5. Ariane 6 Hello everyone, i'm back with a new mod who will give you an Ariane 6 i maked two configs with Real Fuel or Without please tell me if you get some issue with the mod (Sorry for my bad English) Dowload on Spacedock: 6 license : WTFPL
  6. New Shepard hi everyone, i make a little mod who give you a New Shepard, the mod have lot of bug actually so tell me if you have any issue and i going to fix it to make the mod better (sorry for my bade english) the rocket doesn't have parachute at this time but you can add stock parachute tested on KSP 1.4.2 (if you using RSS the mod Requires Real Fuel Mod) Download on Spacedock : Shepard License : WTFPL
  7. hello everyone, i make a modification on this beautiful mod for get the real specs of the F9 this modification change cfg of Merlins engines and the cfg of f9 tanks (don't work for the F9v1 and S1, S2 tanks) [Download link removed by moderator due to licensing violation. Launchers Pack is licensed ARR, meaning that nobody is allowed to repackage and re-release any of its content.] if you have any issue or question reply to this post you need real fuels : (sorry for my bad english i'm french)
  8. can you change my name for Matheo G or Matheo_G if you can't make space please ?
  9. it's custom parts of course
  10. i don't know if the mod work on ksp 1.4 but you can test tell me if it work and i'd update the mod. the mass of the part is 350kg
  11. InSight for ksp i have make the InSight Lander for KSP this version work for KSP 1.2.2, 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 (i dont know if it work with other version you can test), i actually try to make the InSight spacecraft but i have some problems with the parachute if you have a problem tell me and i will do my best for fix it Download (SpaceDock) - Lander [BETA] License - WTFPL sorry if i do some English mistake i'm french
  12. hi mechjeb community ! i want to make a satellite constellation using mechjeb2 (on ksp 1.2.2) but after ~5 day in orbit the satellite become completely out of sync i know mechjeb is very precise but can we make it more precise and it's the same problem for the geostationary orbit who is no longer geostationary after 1 month in orbit... (sorry if i make some english mistake am french)
  13. hi everyone i want to make more fairing texture for the falcon 9 and falcon heavy but i don't know what... someone ave an idea ???