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  1. Guys, I'm having a problem, Almost every single time I operate MJ in orbit with a medium or larger rocket (or rigid station) MJ has a serious problem with overcompensation for pitch (main one). It's a positive feedback loop too. Every time it starts out with a super small adjustment then it overcompensates then overcompensates then,.... you get the picture. If you just let it do its own then your basically in an uncontrolled spin in the end. I basically have to handhold the entire maneuver for it. Whats going on here? Is this just me? Also, seems to happen most frequently with a multi-engine symmetric design?? Current stable MechJeb ver. KSP 1.4.1 Vessel 100% symmetric No unusal construction.
  2. Hello all, I'm having an issue with AVP,.. I think? What's happening is that everything installs fine... newest version of all the mods and dependencies... newest version of KSP and so on. But when I load into my savegame everything looks fine, no problems, but when I switch to a currently orbiting craft all I get is total blackness. I can see the craft and the sun but can't see Kerbin at all even with a 200km orbit. I've tried deleting all the skybox files as a workaround but still nothing. (Also did both on 8K and 4K textures but nothing changed). Obviously, I know that AVP needs an update but everything seems pretty okay up until that bug. Am I just missing something here or...?