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  1. discoreeper

    RSS Transneptunians?

    But it seems like the latest version is 1.4.5
  2. discoreeper

    What Is Your Naming Theme For Your Spacecraft?

    Any word that pops into my mind. For example if I saw my pen I might simply name the ship "Pen" lol
  3. discoreeper

    RSS Transneptunians?

    Why does RSS doesn't have other dwarf planets, ex.: eris, makemake, sedna etc.? Is it because of the fact that a map of these bodies have never been made?
  4. discoreeper

    Making RSS easier?

    Oh thanks. SMURFF works well, I didn't know this mod before.
  5. discoreeper

    Making RSS easier?

    Well, I wish the stock fuel be lighter, and the engines to burn longer, instead of actually changing the size of the solar system.
  6. discoreeper

    Making RSS easier?

    Can anyone recommend me some mods that can make the real solar system easier? I just installed that mod yesterday and I have troubles even to enter orbit.
  7. discoreeper


    Did anyone think of KSP servers which can hold multiple players controlling different vessels and Kerbals?