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  1. @Nertea How exactly do you get the feeders and reflectors to work optimally? The range boost on reflectors feels non-existent and I'm easily losing signals between satellites at keosync orbit if they don't have line of sight to the KSC. Or do I just need a beefier reflector/feeder? (Or maybe the OP stock antennae have brainwashed my views on antenna power.)
  2. Granted. Unfortunately, the computer of the universe hadn't been upgraded to meet the system specs and thus bricks. I wish for existentialism
  3. Update: Problem resolved. Running OpenGL was breaking the textures.
  4. Granted, now the wish limit is removed, everything is corruptible, but for some inexplicable reason you still have the wish limit. I wish for another Metal Gear
  5. Granted. But there's now a global limit of 3 for everyone and it doesn't get reset for another millennia or so. I wish for my own Metal Gear.
  6. So, I've been having a problem with some of the textures in KSC Extended (and it's dependencies I suppose). Namely, they've gone black. I've installed the latest versions of the listed dependencies on the 1.8.1 version of KSP with both DLC expansions. I'm unable to pin down the cause and I am also running my KSP in OpenGL, if that may be the problem. If someone can find a solution, that would be well appreciated!
  7. Granted. About 3 days after this empire is formed, you are fatally struck by a car and the empire enters a massive global war that ends with, at best, the desolation of those mentioned regions. I wish for a slightly better gaming computer.
  8. Query: What would happen if I got the Making History expansion off of Steam for a KSP bought directly at the store? Would it still work regardless or would I need a steam key of some sort to get it to work? Just wondering.
  9. The request is a simple one. Have the IVA and EVA suits used by the kerbals correlate with the current level of the Astronaut Complex. Here's a general idea of how they should look per level: Level 1 - A mashup of various early spaceflight pressure suits. Since kerbals can't perform EVAs outside of Kerbin at this point, there would just be one model. Level 2 - Again, a mashup between Soviet and US suit designs during the Apollo and Soyuz days. The EVA jetpack will functionally be identical to the current one in-game, but have a more bare-bones look. Alternatively, the Making History suits could simply be ported over. Level 3 - This would go 3 ways: A: The stock suits are used. B: The suits are slightly redesigned, with a bit more detail to them (agency logos, patches, decorative cameras, etc.) C: The suits undergo a full redesign, now resembling the current spacesuits used by ROSCOSMOS and NASA.
  10. Hmm... How about this: a carrier-SpaceX barge hybrid? Appearance wise, it would be the SpaceX barge but with a runway and carrier-style control tower. There would be additional pads for landing vtols/helicopters/rockets etc. with one dedicated for launching rockets. The runway would be slightly longer than a conventional carrier runway would be. Of course, it would be kerbalized. Gameplay wise, it would function as a runway and launch pad rolled into one. I'd imagine it would also be capable of moving to any position on Kerbin so as long it was a body of water. (Lakes and seas wouldn't count.) The launch pad would be capable of accommodating 3.75m rockets and the runway would be able to squeeze in a Stearwing A300 with a bit of wiggle room to spare. The runway would also have an arrestor wire and catapult to help with the capture and launch of space/aero/airplanes. This launchsite option I think wouldn't be available in career mode at the start. Once unlocked, it would be upgraded like the other KSC buildings, changing design and increasing in size and capabilities aswell as improving it's speed when moving. And before you ask, the 3.75m limit is to maintain aesthetics and possibly to prevent clipping issues with larger rockets.
  11. Something along the lines of the old 6S compartments or Klockheed Martian. An internal, compact bay where I can smush in probe cores, batteries, etc. without it sticking out like the stock ones do. If anybody knows a mod that has that and is up-to-date, put thine links here.
  12. 5/10. What about the other components? Ears? Nose? Mouth? I make transactions with currency like the rest of you! I bought a couch for 2 bitcoins!
  14. Hang on... Turned out Stockalike Station Parts Redux was causing the whole dilemma. Nertea released a new patch so that fixed it, and in between that period of time I simply removed the lines of code that swapped the models for the port. Oh, and I did attach them correct side facing out. This wasn't the first station I built y'know.
  15. Help! I'm trying to build a space station and for some strange reason, the docking ports aren't working. The ports are touching, I've selected one of the station's ports as a target, the docking node on the ship I'm controlling is open, but the magnetism isn't kicking in! It functioned normally before, as I had successfully docked a lander to a ship in a Mun mission, but now it isn't working! Mods installed Other things to note: I'm running this on the 64 bit build of the game Computer is an Acer E5-575 I have cut out some parts in some of the installed mods
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