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  1. Loved the latest read. Thanks guys. Although I am not active on the forums, I do get the updates on other platforms. Jira is such a great tool when used properly so it's great to read you guys are utilizing it and also great to read you have a NASA team working on projects.. Loved watching back on the old Apollo 11 launch to the moon and various Space Shuttle missions myself. Recently I watched the below Apollo 11 'movie' that was recently released (2019) in full HD. I loved the trailer that I purchased the bluray and it's just amazing. I've been working on in my spare time
  2. @Sampa No, completely rebuilt from scratch, I've already started it, however I don't want to get too far ahead of myself due to the lack of info coming in for the modding part of KSP 2. Also, with links recently for the KSP 1 game with ESA, is KSP 2 likely to be released with a NASA link (I'm sure everyone would love that). So for now, I have the Shuttle model done but without textures, and with various empty objects in place for such things as cameras, moving parts, etc etc. So until then, it's on my hard drive in a 3ds Max state.
  3. @Abhi K. So when I put this together, the SRB's didn't work for me, they had flickering textures. I resorted to using another booster instead. @DylanSemrau has kindly made it work with the latest version by adding the rocket back in. Check with him on where it's at. I'm waiting for KSP 2 so I'm not really looking to keep updating this version.
  4. I'm not sure why you think that @Briso, your input into the RO /RSS is just as important. Like I said, I see it as a community mod, many people have taken this on and put their own spin on it. I would hope that you will also continue to provide feedback or even release your version of the RO /RSS. Many minds are better than one alone.
  5. @DylanSemrau has my full support as do you @Briso I see this as a community mod, not solely mine as it wasn't built by me, just modified to work with version 1.6 of the game back then. I'm glad to see people pick it up, especially you guys, it can be a lot of work for one person especially if they have a different direction to others. I'm glad to see DylanSemau bring back the side boosters as I had texture issues with this when I took it on. Good to see it come back in it's glory and as mentioned above, I didn't include different skins as I wanted to use as much of the native game as poss
  6. Looks good. @DylanSemrau I couldn't get the texture switcher to work natively, only through mods which I wanted to avoid in my build. And the reason I switch the boosters was because they didn't work (textures were flickering) but that could have been a version bug rather than the mod). As DylanSemrau has said, he will update this mod to work with v1 of KSP as I'm working on a scratch build for v2 of KSP.
  7. Windows 10 minimum. Win 7 is no longer supported, and Microsoft would rather forget Win 8 and 8.1, and the early builds of Win 10 are no longer supported either.. Best guess, I'd say I'm pretty on the money rather than a guess. As far as the rest of the specs.. plenty of threads talking about hardware specs, a search will find them.
  8. I could say the same for Red Redemption 2. How long have PC players waited for that to arrive on PC.? We still need to wait till Nov before we see it. Works both ways.
  9. Time as @magnemoe said but also money.. Nowadays it's all about using off-the-shelf products to save both time and money. Why reinvent the wheel when other companies (Unity, Unreal, Cryengine the list goes on) can essentially give you what you want. They all have their advantages and disadvantages like one could provide better visuals with less cpu/gpu usage while others will give you better physics formulation. Like I said, why reinvent the wheel when you can do what you want with the tools already available off the shelf and do it in less time, less money not to mention employing staf
  10. I did, hence the comment. And I did mention that I read the thread
  11. Your experience with Unity (having its problems for you) I'm going to put it down to your PC. You said in the OP that you spent 2k on a new computer and it was worse. KSP is one of the most basic games (in the sense of gfx and pc requirements). The game runs DX9, hardly new and only in the last few updates have they gone to 64 bit, so either you have a crap load of mods installed which slowed it down, or your 2k machine was not the best machine. And I did read the thread that we can no longer like a post (damn, didn't think this site would follow Insta and Facebook, but anyway) so @Master39
  12. You do understand that KSP 1 files and craft saves will not work in KSP 2. So that's one Beta test you need not worry about. It's not a bug either, it's a feature.
  13. The modder would need to stipulate such a thing in their mod descriptions, no different to what they do now in the forums by suggesting not to upgrade. You are right, it doesn't handle dependencies but again, something that can be mentioned in the description of the mod.
  14. The developers have already said you won't be able to port the mods over. Given they are likely to be using PBR you will most likely need 4 x image files compared to KSP 1 of 2 or 3 (Diffues, Spec, Normals).. The cfg files are likely to change so again not a simple port.. Putting all that aside, I'm not suggesting 'forcing' modders to use the Workshop, I'm saying to add it. If modders want to use SpaceDock, Curse, Github or the forums to get their mod out there then go for it, but for many players (especially the younger gen, and no I'm far from young) they will not use these other sites
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