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  1. @ChrisG_NSF Thanks for the image, now I can clearly see why you are having this issue. All Mods must be installed under GameData folder, NOT under the GameData > Squad folder which is where yours is.. Move the folders JSI, KSPWheel and SpaceShuttle to the same location as where your Squad folder is and delete that other GameData folder that's under Squad.. Below is the edited image I've done to make it easier to understand.
  2. The SRB's will have improved Gimbal in future release (now waiting on v1.6 in case something else breaks). As for the shuttle being light or accelerates to quickly, the mod was put together using as much stock as possible (fuel for example). It was compiled to lift into orbit various Space Station parts where I found that some parts the Shuttle was harder to control and or wouldn't enter orbit. So it was either make the Space Station parts zero in weight, or reduce the Shuttle weight. This package is not intended for realism, RO is available for this and for those who seek something more simulated. It's compiled to offer those with the base game a Kerbalised version of the Shuttle and Space Station (to come) so they could have fun 'replicating' real life missions. With the new shaders introduced in 1.5 and 1.6 I'm hoping to fix a couple issues I've found with the Space Station parts, but to also remove the need to use the texture replacer mod that uses reflections for various parts. With the fixes and suggestions to the Shuttle mod the Space Station parts shouldn't be too far away I hope and hopefully those who find it difficult with balance will not find this a problem with the station parts.
  3. Can you take a screenshot and post it up? doesn't make sense that what you have tried is causing you issues. What Trickzie and I have suggested is the correct location (as you have indicated in this post you also tried) but still having the issues suggests something is not quite in it's right location.. Maybe try installing the JSI mod from this location and see if that works..
  4. @ChrisG_NSF It sounds to me like it's not in the right location especially when you have this as an error... ERROR: RasterPropMonitor.dll must be in GameData/JSI/RasterPropMonitor/Plugins. Under your game install, you will find a folder called GameData. This folder on a fresh install will have a folder called Squad and with this mod installed it will have folders called JSI, another called KSPWheel and another called SpaceShuttle. If you are not seeing those 4 folders on a fresh install then it's installed incorrectly. To me it seems like you have the GameData folder under the GameData. So; GameData > Squad GameData > GameData > JSI GameData > GameData > KSPWheel GameData > GameData > SpaceShuttle Make sure JSI, KSPWheel and SpaceShuttle fall under the primary GameData.
  5. Interesting find because when I played with CoG etc, and looked at the weight, I found the opposite. With about half the fuel (because some were used in maneuvers to the space station) I found it didn't flip, nor did it have any weight issues. Mind you though, this was done on v1.4.5 and when they fixed 1.5 with 1.5.1 I assumed nothing else would be affected by it. More gimbal on the SRB's should help with launch and maneuver, the re-entry I'll test again and take on board what you find. The idea of split elevons I like. I'll look into those also.
  6. Already updated for the next update. Thanks for highlighting it though, it reminded me to check again.
  7. Is that with an empty shuttle or with cargo? either way it shouldn't matter and I'm more than happy to adjust what ever is required to make it fun for all. Just want to make sure that what you have is the same as mine (cargo wise etc) so I can ensure I'm heading in the right direction. EDIT. I just had a thought while looking after the little one. A few have mentioned lack of (or any) movement in the Side Rockets gimbal. I suspect this will fix the issues you guys have reported, looking for a second opinion..
  8. I'd like to think of this as more than one working on the Shuttle. I'd like to keep it going for all to use, not have it stop at a certain version and no one to keep it up to date. I know I have not been on as much but I do get emails when people post in the forums to ensure I am not away for to long, and to answer peoples questions / update links on the OP. I really appreciate those who have spent the extra time and fine tuning the .cfg files, and hopefully we can find someone who can re-texture models or make changes ie 4th camera working. Although I don't have the time I once did, this is only short term. Xmas is coming soon, so I'll be on hols. Rather than be between work time and bub time, it will just be me time and bub time Added to the OP for you.
  9. It does have control, it's just very small movements. I'll look to increase, It wasn't done as I found it controlled the craft to much compared to subtle movements. Fixed. Originally it didn't even have Discovery on the craft, I changed that on release. Interesting find on the texture switching, glad someone is looking into also. My attempts have also failed.
  10. I'm not one to create the models or the textures. I can edit the textures but not redo them ie make them a higher def or anything like that. Monitors in the cabin work. If you have JSI installed then yes, however I will replace this cockpit with a MAS mod version similar to one released by another user with their Ultimate Shuttle IVA. I have the skins for the Discovery and Atlantis however as this would require extra mods, and the function was broken at the time, this was taken out and just one skin was used. I have yet to make this work using base KSP (without mods). No, the camera name needs to be changed in the model, something a model creator / editor could do. Currently the name of the transform is just CAMERA, this needs to change to CamTransform (I believe). It doesn't fly like a brick no, it's easier to control on re-entry and I guess if you really tried you could spin it but it's not something that will happen easily.
  11. Sorry I've been absent of late, I've had a new addition to the family so it's taken some of my extra time away. It was working for 1.5.1 for me when I last loaded Kerbal. If it doesn't then I'll need to update some of the mods for example the SSTU mod. @ChrisG_NSF It sounds like you have an old version of SSTU mod installed. This package had it included in the download under the Shuttle folder, I've since moved this for future updates back to it's original location. PLEASE NOTE, that if updating the SSTU wheel plugin, it may break other mods that you have installed, however generally the later versions of plugins solve other issues. My advice would be to back up your Kerbal install first.
  12. Working on that and the Cockpit at the moment. I believe the SSTU is sorted, just changed the names of the parts I used so as to not impact on SSTU files, however the plugin may cause problems for some people if they remain on older KSP versions. I've moved the plugin back to it's original location under SSTU, so it will replace the plugin there, or people can leave it out and it will use their installed version.
  13. I did notice that your Side Rockets had a LOT of mass weight compared to the External Tank. As for re-entry, I used MechJeb to get an idea what it would do, now can do re-entry without and easy land without troubles. I'm currently looking at your files and of Trickzie to better gauge where the fuel and weights should be for the next release. Now that I've stopped traveling for work I can put a bit more time into testing a few options, plus fix the cockpit using the MAS mod. Similar to what G'th did with his version Ultimate Shuttle IVA.
  14. I've added the 1.3.1 RSS-RO friendly link version provided to me by @slaintemaith