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  1. I could say the same for Red Redemption 2. How long have PC players waited for that to arrive on PC.? We still need to wait till Nov before we see it. Works both ways.
  2. Time as @magnemoe said but also money.. Nowadays it's all about using off-the-shelf products to save both time and money. Why reinvent the wheel when other companies (Unity, Unreal, Cryengine the list goes on) can essentially give you what you want. They all have their advantages and disadvantages like one could provide better visuals with less cpu/gpu usage while others will give you better physics formulation. Like I said, why reinvent the wheel when you can do what you want with the tools already available off the shelf and do it in less time, less money not to mention employing staff more easily. Can you imagine a job ad from one firm saying 'must have experience in Unity' over another that said 'must have experience in KSP engine (an in-house developed gaming engine)'. Unless the staff that developed the engine stay around, the costs of retraining new staff far out ways using what's already around and can essentially start from day 1.
  3. I did, hence the comment. And I did mention that I read the thread
  4. Your experience with Unity (having its problems for you) I'm going to put it down to your PC. You said in the OP that you spent 2k on a new computer and it was worse. KSP is one of the most basic games (in the sense of gfx and pc requirements). The game runs DX9, hardly new and only in the last few updates have they gone to 64 bit, so either you have a crap load of mods installed which slowed it down, or your 2k machine was not the best machine. And I did read the thread that we can no longer like a post (damn, didn't think this site would follow Insta and Facebook, but anyway) so @Master39 I like the above post in regards to ground / orbiting stations.
  5. You do understand that KSP 1 files and craft saves will not work in KSP 2. So that's one Beta test you need not worry about. It's not a bug either, it's a feature.
  6. The modder would need to stipulate such a thing in their mod descriptions, no different to what they do now in the forums by suggesting not to upgrade. You are right, it doesn't handle dependencies but again, something that can be mentioned in the description of the mod.
  7. The developers have already said you won't be able to port the mods over. Given they are likely to be using PBR you will most likely need 4 x image files compared to KSP 1 of 2 or 3 (Diffues, Spec, Normals).. The cfg files are likely to change so again not a simple port.. Putting all that aside, I'm not suggesting 'forcing' modders to use the Workshop, I'm saying to add it. If modders want to use SpaceDock, Curse, Github or the forums to get their mod out there then go for it, but for many players (especially the younger gen, and no I'm far from young) they will not use these other sites to get mods from.. I know of other games that use the Workshop without fail. The racing sim game has cars and tracks available to subscribe to and never once has it failed for them. A golf game I've played in the past had user created courses through the Workshop, again no failures. The only failures have been where the modder forgot to make a change, or add a texture and needed to be re-uploaded.. As I said, I'm not suggesting forcing modders, just giving them an extra place to get their mod out there. Not everyone is on these forums, or on Reddit, or search through Curse or SpaceDock etc. Hassles, there are none other than a modder uploading to the workshop, no different to uploading to some share site really. As for greed of Valve, it's free to upload mods, and free to download if the modder hasn't added a cost to it.
  8. Well that would be up to the creators if they wanted to be adding links in various different forums.. Personally if they implemented the mods through Steam Workshop then I'd be using this and only this. Far easier to manage and probably a far wider audience especially for the younger audience players where they are unlikely to be signing up to forums and more likely to enjoy the game more if the mods they want will work. Oh and I don't think Steam Workshop will be anything like Curse and or if SpaceDock was to go down the same path.. If anything, Steam would be the more logical and safest place to be uploading and maintaining mods.
  9. I've seen other games use the Steam Workshop for community mods, but I haven't seen it used for KSP at all, only for Craft files.. I'd like to see KSP 2 utilise the Steam Workshop better for Community Mods rather than just Craft files. Is this something that the developers have to set up in Steam or is this something users would categorise when uploading to the Workshop ? If it is something that the developers need to set up in Steam, could you please consider a category for Mods for KSP 2. This will save users having to place the mod in the correct folder locations, missing parts etc. By doing this it will also ensure that users who subscribe to the mod will receive updates automatically once available / released. Much better user experience in my opinion and works very well for other games. No more 'Where do I install the mod' or 'I've installed the mod but it's not working' (because it's likely in another subfolder. From a users perspective, having mods located on Spacedock, the forums, Github and CurseForge is all too confusing, no one source is being used and therefore no consistency. With the game being on Steam, it makes more sense for mods (not just Craft files) to be here also.
  10. I have plenty of images and tech, however what I have may be somewhat less than what you have so by all means, I'd be more than happy for you to pass on any details you have. Best to make it as accurate as possible that is for sure. Given I'm rebuilding from scratch I can make sure details wise it has everything without it being a massive frames hit, technical wise I'm working with what KSP 2 will have (using KSP 1 as a base at the moment until more details come out). So if a part does something that's not currently possible in KSP 1, then keep that in mind when requesting some technical changes / additions.
  11. Given most modern games seem to be on the 'Ray Tracing' wagon, it would in all honesty be silly if they didn't do it. At least as a final once over prior to any release.
  12. Developers have said it will use the latest Unity version. As the latest is currently 2019.2 and the game is still some many many months away, 2019 I'd dare say will be minimum. 2019.3 Beta currently has RTX.
  13. Hi All, Just letting you all know that support for this version of the mod will be very very limited. I know Brisco added Texture Replacer and RealPlumes to the package which may be causing issues for some users, we apologise for this and removing those add-ons seems to resolve it for some players. Since KSP 2's announcement, the focus has shifted significantly, so rather than rebuild the mod for KSP 1, it will be rebuilt for KSP 2 only. The Shuttle rebuild is already underway for KSP 2 along with 4k textures for PBR along with alternate Shuttle's ie Atlanta, Challenger etc in readiness for when more details are released. Everything is being added into the models now with Animation, Lights, Cameras, Moving parts etc to speed up the release time (easier to cull items not going into KSP 2 then to add it later). The mod pack will not just be the Shuttle, but various other parts (hint hint think Int Space Station and other NASA missions). I do have someone else assisting, so the plan is to complete as much as possible between now and the KSP 2 release so players won't have to wait long for it's release (that's the plan). A WIP thread will be created in due course with various images posted of the models and parts, so keep your eyes open for the thread titled NASA Missions Pack v2.0 (2.x being for KSP 2). Sorry if players here will be disappointed in not continuing with this for KSP 1. There is another Shuttle mod out (although it requires various other mods to be complete) that can fulfill the Shuttle experience but in all honesty as I was recreating the models from scratch anyway the timing of KSP 2 couldn't have been more perfect. If people would like to assist (especially in texturing) then I'm all ears as I want this mod package to be a must have.
  14. A couple questions. Probably one around Modding.. Can you give us some additional information around modding, for example what Unity version will likely to be used, will you be using more of the Unity core tools and shaders or creating your own Add-on. And, Will we see additional cockpit controls, gauges and screens with craft information or receiving of camera images for example?