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    MK3 cargo bay drag bug?

    Uhm...I'm confused now: the title says MK3, your description says MK2 There is a confirmed bug with drag on the MK2 cargo bays, but actually the other way around...less draggy while opened: It's also on the bug tracker: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/20997 Not sure if there is something similar with the MK3 cargo bays...I just know about a difference in buoyancy, depening on the state of the bay.
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    Space Shuttle Help

    The biggest "trick" for shuttles is to point the thrust through the CoM to prevent uncontrollable pitch during launch. I've used this picture recently during a discussion about the roll program of a shuttle but it may help you as well: Most important is the CoM and the direction of the thrust vector (extended with the orange line). As you can see, the vector points directly on the CoM which has two effects: 1) Your shuttle will not pitch uncontrollable during launch 2) Your shuttle will not ascent in a straight line but along the thrust vector. This is important to know, otherwise you may crash into the launch clamps Keep in mind, that the CoM will shift during the launch (roughly displayed by the orange and red bubble) so at some point, you may have to start to pitch slightly to reduce the effect.
  3. What a nice way to be proven wrong Thanks for the update
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    mod part finding mod

    Probably this one? It shows the internal partname and file path: Just found the release thread for the mod: Or Janitors Closet, it shows the mod name (need to be enabled in the mod settings) when hovering the cursor over a part:
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    [1.5.1+] Toolbar Controller (for modders)

    Probably related to the updated .version file without changing the version number. Pinging @HebaruSan for this one (On a sidenote: This error message is displayed in CKAN so it is CKAN related and should be reported in the CKAN thread instead of here For now, the ping will do the trick instead)
  6. A quick peek into the 'Relationships' tab of CKAN answers the question: Celestial Body Science Editor was added recently as a dependency for PbC but it is not updated to 1.6 yet and maybe, there will not be an update in the future since it works perfectly fine in 1.6. But don't worry, CKAN got your back here. All you have to do is to set KSP 1.5 as a compatible game version. To do so, click on 'Settings' -> 'Compatible KSP Versions' and mark 1.5 to be compatible in the shown list. Apply the changes and it should work just fine again
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    [1.5.1+] Toolbar Controller (for modders)

    Oh, I see what's going on there and it's actually quiet surprising that no one else came across this one before The version file of the latest version of ToolbarController is set to be compatible with 1.5.1 - 1.6.0 but ToolbarController is set to be compatible with any KSP version so CKAN will install this one, instead of the latest release. The easiest way to fix that is to set KSP 1.6 as a compatible game version in CKAN. Click on 'Settings' -> 'Compatible KSP versions' and mark 1.6 as compatible (should be the very first entry in the list). Apply the changes and CKAN should install the correct mod version for you. On a sidenote: The location for the log file changed between KSP 1.3.1 and KSP 1.4.0, so th linked log is an old one from 1.3.1 Next time, take a look here instead (the mod version pointed to the issue in this case, you don't need to upload a new log this time ) %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\output_log.txt @linuxgurugamer This issue might be interesting for you as well, even though it is quiet surprising that this is not a more common issue.
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    [1.6.x] Community Tech Tree (January 21)

    It's actually done the other way around: Mods need to support the Community TechTree (CTT) and in this case, MK4 Spaceplane Parts already got a config for this, which should be applied as soon as you install CTT
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    [1.0.5] Controllable Mastcam for Rovers

    HullCam VDS should work as well: But if you definitly want to use this mod: Some time ago, I wrote a tutorial on how to recompile this mod for 1.5.1 using the .NET framework commandline compiler. Should work for 1.6.1 in the same way: (The license doesn't allow do share a recompiled version directly)
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    [1.5.1+] Toolbar Controller (for modders)

    They are the same size for me (103.763 bytes). On which game version do you play and did you setup CKAN to be compatible with other game versions then the one you have installed? Please upload a full log, the snippets don't provide enough informations.
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    [1.5.1+] Malah's Quick Mods

    You will stay in IVA while undocking and docking and afaik, it is impossible to switch to the external camera at all if you set Quick IVA to disable the third person view (it is disabled by default). I would suggest to use some mods like part commander or ship manifest to keep controll over the PAW of all the parts on your vessel (and RPM + custom IVA internals for the cockpits of course^^).
  12. The log is not public available, it just prompt a window to send a request for the file via email and I would prefer not to send out my private email address. Please check the settings for the link/file
  13. Thanks for the detailed explanation I would have never expected that the booster were able to do this. While there are indeed in the best position to initiate the roll programm, they just don't seem to have any thrust vectoring capacities. On my shuttles, I usually deactivate any roll authority on the engines and the elevons except the one on each side. In most cases, I don't need roll authority at all but you never know
  14. 4x4cheesecake

    advanced fuel priority and autostrut

    You need to enable the 'Advanced Tweakables' in the game settings and if you play a career or science game, you also need to unlock the regular struts to use autostruts. I don't know if there is something similar for the fuel flow.
  15. I actually thought about the roll right after the launch, to get into the right orbit: (The video should start at 10:39, otherwise, skip there manually )
  16. In my experience, not just during reentry. Even during the launch it can cause a lot of trouble, particularly on an asymmetrical design. I have honestly no idea how the real shuttle did this trick, if someone has informations about this topic, I'm interested^^ I've tried to figure this out while building my latest shuttle and so far, from my understanding, the offset between the roll axis and the thust axis causes a lot of trouble if you try to roll the shuttle during launch. I've also tried to visualize it on a screenshot: You can see, the thrust vector is aligned with the CoM at launch so the shuttle will actually not ascent in a straight vertical line but along this vector. Depending on how you try to roll the shuttle, you will end up with a different roll axis. If you use the elevons on the wings, the roll axis will be pretty much vertical through the shuttle, if you use the vector engines on the orbiter, the shuttle will roll around the thrust vector of the vector engines. A combination of both will probably result in an axis between those vectors, but it is pretty much impossible, to align the roll axis, with the actual thrust vector. As soon as you try to roll, you will also push the thrust vector in a different direction so it is no longer alinged with your prograde vector, which results in a change of your flight direction. If this misalignement becomes too big, chances are good that you will nevery reach space. Not quiet sure if this explanation is correct but it kinda fits to the results whenever I've tried to roll the shuttle during launch.
  17. 4x4cheesecake

    Problem with science alert

    Wild guess: You forgot to install the dependencies: Otherwise, I'll wait for a log, a mod list or more informations in general
  18. 4x4cheesecake

    Crash on startup

    You found the problem already on your own: ^This It is also literally mentioned in the log: Could not allocate memory: System out of memory! On the other hand, the RAM usage of your system seem way too high. The log doesn't tell us if it is just KSP which uses all the RAM, you should check the resource monitor or Task Manager of windows for more details about RAM usage of your running system. I have the gut feeling, that Textures Unlimited may cause an issue here or you have just too many other applications running in the background (firefox and chrome are well known to use a lot of RAM). So, a few things you can try: Remove Textures Unlimted at least for testing purposes Close programs running in the background Increase the paging file (just google for it, there are tons of 'how-to's on this topic) Remove some/all mods like suggested by @The_Cat_In_Space and add them back in small steps
  19. Welcome to the Challenge That's an interesting Shuttle you've build, there are not many MK2 Orbiter around here. If you don't mind, I would suggest two things: 1) Add some kind of an endcap/nose cone on the rear. An unused connection node adds a lot of drag to your orbiter. 2) Don't timewarp through the reentry. Yes, it can be annoying but it is impossible to keep the Orbiter in a stable position, which is perfectly shown in your video. A stable and controllable pitch during different phases of the reentry allows you to control where you are going to land. Even if it looks like you are going to undershoot after ~1/3 of the reentry, it is possible to get in front of your Ap again to gain altitude and strech your flight (without using your engines). I guess you can skip 1b and 2b since the title says 'Bonus Mission' but I'm not quiet sure. I would suggest to do these missions anyway, they will test the limits of your shuttle and your pilot skills. edit: Also, don't forget to list the installed mods. Even though it looks like that you have just KER installed, you have to declare it at least once
  20. Not in this case: But the one which does not have 1.4.5 in front of it, seem to be the correct one
  21. Yeah, let's call it "fun" instead of "almost impossible to keep control" to keep poeple trying this mission
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    Mods don't show up?!?

    Well, in this case, please upload a log file
  23. 4x4cheesecake

    Mods don't show up?!?

    Very good Uhm...did you actually install MechJeb? When I look at your previous screenshot of your GameData folder, I can only see 'MechJebForAll', which is indeed just a simple MM patch to add the functionallity of MechJeb, KER and kOS to every command pod. If you didn't know, MechJeb, KER and kOS need a special part on your vessel to work. These parts are included in these mods, and if you don't add them to your ship, you cannot use the mod, even when it is installed properly. KER doesn't require the part anymore since it got it's own setting for this but that's just on a side note MechJebForAll changes this behaviour and puts the functionallity of the special parts, to every command module (pods and probe cores) but you still need to install the actual mod. MechJebForAll does not provide the functionally of MechJeb, it makes it just easier to use. So, if you haven't done it already, here's the link to MechJeb:
  24. Welcome to the forum The log only shows the loading process of the game until you've reached the mainmenu, which isn't very useful in this case. Please recreate the issue and upload a new log afterwards, so we can actually see what happens while the issue occures.
  25. 4x4cheesecake

    Mods don't show up?!?

    MechJeb for all doesn't provide an ingame button, it is just a MM patch to add some partmodules to parts In case of Stage Revocery, you forgot to install the dependencies (always check the OP of a mod thread, the dependencies are usually listed there, if there are any): Screenshots of the debug console doesn't qualify as a log The actual log file contains way more informations and and we can look for everything that might cause the issue. In this cause, we would fine some entries about the missing dependencies, which are definitly not the lines which are shown in your screenshots. There is a thread pinned at the top of this subforum which describes where you can find the log file, depending on your operating system: In order to fix mod issues, it is usually required to upload the log file to a cloud or filehoster and share a download link here in the forum. Well, in this case it is already pretty obvious but keep it in mind for the future