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    KSP 1.5.1 Crashing between Load Screens

    I cannot see anything unusual in your logs either but I've noticed more crashes in KSP 1.5.1 as well, usually during loading screens. Also, this seem to happen more often if I play in window-mode and switch windows while the game is in a loading screen, especially in the inital loading screen. So if you like to switch between windows as well, you may want to avoid it.
  2. Exactly the same as you did with the first SVE folder. The folder got the same name but different contents inside, so both folder will be merged automatically. If, for any reason, this doesn't work: Just copy the 'Textures' folder inside the SVE folder, so your final folder structur looks like this: GameData StockVisualEnhancements SVE_Configs SVE_Scatterer Textures StockVisualEnhancements.version
  3. Let's hope everything is fine with STS - 5T because here is already: STS - 6T Pretty tough mission though, but also really funny I had several ideas how to recover the booster but unfotunately I was just able to get one of them working. Beside the one method shown in this mission, I also had some promising tries when I refueled the booster to fly it back to the KSC...but it is really, really hard to keep it stable during the landing. Maybe I'll try it again as soon as I've finished every other mission Full album: https://imgur.com/a/CdmLu3Y Unfortunately, my plan to save the orbiter by using FMRS didn't work very well...everytime I switched back to booster separation, one of the boosters 'sticked' on the orbiter like it wasn't decoupled properly (also, ther is a very strange fuel-flow behaviour if one of the booster is used as root part) No Kerbal was harmed during the mission anyway since the orbiter was controled by a probe
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    Problem with icon/screen

    Welcome to the forum I would suggest to use the ingame settings. Launch the game, wait until the main manu pops up and open the settings menu. On the left side, hit the 'Graphics' button. Now, in the top right corner, you will find settings for the display resolution and a button to enable/disable fullscreen mode. If you want to keep the game in window mode, just increase the resolution to match the resolution of your monitor (I guess most common is still 1920x1080) but if you want to display the game in full screen mode, just hit the button to enable the fullscreen mode. You may want to increase the resolution anyway Don't forget to hit 'Apply' or 'Accept' as soon as everything is configured
  5. Looks like the stock config. If you want more clouds and a different look, try SVE (don't forget to remove the stock configs). This can be done by editing the 'cloud.cfg' via texteditor (the config can be found in 'KSP_install_directory/GameData/BoulderCo/Atmosphere/clouds.cfg') or via the ingame editor (available in the KSC scene or the trackingstation). In both cases, you need to look for the entry 'layerVolume' and remove it. The ingame editor is the easiest way to do it, that's how it looks like: Just uncheck the button, hit 'Save' and restart the game
  6. So there is no new flight report in almost 2 weeks? Let's change that and fire up the engines again! STS - 5T Had quiet some fun during the mission and to increase the difficutly a bit, I chose not to perform a single correction burn so I had to plan my arrival together with the transfer burn. I've tried this in a few testflights and had no problems at all but during the actual mission, somehow I missed the KSC "slightly" *couch*. Fortunately, we are allowd to land at other locations as well Full album: https://imgur.com/a/cgDaCCH
  7. @sturmhauke Nice drawings! Yeah, the Y-Axis offset is a huge problem, also on an american style shuttle (probably still smaller than on a buran): On the bright side: A heavy payload will reduce the offset (this one is empty)^^ TCA looks promising but also pretty complicated on the first sight. Unfortunately, the thread doesn't seems to be supported very well, maybe some other shuttle pilots got some experience with the mod and can explain it a bit.
  8. I had the same issue on my first shuttle...it's pretty annoying and a new launch vehicle should be a better solution than using mods or try some fine tuning. Do you use RCS Build Aid? It's really helpful to display CoM, avarage CoM and dry CoM at the same time so you can already see in the editor how the shuttle will behave during different states of the flight. Even though the name of the mod suggest some help for RCS, it also displays helpful informations for engines / thrust vectors, parachutes and even allows you gimbal the engines.
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    Lots of rectangles [forum bug(?)]

    Probably these rectangles? But it's working fine for me on two different decives: Maybe some kind of script/ad blocker?
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    Choosing versions

    Yep, it should work in KSP 1.5+. Planet packs rely on kopernicus, so if kopernicus is available for a game version, chances are good that a planet pack will work as well If you want to pick a different version anyway: right click KSP in your steam library -> properties -> betas -> pick the version you want. Not everyone is available through this method but quiet a few
  11. Huh? Every stock part with crew capacity should have a hatch, even the MK1 Crew Cabin (if you don't attach any part on the ends but rescue contracts usually got single parts), or is it some kind of 'remove space junk' contract and you have to get the part itself? Or is it a mod part? Which one is it? Anyway, the proper way would be to build a craft with a cargo bay, big enough to carry a second craft with a claw on it, rendevouz the target in space, grab it with the small craft, put everything back into your cargo bay and head for a landing. If the part is in low kerbin orbit, maybe it's even possible to grab it with a small craft (with a bunch of chutes on it), deorbit it and land it anyway. Many part can survive reentry from LKO without a heatshield (or build a bigger craft and burn retrograde during reentry to avoid any heating at all). The not so proper way by editing the savegame is a bit tricky in this case but it's possible. You have to upload the file to a filehoster/cloud (like dropbox, google drive, etc...) of your choice and share a download link in your post.
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    Where are the clouds in EVE and SVE?

    Glad to hear it's working now
  13. 4x4cheesecake

    [1.4.3] Kerbal Academy Contract Pack [v1.2.x]

    The release versions of 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 are just 1 day appart and if you look through the commits on github, you can see that just the .version file was changed during this time. So no, unfortunately, 1.2.1 doesn't contain any changes to the contracts and until Mark Kerbin returns to development on 1.3 (or someone else want/ask to pick up this pack), the latest properly running realease seem to be 1.10.
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    [1.4.3] Kerbal Academy Contract Pack [v1.2.x]

    Pretty sure that's intended since 1.2 is a bit broken:
  15. 4x4cheesecake

    Contracts not available

    Welcome to the forum That's a tricky issue...in the first moment, your log looks totally fine but after taking a closer look, I found something strange: Hard to say what's actually the culprit of the issue but your game misses a bunch of files, for example: the 'Agencies' folder is missing and a few part configs as well (MK2 Cockpit, MK2 Dronecore and the LVN engine just to name a few but there way more). The missing Agencies is probably the reason for the missions not to be displayed properly. My best guess would be a overzealous anti-vir scanner or any other tool running in the background, which messes up your files. Can also be some malware or something that seems to be unrelated (like the crappy twitch/curse launcher)..really hard to say
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    Could someone please help me out

    Probably not the correct log since it shows no crash and a couple of scene switches in game. The linked log is from KSP 1.2.2, I guess you don't know yet, that the log location changed in KSP 1.4.+ (or you actually play on 1.2.2 but than the log still doesn't show any crashes). The correct log for KSP 1.4.+ is located here: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\output_log.txt
  17. If it is more than 5 Years ago, you got a chance. Let me quote from the KSP FAQ:
  18. 4x4cheesecake

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Yeah, that's a big issue! Since I cannot find a forum setting for this, I solved this for me with uBlock Origin by putting this line into my filter list: forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com##.ipsType_light.ipsComment_ignored.ipsComment It will remove the whole grey box that appears instead of the post. Wasn't able to find a filter to remove specific quotes though
  19. You dont have to look for 'AE-FF1' in the log but for fairingSize1 (because the part is the 1,25m fairing and that's the part name in the config). Small chance anyway that you just overlooked the part in the editor, it should be located in the Payload category:
  20. Can you provide the full output_log please?
  21. 4x4cheesecake

    Camera Tools not working in KSP 1.4.5?

    Well, the original description already is pretty vague. What exactly is your issue? And like I already suggested to the OP: Please upload a log file.
  22. 4x4cheesecake

    VAB/SPH part textures missing?

    Oh nice, I didn't know this plugin. Seems to be pretty useful Thanks for sharing
  23. Would be a clean way to get rid of Jeb, who always tries to climb into every single rocket just to mess up stuff But since there are still new players around, a selection screen should still contain some restriction in the specializations so you have to pick at least one Pilot, Engineer and Scientist (maybe it can be set for each Kerbal). Otherwise, a new player may have some troubles in the first career/science game (no SAS except stability control without a pilot, experiments cannot be reset without a scientist, etc...).
  24. 4x4cheesecake

    VAB/SPH part textures missing?

    Do you mind sharing your solution? I know the issue happens when using the '-force-d3d11' startup parameter but this doesn't seems to be the culprit in your case, so I'm curious
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    Where are the clouds in EVE and SVE?

    No problem, I hope we can also fix it So, two things to mention to your log: 1) You got a massive 'InvalidOperationException' spam by TextureReplacer (Shader 'Visor' is missing) probably because you use version 2.5.4 while the latest release is 3.5.0. You should update the mod or remove it, maybe it causes the issues of EVE as well. 2) The CityLightsManager and CloudsManager of EVE got some issues as well but I don't know why (yet), the SVE config cannot be read properly. Since TextureReplacer looks pretty ancient and ModuleManager is also still installed in version 3.1.0, I guess you didn't use fresh mod downloads for this? So, if updating/removing TR doesn't help, you should consider do get a fresh copy of MM, EVE and SVE and if that doesn't help either, you can try my inoffical EVE version for 1.5.1: https://github.com/4x4cheesecake/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/tag/EVE-