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  1. This is nicer than the current sort as you can do it by function but also size then, which is basically what I need all the time (only other thing I use is sometimes manufacturer or resource held but that's infrequent). Just removing the cross-sectional profile sort and building it into whichever other sort you have applied like this does would work SOOO much better!
  2. LjSpike

    How many mods do you have?

    79 Mods and making history. Not sure on start-up time, not timed it myself. Usually I make a cup of tea while it's loading. Can't be flying those United Kerbdom rockets with no fuel!
  3. Basically, just a short-ish ring block (2.5m), simple white texture, bigger would be fine to if I can tweakscale it down without an issue (blend in roughly with the style of the near future mods / vens part revamp). When not deployed, it'd be fairly smooth, just cylinderical, but the skin would open into short aerobrakes to provide a little drag, just to re-orient a rocket, not to stop it on their own. The part should be able to be deployed in the upper atmosphere and remain extended all the way down without blowing up. I'm just being fussy because I don't like putting big unnecessary lumps on for the normal aerobrakes when I really don't need them. (Quick edit: Ah yeah, it'd be nice to be able to install it via CKAN.)
  4. Yeah, it's not in compatible atm but is in 'all'.
  5. Ah ok. Not sure which version I'm running but that's probably it.
  6. The janitor closet mod. It doesn't appear to be in CKAN? Do you have a link to it?
  7. Ah ok, thanks. I'm using CKAN to manage my mods and not manually installed. Does that complicate the process?
  8. Hey blowfish, would it be possible for you to make a version of the parts pack which just contains the the engines and intakes? I don't really need all the other parts and right now it's just cluttering up my partlist and making it a bit hard to find parts I need at points. I would do it myself but I haven't a clue how to.