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  1. is it possible to change B9 aerospace fuel tanks to incorporate the mod specific fuels
  2. I have interstellar fuel switch all it changes is liquid fuel and liquid fuel +oxidizer
  3. I have seen Scott Manley change the fule in B9 parts to kspi-extended specific fule how do I do this?
  4. @taniwha ksp doesn`t load the kethane mod parts and all stock utilty componets
  5. can you give the file required to turn the pluto representation into a binary system
  6. i love this mod only problem is that it doesn`t work on the 1.4+ versions pls can you fix this
  7. can you give a step by step guide to modify feram to work on 1.4x 

  8. can you make it easier for a person who does not use visual studio
  9. can anyone tell me how to change FAR(ferram aerospace research ) to work one 1.4
  10. could someone help me? I am using bd armoury 1.4.2 this what happens when I attempt to fire weapons. it tells me that module manager is not present what should I do
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