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  1. Ok, thanks. I've noticed TU doesn't affect fairings. I guess there is also no workaround for this?
  2. I am in the middle of a career playthrough (1.11.1) with a bunch of mods. Is it safe to update without breaking anything? Thanks.
  3. If parts have variants, is it possible to make some shiny and others less shiny (or turn off TU for some variants)? Or is TU for variants either on or off? Thanks.
  4. KSP can look so good. Thanks for your work! Glad, you digged down the rabbit hole, so others can enjoy KSP even more. And let*s not forget Shadowmage for his great TU mod! Thanks. I'am using the Restock cfg. Just one thing is bothering me: shiny engine shrouds. Is it possible to make shiny engines but less shiny shrouds? Or is it entirely impossible?
  5. Great Mod! Thank you! I'm thinking about to install Restock+ as well. But is it reasonably integratet in career mode? It should not make it easier or brake it somehow. I also have Making History and Breaking Ground installed. Is it possible to install or deinstall Restock+ anytime during a career without breaking it?
  6. Thanks, Galileo, for this great mod. One of my core visual mods. But is there any solution for this hard terminator line? See pictures below. If I zoom out or flying higher than 120k meters, it looks fine. The scatterer sunflare effect is also a little too late/early at sunrise/sunset. Where and how can I set this in the configs? I also tested this with only SVE, EVE, Scatterer and Modulmanager installed with KSP 1.8.1. Without Scatterer, there is no orange Terminator line. Scatterer only looks also fine. So what is wrong here?
  7. Ok, Kerbin is more deep blue with color grading, but it's still looking good without.
  8. Deleting (all) the color grading entries helps. I also deleted all Vignette entries (= no darkened corners anymore).
  9. HOLY MOLY! What a brilliant mod. First TexturesUnlimited, now this. I can't handle all this eye candy anymore! (and let's not forget EVE, SVE, SVT, scatterer and so on) Mind blowing! THANK YOU @The White Guardian I've made so much screenshots. Here are 'some' examples. Such great immersion. The complete album is here: EDIT: Do I need to register at imgur to make save links? It seems with the link above any1 can delete the images..... EDIT2: I can confirm that you have to delete all "Eye Adaptation"-entries in the config if you use the '-force-glcore' comma
  10. I must admit: I almost teared up (and this is very rare in my case). Just beautiful fiitting music to a fantastic image composing from a brilliant game! I love KSP! One of the best games (if not the best) I have ever played. Heck....I wasn't even on a planet yet. It skyrocketed my interest in space, space flight, the moon landings and so on. The same is true for my understanding of orbital mechanics. KSP conveys this so vivid. I learned so much 'just' because of a game (which game can claim the same at all?!). Not only from the game itself but also from the ignition of a thi
  11. @Vandest Do you plan to patch the DLC-Parts as well? Because you seem to be very good at this. I really love your MK1-3 Pod. It's spot-on. Just beautiful! BTW: Is it possible to determine the _Metal and _Smoothness float values from your dds-textures? Because then I could apply it to the Rockomax Tanks and Parachute to make them fit to the Mk1-3 Pod. I am yet to learn how to create normal map textures, edit dds-textures etc. Is Gimp capable for this? Is there any way to import mu-files + dds-textures in Unity and change the shader properties on the fly? Because it's ki
  12. @pizzaoverhead Thank you! This mod is great. I loved it in 1.3.1, but now in 1.4.3 the trail is way too big. Will this be fixed? Or is there any way to just turn off the trail at least?
  13. Indeed! Looks great. I like these eye-catching rivets. Do I assume right that you've used at least 2 different shaders? Because the bottom black ring (what's the right term btw?) is not shiny. What programs are necessary to do that? Sorry for my noobish questions. I am kind of lost where and how to begin with. Don't have any coding background either. I am looking forward to your release. Can't wait to play a new 1.4.3 career with that mod. Great work!
  14. Thank you @Shadowmage for this awesome mod and @Electrocutor for the Stock Config! Didn't know KSP has that much potential! Why is this not in the stock version as a graphical option.... Without the config from Electrocutor I would have been lost. I have managed to put some part-paths in the "FullMetal" section to make them shiny, but that is all I can do. 1. I am very noobish at this. are there some noob-friendly tutorials around? 2. Is anyone working on the DLC-parts? As I said, I can make them shiny myself, but there is a glitch with the flags on the new pods. The NASA-L
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