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  1. To be clear I wasn't really asking for support, I was telling you it broke in the last patch. Secondly, read that and there is no output_log.txt. I'm asuming that KSP_Win should be my install directory, right? I checked both: steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data But nothing found. Nevermind, I found it in my user folder.
  2. Oh, wish you'd said that. Though, I don't see any output_log.txt. Where is it stored?
  3. That's what I was referring to before. I can't really think of a way to add the USI Karb tanks to an OPT-type SSTO. If anyone has craft they use on eve using the FTT's parts I wouldn't mind giving that another try. Just need to figure out how to pilot the VTOL. Every time I've tried one the craft lifts off and promptly flips, crashes & blows up lol.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm not so much looking for specific part info as I need coming up with an overall design. How's an SSTO supposed to transport that load? I'd rather not have to dock w/ the mining vessel. If the SSTO WAS the mining vessel I suppose that might work. I did make an OPT SSTO for mining other areas, wonder if I could modify that for Eve. My main concern is that I don't really know how to get Karborundum storage on there since there's sooooooooo few storage containers for it. (unless I modded the fuel tanks in OPT). Do you think I should go with the J-size? K-size? And @Zhetaan I have FTT but that my was first attempt at a mining vessel and I couldn't get it off of Kerbin, let alone Eve. Also I seem to be totally inept at operating a VTOL craft. I dunno if I can't build one to save my (Kerbals) life or bad piloting though...
  5. Hey all, So I have this plan to setup a colony on Eve with an orbital station/colony ship in orbit housing large quantities of materials. I've seen how ridiculously high Eve's gravity is but Karborundum (my ships engine fuel) is best gathered on Eve. So my plan is to setup a mining operation on the surface and transport the materials back up to the ship. Short of trying to setup something with MKS's orbital logistics (which I don't really want to do yet) are there any feasible designs for a reusable cargo lifter/ascent vehicle that can lift reasonable amounts of cargo off of Eve, get into orbit and then get back down safely? I'm quite horrible at the math & design and can't come up with anything myself that can get back up, just land safely. Thanks!
  6. Looks like 1.4.4 killed this mod. I no longer get any prompts about mods being out of date. So unless every one of my magically upgraded themselves it's broke. (And no I'm not using CKAN so they didn't update themselves.)
  7. Same for me. And like oneshibbyguy you can't close the craft load screen once it's open, you have quit the game it seems.
  8. Yep, I think that did it. Reloaded the game not long after that post & everything loaded in fine. Guess it's a KIS bug.
  9. Ooh that's good, I am using the pipes, mainly so I could transfer resources from my landing rover to the base. The only landing legs/struts i'm using are the ones pre-installed on the Duna series and the scout lander. I'll move all the stuff over, re-assemble the base again and hopefully that'll take care of it!
  10. Hey all, I've tried searching around but haven't found anyone with this issue. I've setup my first MKS base. It's on Duna and every time I've opened up the base the connectors are quite broken. It's like there was an earthquake and only some of the parts actually settled. The only remedy is to take apart the whole section that's messed up & reassemble. I've had to do this so much that I'm almost out of the 20,000 MatKits I brought in (I've only brought 1 workshop & 1 hab). Not to mention the time wasted shifting materials between storages so they CAN be disconnected. Is there anything I can do to avoid this? Some secret setup the game & it's physics won't hate? See the screenshots in this albumn to see what I mean. Oh and I am use ground tethers to try to avoid this but it doesn't help. Also if I don't enable those my base just slides around, especially if i time warp.
  11. Ahh cool. Hopefully I'll be able to check it out at some point. I did find, what I believe, is a couple of bugs. First off, While trying to test out the craft I found that it just will NOT go into orbit via the cheat menu. I was trying to test out the workshop (and a couple other features) and no matter what, every time I clicked on "Set Orbit" nothing much happened outside some rumbling and a really quick flash on the screen. I'm not sure if it's a tonnage issue as the craft is over 4000 tons and that's with just with empty kontainers/bays. I did steal the following from the EL config for "Launchpad 2" to give Secondly when I launch the vehicle on the runway I've noticed the crew transfers window doesn't work. It just flashes up onto the screen really fast then goes away. Before I had the above issue (it did get into space a couple times) the window worked ok. So, dunno what's up with that.
  12. It'd be pretty awesome if someone could get a hold of the author & have him ok people updating this for him. It doesn't work in 1.4.x either.
  13. At first glance it appears to work with 1.4.3 ok. Though I haven't finished building my ship so I'll let ya know. Awesome job though, it's absolutely gorgeous! In the meantime however, could you include a version of the workshop (or maybe update the existing one) to include OSE's module so we can use OSE to build parts on the fly? Ground Konstruction & EPL seems to be integrated ok, just not OSE. Any plans on adding IVA's at some point? Or maybe use something other than the hitchhiker can interiors like some crew cabins or something. Also when you use the cockpit's IVA you can see the outline of the glass frame so looks a bit off. But loving the mod, hopefully development on it isn't dead!
  14. Same for me. I've also had to manually add the RCS to the RCS Action Group. And, since I have to do that, is there anything else that needs to be added that's not by default? Like action wheels to SAS? Also I think the plumes are just really overly large / exaggerated. My Honeybadger is almost 50m long and the plumes extend half the ship, that's a bit outrageous! Lastly PLEASE bring back the triple radial outrigger! Trying to line them up separate is really, really annoying. Having the individual pieces is fine but also include the 3-pc one as well. It would be a GREAT convenience!