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  1. Hi I volunteer for the Italian translation. Both the current version and new one.
  2. Hi I'm doing some translation and I see there's an Italian one in DEV branch. I'm glad to collaborate and improve.
  3. Ok,I'll go with the localization for KIS, KAS, EasyVesselSwitch and SurfaceLights. If I found some good tools then I'll go for the PDF, but I second the idea of KSPedia, it's in game, it looks good and useful. I always use it for ScanSat.
  4. Hi I'm working for an Italian translation, the .cfg file is done. You can read in my fork here: Before i make a pull request I'd like to know how I can translate the inline guide and the pdf manual. Thank you.
  5. Hi I updated my KSP installation and I'm surprised by the astounding work you've done with this mod. I'm an Italian player, I use your mod for every station I build and I like to contribute with the Italian localization. Let me know how I can help.
  6. Hi I just refreshed my KSP installation and this is one of the base mods I use. I'm an italian player and I like the good work done on localization by squad and mod authors, I have little experience with translation and I may help with your beautiful mod.