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  1. grab with Klaw, then just transfer the Kerbal to the the rescue craft? - no need for the EVA (just suspend disbelief ! )
  2. Yep I think I found a route to the other rescue contract - plane change, retro burn to bring Perigree as far inside Moho as I can without overheating, then intercept burn at perigree that reduced 12 year trip to 9.5 year, but looking at 20k - 30k dV ! many thanks
  3. I accepted a contract to rescue a Kerbal, and return him home in 20 years. Then I went to the tracking station to find him, and zoomed out, and out, and out, and .... I put together a probe, and sent it into solar orbit. Then got MJ to give me an intercept. Over 20 years just to get there! Is this contract possible at all? How would I plan the intercept? I have about half the tech tree available at the moment. Getting the rest will cost 66000 science! current mod list
  4. #me2 I tried it myself, and I get the same result I have re-downloaded the patch, and it still does not like my directory
  5. If you were to get rid of those square internal corners, and made sure the cutouts still worked with 1mm radii, your pcb manufacturer would thank you
  6. I used a couple of sepertrons - it did a couple of back flips, moved about a metre, everyone survived
  7. I have suffered the same thing - clicking on a delete box on KAC while the rest of the screen is still black after a sceen change triggers it for me, but I have also had it clicking on other mods as well.
  8. I think I may be weird .. I have just started sending up unmanned pods for resuce missions, and I keep on getting offered crew reports on the way up while the capsule (the mk1 cockpit) is empty
  9. spent last 15 minutes running virus checks came >< that close to deleteing the user account ksp runs in, and re-installing from scratch
  10. That is a two stage rocket. The jet enginer got "staged" by being destroyed by the rocket engine /pedant mode = off
  11. Thanks for another great mod suggestion - I tried another launch and the manouver nodes were available !
  12. I finally made it into orbit [1] I have L2 misson control and tracking station, but I could not get any manouver nodes what else do I need? (I have also got FAR installed as well) [1: I actually ended with 3000 m/s spare - and only using smart ASS got a lunar orbit and landing ]
  13. Interesting Mod - my first time with custom tech trees. The "remove unused tech tree node" mod seems a good "recommends" to this mod.
  14. Many thanks for a great mod . A feature request - is there somewhere I could select, that would supress the listing of all craft that had locked parts? (when starting a new career game most of my old standard craft from other games are not yet buildable)
  15. it was there for me as latest version as well, but ckan would not update from the ksp- version until I had nuked it from the cache