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  1. no - think I will wait to see what Bradley Whistance does first
  2. is this related to ? I get the same problem myself - have to make an effort to not click anything until screens have finished drawing
  3. It can be worth selecting the asteroid in the tracking station and then moving your viewpoint so both lines of the Asteroids orbit are in-line with each other (and also centred on the 'dot' in middle of Kerbin), and you are above the equator. Now carefully timewarp until KSC is also in line with the orbit, and launch at the inclination of the asteroid orbit lines. With a bit of luck you should be nearly in the same plane as the asteroid, saving tons of Delta-v. Now go catch it
  4. I would love a mobile app that talked to my main PC running KSP(2), and displayed status info/maps/etc.
  5. You wanted a quick sub-orbital hop? Sorry, our only free seat is on a ship landing on Minmus. See you in 3 weeks
  6. reset your gui scale
  7. looks like they did not replicate the 11 hours before liftoff that the rocket computer is switched on when doing the in-house testing (best theory so far seen on NSF forum)
  8. added screenshots and modlists to github have not lound log entry yet - will update later if I find it.
  9. for me it breaks parachute deployment chute info window is messed up, and chutes never come out without Restock With Restock
  10. You don't actually need the fuel tank. Just stage the engine - it does not need to fire up
  11. I had a bit of a nightmare with the Casino contract - it would not recognize any of the parts matched the contract Screenshot Undocking, and re-docking the main accomodation module (5x inflatable units at the far end) suddenly fixed most problems, but it still could not "see" the centrifuge at the near end. I tried undocking and re-docking it, but could not control it ! - so gave it a viking funeral, and replaced with a simple 10 bed unit to get 100 bed total now have a working Casino I just have to remember to leave the keybaod alone after entering Physics range for 15 seconds while it loads up.
  12. Spent a hour failing to dock an asteroid to the spine of my new casino - using the large docking ports. Then found I had fitted them all 12 of them back-to-front
  13. grab with Klaw, then just transfer the Kerbal to the the rescue craft? - no need for the EVA (just suspend disbelief ! )
  14. Yep I think I found a route to the other rescue contract - plane change, retro burn to bring Perigree as far inside Moho as I can without overheating, then intercept burn at perigree that reduced 12 year trip to 9.5 year, but looking at 20k - 30k dV ! many thanks