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  1. To add to the general hype... It has multiplayer.
  2. On the KSP website, they have some actual gameplay photos. And of course, I was using some hyperbole there, but they really do look about nearly almost as good. Just try clicking on the banner on top of the forum and scrolling down a bit.
  3. I quickly glanced at the site and saw that banner. KSP2? Cool! About two hours later it hit me. Waitaminutewhat? And so I quickly glanced over the posts and looked at the posts. Woah! That’s great! A ground up rebuild of KSP with new graphics and features. And then I clicked on the banner. Gameplay screenshots that look as good as the trailer? Surface colonies? Multiplayer? Hrk! So that’s why I’m suing Take Two for emotional damages equivalent to hitting me with a train full of rainbows, sunshine, and rocket fuel.
  4. Excellent! Glad you’re bringing the planets up to standard. These three-month updates are definitely not a bad thing!
  5. A rusty, cigar-shaped, three-finned hulk drifts outside the disabled Orion capsule, a Jolly Roger stenciled on the side. A clank. The hiss of the airlock. The hatch, turning. A grizzled captain, toting a not-flamethrower, drifts through, surveying the shocked crew. “Captain Musk’s the name, and I’m here to give you gentlemen a few options...”
  6. Glad to see we’ll be getting more of Hallock & Sieta Spaceship and Station Towing Co. I hope the Captain brought some bananas.
  7. Actually, that would be kinda neat if, on the boosters, capsules, and Starships, they painted a marker for every mission flown. "'Booster ace' 'Don't Read the Instructions' has made its 25th landing today. Leading the scoreboards is 'I Left Something Behind' at 32 successful missions." The survival rates are probably better than those of WWI aces... (OSHA raises hand)
  8. I think someone at Bigelow's art department needs to get a new job. Also, nice! Full Starship tests in 4 to 6 months! Production seems to be really moving along.
  9. Minutes from 50 years ago, three fellows rocketed towards the moon guided by computers that rivaled a dollar store calculator. Rocketry had only been around for around 20 years. Now we can use computers to create a physically accurate simulation of that mission and even land boosters back on earth, yet we haven’t been back to the moon for over 40 years. I suppose rivalry is a stronger incentive than technological capability.
  10. As linuxgurugamer specified above, you’ll need to include some information to get help. Some questions to answer are: What version of macOS do you have? Is your game modded? Have you tried a clean install? Are you giving the program the proper permissions? 1.7.3 works fine on the latest Mac OS for me, so it isn’t the game itself. I hope you can figure out the issue.
  11. I suppose it's just easier to put "unsurvivable" on the landing and rescue the capsule in some unforeseen manner than to install Apolloesque floaty things and invest in one or two recovery craft for a more guaranteed rescue. I suppose they could hire Spacex's Mr. Steven...
  12. Hoo boy... This is just asking people to build all kinds of crazy geothermal-powered contraptions! It was an excellent strategy to release the DLC, get player feedback, and then flesh out all the features. I really do think people enjoy "having a hand" in the development. Great job!
  13. Tin can with string. It has excellent battery life, and service is practically free.