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  1. GearsNSuch

    An interesting first Munar encounter...

    Were... Were they able to come home safely? That's always the biggest concern. Nice job, though. I love it when the lines line up like that. Hilke will certainly have some interesting stories to tell, assuming he can survive twelve days with Jebediah... A similar event is in the spoiler.
  2. GearsNSuch

    KSP Weekly: Space Junk

    The QBE is, for the most part and in my opinion, the best revamped probe core yet. The foil is the right level of shiny and perfectly bordered by the metal frame, and the label is a vast improvement over the old one. Height and normal maps are also well-applied; the bolts look quite well done. Additionally, its looks are quite consistent with the probe cores from last week. My only complaint is the texturing on the doors on the front and bottom. They seem a little... bland? I think they need a little more grit and grime, or maybe some random pointless greebles, like vents, lights, buttons, or handles. They're well-heightmapped, but the color textures make them look rather flat. On the whole, however, the probe core is very well done. It improves on the old while retaining its character. Excellent job and good luck!
  3. @Alakelele So, it would appear that you are running the game with the "-force-d3d11" argument. Currently, that causes the icons to disappear (as well as a whole lot of other problems). Try disabling that.
  4. GearsNSuch

    Forgotten Space Program

    I will be very disappointed if this does not (re)appear. The Titanium Shuttle has always been one of my favorite craft in this mission report. Glad to see it return. Thank you!
  5. GearsNSuch

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    Very, very nice! The concept of having different texture switch options for the Mk1 pod is an extremely good idea; it really broadens the field of applications. And yes, I do love the "HATCH MAY OPEN" decal. Classic. As far as the IVA goes, the buttons and other greebles really add to the immersion. Perhaps a little bit more grit and grime on the dashboard would be in order. The sides of the OKTO look great, but I'd have to see the top in-game to determine how that looks. Thanks, and keep up the good work! P. S. - I just noticed... Good job with the endcap replacement; the hole-less version is much nicer. Nobody can say you all don't listen to feedback.
  6. GearsNSuch

    About to purchase but.......

    @anoldgrumpytroll In my experience, the latest version of KSP works just fine on a 2012 bottom-of-the-line Mac Mini running High Sierra. I believe the issue mentioned in the thread linked above was resolved when they updated to Unity 2017. I think you'll be okay. Enjoy!
  7. GearsNSuch

    [WIP] Ground Effect

    This certainly looks interesting. I'll have to try it out. By the way... If it's convenient for you, would it be possible for you to publish your Kerbals-popping-out-of-the-capsule-when-it-explodes mod? I'm willing to try anything that increases my astronauts' chances of surviving.
  8. GearsNSuch

    2mm hole in ISS

    The Soyuz spacecraft itself is an incredible feat of engineering with an amazing safety record. It is the oldest and most reliable craft currently available. If I had to guess, however, the lack of failures has led to complacency in the manufacturing process. A false sense of security, administrative errors, and lack of funding are most likely the culprits, rather than a flawed or poor design. To summarize: Soyuz program good, management bad. Soyuz goes to space, management drills holes. Maybe the Kerbals did it...
  9. GearsNSuch

    2mm hole in ISS

    I'm not entirely certain that everyone on the Soyuz construction team is a "skilled technician." Probably not a truckload of random fellows off the street, but equally unlikely for everyone to be the best of the best. After all, I'm sure they have the construction of the Soyuz down to a (supposedly foolproof) science. Also, due to pressure, sleep deprivation, or the effects of various substances, even someone with years of experience in the field might make a similar mistake. Whoever did it most likely didn't report it for fear of losing their job. As far as the astronaut theory goes, there are much more effective ways to go home early, such as feigning severe illness or, to be honest, saying that the stress is too much. Not saying it's beyond them (they are people, after all), but very unlikely, considering that there are much better options.
  10. GearsNSuch

    KSP Weekly: Thrusting into the future

    Well. I have very mixed feelings about the boosters. First of all, the end caps look gorgeous. I never understood why any part would have a hole at the end, and this completely banishes that complaint. All end caps should look like this. In fact, why not use the end cap texture for every side of every part? End cap loading screen? End cap merchandise? Ahem. Second of all, the overall style of the boosters makes 'em much more useful for everyday application. I don't think I used the old two in any non-fleahopper rocket, but I can see myself using these in quite a few different situations. Unfortunately, they seem to have lost a little character. I don't know... Perhaps a little to similar to the other parts? The sides do resemble a monopropellant tank, and the taller booster just looks like the same texture was pasted twice to make up for the height. As far as the bottom goes (the side opposite the glorious end cap), it looks a little bleh. I was unable to find any real-world booster that had a similar, fuel-tank-like area on the bottom. (Ironically, the first image that came up when I searched "Solid Fuel Booster" was of the old "Hammer" booster!) They were all flat-bottomed, had a skirt extension, like the hammer, or had that weird round thing, like the flea. I would recommend changing the base by adding one of the things just mentioned: It would go a long way in making the parts unique. So, to summarize the ramble with another: Please do consider uniformity and uniqueness. Right now, the boosters are uniform with the other parts, and that's a good thing: it allows them to be used with a wide variety of rockets and constructions. They, however, are not really unique. They kind of have a procedural-parts-y look and, even though their function is different, they're practically a fuel tank with a cone. And an end cap. Oh, what an end cap... Adding a greeble on the base and changing the side textures would go a long way in keeping 'em uniform while adding uniqueness. Thank you, I appreciate your work, and good luck on the rest of the revamp!
  11. @Neldonax No, unfortunately it will not work without Kopernicus. In other words, if Kopernicus doesn't work on your save, this won't either. Next time, you might want to look at the "Requirements" section on the mod's first page or test it yourself.
  12. GearsNSuch

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Why is it that I never have any screenshots of important missions but always have an abundance of pictures from grindy contract flights? Well. Thank you, Genovast.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't know of any stock fix. If you are all right with mods, World Stabilizer might help. Hope that fixes your problem!
  14. GearsNSuch

    LOST on Laythe - Ch 8 - Two to go

    The way you portrayed the "kerbal-ness" (semi-organized chaos, F12 engine, prophetic television shows, etc.) of it all is quite comical. The screenshots, of course, are the usual PurpleIvan Quality™: simply stunning. I am very much enjoying it so far and looking forward to more in the future, especially the part when they discover that "Tiddles" isn't actually going to hit Kerbin.
  15. GearsNSuch

    Forgotten Space Program

    Perhaps you should rename that solar panel / radiator module to "Kessler's Syndrome." I don't even want to think about what all of those tiny bits of panel flying around did (or would have done, if they were persistent objects) to your space stations. Or your computer. Hold on a minute...