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  1. No problem. Unfortunately, the driver’s license isn’t yours and the car was stolen in a high-profile heist. Say hi to the cops for me. I wish I had an Apple power cord that worked, did not split due to gentle use, and was compatible with the hardware I have.
  2. There needs to be a groan reaction instead of a like for this sort of thing It would give exactly pi/3 points of reputation. No truncating.
  3. And a little folding card table with drinks and snacks.
  4. Oh, I guess we can make 4D space-taffy now.
  5. Harderer. Fasterer. Strongerer. Also, it can function as a cozy yurt if the need arises.
  6. Ooh, I like that retro-film look. Classy. The KSP thing to do would be to jettison the rovers out of the bay with an explosive decoupler and let ‘em fall to the surface.
  7. Removed for political content? No doubt it’s about some whippersnapper not even a hundred years old. Back in my day, we got content removed from the Kerbal Boat Program newspaper because of posts about this guy:
  8. Maybe with the fuel savings and scrap metal sales they could still net a profit. (Back on topic) I guess this means more Falcon launches and fairing catches in the near future. I’ve missed them. One boat per fairing half, I assume?
  9. Hm. Instead of landing vertically, I suppose Starship could just plop down in one of those nets...
  10. So, if I remember correctly (please correct me if I’m wrong, which is probably probable) gyroscopes stay upright by making any mass imbalances even out. When the ring spins, any difference in weight from one side to another is essentially negated because it moves around, tipping the ‘scope the other way before it has time to fall. So, gyroscopes could not, to my understanding, be used to make things stay upright unless the whole thing spun around. They do make good sensors, though. Hopefully that is accurate and intelligible. (Incorrect, need to retake physics)
  11. Great, I now have Capri’s Blue Grotto. I just hope they don’t have boats and can’t swim.