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  1. I was driving over a bridge today, and a six wheeled work truck to the front and left of me suddenly became a five wheeled one. The left middle wheel rolled off and kind of just meandered behind the truck and over to the right emergency lane without hitting anyone or wobbling in the slightest. The speed limit was 70, so it could have caused a pretty bad accident, but it just politely moved itself across two lanes to the side of the road. Always tighten your lug nuts, kids.
  2. Took a few photos from the launch attempt yesterday. None are very good (taken with a phone camera) and are all in different orientations, but hey. VAB, as well as some of those pesky storm clouds. The weather was really quite beautiful, wavering between rain and clear with a nice, consistent breeze. Too bad that's incompatible with rockets. Fun fact: holding a phone up to a pair of binoculars, focusing them, and taking a picture requires use of your nose. Steamy stuff coming from the rocket (not visible) shortly before word of the scrub passed around. It's not exaggerating to say that there were at least seven ospreys with catfish. Maybe the fish just wanted to get a good vantage point on the launch? Oh, and a manatee. It looked like he was trying to do sit-ups to reach this mangrove, and after quite a few tries he finally got it.
  3. That only makes it more likely that the report is true. Though maybe the thinking is that there is a time where a patient has antibodies but is still infectious.
  4. Well, that’s another tin can that a raccoon won’t get its head stuck in.
  5. Nice to see that this epidemic isn’t just bringing out the worst in people.
  6. That's a rather small curling sheet you've got there.
  7. ... More of the front fell off, I guess.
  8. A new, record-sized explosion from a black hole was observed recently. Wouldn't be pleasant to be a galaxy in the general vicinity of that one...
  9. Sounds like they lost the booster. Weird how we're at a point in time where a massive rocket landing on a barge is considered normal...
  10. Heh. Is there anything that grabbing the best scientists and officials doesn't solve?
  11. Maybe they should just say something when the costs and deadline haven't increased.
  12. This is a thread to discuss all the most recent developments in the Tesla company and all things Tesla related. Last year (2019), Tesla sold more cars than it did the previous two years combined. Also, it is now the most valuable car company in American history. Very nice.
  13. Congratulations! That’s always a difficult task. A while ago, I acquired, I don’t remember how precisely, an automatic egg boiler. Steamer. Thing. The eggs are always cooked perfectly and are easy to peel. I would definitely recommend it. /advertising spambot