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  1. I really do appreciate all the work, and the details are quite well done in themselves, but, as others have stated, these are structural parts and really not the "center of attention" on the rocket. First off, parts that people click on a lot need to be unique and somewhat more detailed; easy to find. Pods have windows, probe cores are shiny, engines are strangely shaped, but a part as "boring" and "everyday" as an adaptor just doesn't quite need the uniqueness. They are practically never clicked on, so they don't really need to look "awesome," as these do. Same goes for the previous adapters. Secondly, I think this would really break up a rocket's feel or smoothness. The FL-A10 "black and white" in particular just seems that it contrasts with the smooth white textures of other tanks, so I can see the texture used in only a small number of specific applications. Perhaps, if developer time allows, you could add another "white" variant that uses the line schema of the "orange" variant but with the "white" variant colors. Once again, I really do appreciate all the hard work put into the revamps, but I do believe this is a case of too much of a good thing. The adaptors are expertly drawn, but their detail draws attention away from more mission-critical parts. Thank you!
  2. GearsNSuch

    What happened to awesome space movies?

    Well, really realistic sci-fi would just be a lot of waiting and failure due to small factors so... "Captain Smith! The aliens have incredible hyper-drive systems! They can arrive at Earth in only 0.001% of the time it would take with conventional propulsion!" "When will they arrive?" "Well, they'll have to wait fifty years for the transfer window to open up, and about twenty to travel." or "The station is exploding leaking! We must escape but the computer is down!" "Don't worry, I'll fly the escape pod manually!" "Congratulations. You burned in the wrong direction and stranded us." or "I'm all out of monopropellant from these cinematic rotations!" So, I suppose "good sci-fi" or "awesome space movies" are really defined by what you consider realistic enough and enjoyable. After all, entertainment is one of the few truly relative subjects, at least to some degree. I personally would consider an hour-long tour of the internals and workings of the ISS or Shuttle or Apollo, down to the wiring, an "awesome space movie," but hey. I like me some cinematic explosions every now and then as well. Oh, to answer your question... Uh... It does seem that the space movie boom was a five-year trend, but they seem to still be coming out with some good ones, especially slightly fictionalized biographies. Then, I haven't watched a movie for two or three years... So I'm no expert.
  3. Very well done! The engine looks significantly more utilitarian and, to summarize, realistic. Not that the old one was bad, it was actually one of the better-looking engines, but you succeeded in making a good thing better. And, of course, nobody's complaining about more variants. The two critiques, both texture-based: 1. Would it be possible for you to change the color of the engine base to the orange-y color of the original and add some missing paint to the corners? The new yellow-orange just doesn't quite fit, and the paint looks a bit too pristine. Also, nostalgia. 2. The emissive, as has been stated previously, looks a bit off. Perhaps move the hotspots to the throat and middle of the bell? Really, though, these are minor points against an amazing revamp. Hopefully this is a sign of more engine refurbishments to come! Thank you!
  4. @PonderS As you mentioned, it seems like a permission error. Try going to the folder enclosing the KSP application (It should be called "Kerbal Space Program") and pulling up the "Get Info" window. Click on the little lock in the corner to unlock it if you haven't already. Change the permissions for "everyone" to "Read & Write" and then click on the gear at the bottom. There should be a box that says "apply to enclosed items." Try pressing that and confirming. That'll apply free permissions to all of the files in the GameData folder, including the AssetBundles. If that doesn't work, you can always try making a clean install; maybe it can't load them because they don't exist. Enjoy!
  5. GearsNSuch

    Any tips on landing a booster on a drone ship?

    I don't know if you're going full SpaceX but... A common misconception is that you have to land vertically and stay that way. My most successful series, however, lands on the engine (the Mammoth, which you appear to be using, is great for this; crazy impact tolerance) and tipps over, using aircraft landing gear on the top to cushion the impact. This gives you significantly more control over the booster by relocating the drag of the landing gear to the top, like feathers on an arrow. Just the way I do things. As far as mods go, this one might work, although the version does say 1.3.1... If that one's incompatible, maybe this would. Enjoy your boostery adventures!
  6. GearsNSuch

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When your post:like ratio OCD spills over into removing or adding reactions from other people's posts so their numbers are multiples of five or patterned. And... I just broke my perfect 50:50:25 ratio... Great. I shoulda never posted again.
  7. GearsNSuch

    What did you do in KSP today?

    A while ago, I ferrying the last of the Kerbals back from the Mün. Two tourists, a rescue, and one normal kerbonaut. The vessel with the two airplane cabins is the one we're talking about. One of the tourists spotted a sticky note floating inside. He claimed it read "Remember to pack pastrami." Okay... As we were re-entering, everyone realized something was missing... Not "pastrami," but "parachutes." Apparently, tourists can't read anything other than food names. Great. Well, impromptu SpaceX time... We landed successfully (with two seconds of fuel), forgot to turn off the engines, shot into the air, and landed again. Those cabins have insanely high impact tolerance. We still got paid, so a happy ending. Also, post No. 50. Hooray.
  8. @WalterB So, it seems you have found the correct input menu. Congratulations! If I remember correctly, the first slot is the side-to-side axis. Click on the button and move the joystick along the axis you want to bind. Next is the down-up axis, followed by the throttle axis. "Secondary" just lets you bind another device at the same time. This mod allows you to switch between yaw and roll. I believe the "Staging," "Docking," and "Docking" are different flight modes. "Staging" is the normal mode, "Docking (Translation)" turns the usual flight axes into translation control, and "Docking (Rotation)" allows you to rotate more easily. Hope that helps. Enjoy!
  9. GearsNSuch

    Interplanetary from Minmus

    @Tacombel I believe the phrase "From Minmus Orbit" means at Minmus's orbital level. I've never jumped to interplanetary space directly from Minmus's SOI; that would be quite annoying due to Minmus's inclination. Minmus is still quite useful for interplanetary travel due to the possibility of refueling. It only takes a few puffs of fuel to escape and level out the orbit. So, try going to Minmus, refueling, escaping, leveling the orbit, and then going interplanetary. If you don't need to refuel, you're probably fine with a lower orbit. Perhaps someone with more experience can clarify or show me the error of my ways, but that's the way it is in my experience. Hope that helps, and enjoy!
  10. GearsNSuch

    Making KSP Run faster Mac

    @Zosma Procyon I don't think this is necessarily exhaustive but... KSP runs significantly better on my 2012, bottom-of-the-line Mac mini than my 2015, top-of-the-line windows. Both have precisely the same hardware (except for the Window's greater amount of RAM and, of course, the little brand specific components). In all likelihood, it's something to do with your specific configuration. What model and specifications does your computer have? Try upgrading to OS Mojave if you haven't already; that seems to help a good bit. Also, you can use Activity Monitor to see if any process is consuming too many resources and (I believe) set the priority of programs. Restarting Finder, doing a VRAM restart, quitting all other programs while KSP is running, and the like might also increase speed. Enjoy!
  11. GearsNSuch

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So, it wasn't exactly today, but as it's the conclusion of a month long mission, I thought it'd be appropriate to post here. So. In order to squeeze the last drops of creamy science out of the Mün for some much-needed parts for an upcoming Duna mission, I created a manned rover-base and landed it. The mission was successful overall, and the crew visited all biomes and anomalies. One small problem, though. See that little beige dot above the rover? That's the cockpit. 1 kilometer away. So, I had to drive the rear of the base over towards it, close enough for the engineer to screw it back on. And this happened not once but twice. On loading, WorldStabilizer would sometimes get a bit enthusiastic, and... Well, you see. Fortunately, nobody died. Always a good thing. Here are some pictures of them heading home. (Disregard the KFC flag) Phew. Glad that's over. Never again.
  12. GearsNSuch

    Mysterious cloud on Mars.

    Well, you know what to do: Rev up Curiosity and get investigatin'! Oh. Guessing it is, then!
  13. @Johan-c So, the quicksave system can be quite brutal if you aren't careful. I've done what you just mentioned multiple times. The "persistent" file is overwritten as time goes on, and it also gets replaced when you load another file. The solution I've found is to create a quicksave right before opening another quicksave. If anything goes wrong, you can always revert. Once you get into the habit, it'll save hours of time. Also, this mod creates quicksaves at a customizable interval. Enjoy!
  14. GearsNSuch

    Revamping the EVA Space Suit in KSP 1.5

    Very nice! I was impressed with the new suit from the start, but seeing the individual steps and the complexity of the process makes me appreciate it even more. It's always great to see how things work on your side; I am looking forward to more of these! Thank you!
  15. GearsNSuch

    Vessel disappeared - "Landed at the Sun"

    @infinite_monkey Should be fixed. Maybe. I think. Link to Quicksave. The problem was, it wasn't exactly landed anywhere, so it defaulted to the Sun. Or nothingness, apparently. Enjoy! ---Addendum--- Ah... Equilibrium at the answer to all of life's questions...