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  1. GearsNSuch

    Anyone else play Oolite?

    Coincidentally started it up recently. Funny how these things work. I was able to annoy some pirates enough with the little peashooter you start out with to make them tell me to leave them alone. Or maybe it was because I rammed them with my ship... Does anyone have advice for starting? Making money seems a bit tedious... Also, any OXP recommendations? In spite of the tedium, it seems like a pretty good game so far. And hey, it's free. No complaining here.
  2. A very solid revamp, same as the Puff. You managed to retain the charm of the original yet fix its problems and add detail. I appreciate that the small things aren't just being overlooked. Thank you for all the work, and looking forward to more updates in the future!
  3. I'm impressed! The new model is quite unique, properly detailed, and looks much more "rocket-y." It seems to have been created with the word "skycrane" in mind. Pretty much my only complaint is the color. I don't really care for the "new orange" on the Spark and Twitch; It seems a bit too yellow. I don't know how much work it would be to revert it to the old color, though. Other than that small point, amazing job!
  4. @bitzoid I should probably bookmark the link... Ah! Here we are: WorldStabilizer Not only will this fix your bouncing baby base, It'll make rovers actually useable more than once. Enjoy!
  5. GearsNSuch

    KSP slang and fun terminology

    (For the protection of the fellow above me, "necroposting" is perfectly fine when the topic is still relevant) MRLV - Mostly Re-usable Launch Vehicle - A booster that mostly successfully avoids entirely exploding upon landing; parts of it can be recovered / re-used. RED - Reversed Explosive Decoupler - A decoupler that faces the wrong way. You will neither go to space nor stay there today. SSTS - Single Stage to Scrapyard - Saves on dumpster costs. PLTR - Payload Larger Than Rocket - Newton's laws say it shouldn't have gotten to space, but it did. Somehow. "Argh" - A poorly balanced rocket with the center of mass far from the center of thrust and no strong reaction wheel. All usually become rapidly and percussively acquainted with the surface of a celestial body. "Rover" - A hideously overengineered, possibly wheeled, probably rocketed abomination that occasionally accomplishes its purpose and always requires an extraordinarily unseemly dedicated launch vehicle to be designed for it. They always look like good ideas on paper.
  6. Hold on... You launched the update already? I thought it wasn't due 'till January... And here we are, the (potentially) best update yet, releasing ahead of schedule (or so I presume). Well, thank you all for your hard work, I look forward to trying it, and I hope you all have a wonderful, bug-free Christmas break! ---Addendum--- WOAH! WAIT A MINUTE! You changed the detail level on the adapters according to player feedback? They don't look like plate mail had a baby with a cheese grater anymore? I... I need to get to a doctor...
  7. That sounds incredibly comfortable. Where can I get some?
  8. GearsNSuch

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    I... I... (Incoherent noises) That's beautiful. First of all, the adapters and nosecones are perfect-- not too much detail, not too little. They don't look like blobs of putty anymore, but neither do they look like a set of plate armor. Not much else to say here; they really seem like something a kerbal would put on a rocket. Thank you! Second, the IVA is wonderfully done, with all kinds of little details and, so it would seem, great visibility, but I would appreciate perhaps a little more detail, especially in the texturing department. It isn't high priority, but maybe some industrial... whatchamacallums... those... gritty... grippy... things... that... look like the Chevrolet logo repeated over and over again... on the floor. But that's such a minor, minor nitpick in the face of an amazing job. Poodle's still great, but the Terrier! Somehow, you managed to retain the character and charm of a previously ugly model and turn it into something beautiful. The new terrier is, to summarize, an amazing piece of work, with three variants to boot... Wonderful. And also, clever use of emissives to make the engine body light up. Well done, and thank you!
  9. @NachoAyala It would appear that you are using an older (pre-1.5) suit texture in version 1.5+. The old suit textures are incompatible with the new suit model, so you'll have to find some textures specifically for 1.5+ versions or make 'em yourself. You may be able to find some packs in the Texture Replacer Thread. Make sure they specifically state that they're for 1.5 or 1.5.1. Enjoy!
  10. Bah. Why do you keep implementing useful features everyone will enjoy? One would think you're trying to make this update the best yet. I, and probably the rest of us, really appreciate the degree to which you all are focusing on community requests in this update. Thank you very much!
  11. GearsNSuch

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Elon's such a rip-off...
  12. GearsNSuch

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    So wait... That's not how they normally land the boosters? All of mine work that way... (Just... Just in case... That's a joke... I know how it usually works... Don't worry...)
  13. GearsNSuch

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    I don't think this is a change anyone will dislike. Not in the least. And removing the collar, now! One would think you're just trying to make people impatient for 1.6... Thank you again for implementing yet another long-requested feature!
  14. GearsNSuch

    How to make custom fairing textures?

    So. Go to GameData/Squad/Aero/fairings and find both the texture file and config file for a fairing. You can copy the texture file to use as a template. Make sure you export the file as .dds. Here's a plugin that allows GIMP to do that (Windows only, unfortunately). Open the config file and find this line: MODULE { name = ModulePartVariants useMultipleDragCubes = false baseVariant = White VARIANT { name = White displayName = #autoLOC_8007119 themeName = White primaryColor = #ffffff secondaryColor = #ffffff TEXTURE { materialName=FairingIconShell mainTextureURL = Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairings_diff } EXTRA_INFO { FairingsTextureURL=Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairings_diff FairingsNormalURL=Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairings_normals } } (It keeps going with more vairants; abbreviated for compactness) Copy the "Variant" segment and, using a ModuleManager patch, add it to each of the fairings' config files. Replace the texture path with your own (it can even be in a different folder), change the colors and name of the variant, and ta-da! Done. That's all, and it should work for any other part; no mods needed. Enjoy!
  15. "It's never a simple sat contract." - Orville Wright, 1902 ... As far as advice goes, you could wait until you get ion engines or just decline the contract. Or build some massive rocket more expensive than fulfilling the contract.