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  1. I just got back into KSP after like 1 year and i want to learn how to fly again so any reccomended autpilots that help to learn begginers to fly again??
  2. Have you ever wanted to make a Realistic ass Korolev cross without doing those complicated ass stock hinges like GameplayReviewUk dude(youtuber) Like in this video on that video he uses Stock hinges to do the Korolev cross it would be more simple if we could put delays on the Separtons so you could also do it for a cinematic liftoff on engine delay so in the VAB/SPH you can put a delay from 10s to 0.5 seconds
  3. i did read that not just me has the problem but i want a update to atleast 1.5 or 1.6
  4. will this update soon?? because am having problems with the Falcon legs
  5. on steam you can change versions of the game using the Properties settings maybe you can have both of them on the steam properties so you can choose if you want Realism or just the Normal KSP
  6. ok so mechjeb is always around 20 secs late (always somewhere in 20) so all the burns are late the ascent guidance is fine most of the stuff is fine its just the manuever to what i have seen @sarbian
  7. ok so on 1.6 the Falcon 9 landing legs the little Pipes go up not with the leg
  8. i see Mechjeb as a Wonderful tool to help noobs fly StratenBlitz also uses Mechjeb for Automation and Cinematics
  9. So this is more Opinyon on Mechjeb is cheating or not
  10. Oh you think its gonna be easy? This is no Normal Reusable Challenge Ok so lets say your SRB fell in the ocean and you will reuse but there is a TWIST you have to Tow that booster to the Shore using KAS (Or with the Stock claw)With a boat or Helicopter and you must tow that booster to front of Mission control.BUT if you land on land your gonna have to think on how to bring that to the front of the Mission Control ANY MODS ARE ALLOWED EXPECT FOR CHEAT MODS rules: YOU MUST TOW THAT BOOSTER TO THE FORT OF MISSION CONTROL(The grass infront Mission control) EASY:TOW THE BOOSTER HARD:LAND IT INFRONT OF THE MISSION CONTROL WITH NO TOWING ULTRA HARD:ADD YIUR OWN TWIST Heres the Wonderful badge THATS ONE BIG BADGE
  11. Awesome! i would use the Bare Terrier Engine(And clip it in so only the Nozzle only shows) for my Ascent stages for my Landers and the full version for my descent stages
  12. Will this ever be Compatible with Mechjeb?(Work with Mechjeb Ascent guidance)
  13. Yes the Title says it but i do like new Parts and textures but i need more BUG FIXES People like Youtubers that make crazy things in KSP sometimes they glitch out a ton Shadowzone also made a video about this topic