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  1. I confirmed if you use the 1.7.3 Version it works on 1.9 and it works like a charm idk if theres any glitches i dint notice any while i played with it for a while
  2. I would love to take over Netherdyne if i had the proper modding skills/coding skills to take over
  3. so i was bored and i downloaded Netherdyne the other day and i made this monstrosity it can launch a small sattelite out of the atmosphere and the sat will circularize itself Plus i got to the mun and back
  4. So i took a look Mining expansion and Cargo accelerator was the wrong one, the closest one is Netherdyne since it can be used on the ground i run on 1.9 so i'm gonna test netherdyne
  5. the Cargo Accelerator one is the closest but in my mind i was thinking of a more Project HARP feel
  6. To be honest i would love to see a mod that has a massive Gun that can shoot sattelites into orbit aka a gun that shoots the sattelite majority of the way up and then theres a small stage that circularizes it pretty much like Harp but fully operational and can put sattelites into orbit Its just a idea i'm not forcing anybody to make but it would be pretty cool if somebody made it
  7. So i will make a Space plane and launch it using mechjeb and land it manually using a joystick but i idk how to connect the joystick to ksp help
  8. that could work but i wanna make a realistic one or aka no pistons but i could make one my own tho thx for the help
  9. yeah i have breaking ground but what do i do with the hinges and stuff? like maybe a pic of a robotic arm i can copy then i will mess around with the controls
  10. How to make a robotic arm? and also is there a way to hook it up to my flight stick i have for easy control?? this is the flight stight i use btw please help
  11. i cant do RO its too laggy for my cheap college computer it cant run it it was getting laggy so i had to start over so it wont be laggy
  12. i'm bored in ksp what should i do i started a new save i did everything in my old save what should i do new on my new save? any challenges or stuff you want me to build?
  13. I just got back into KSP after like 1 year and i want to learn how to fly again so any reccomended autpilots that help to learn begginers to fly again??