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  1. Kroslev Kerman

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    Awesome! i would use the Bare Terrier Engine(And clip it in so only the Nozzle only shows) for my Ascent stages for my Landers and the full version for my descent stages
  2. Kroslev Kerman

    [1.5.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    Will this ever be Compatible with Mechjeb?(Work with Mechjeb Ascent guidance)
  3. Yes the Title says it but i do like new Parts and textures but i need more BUG FIXES People like Youtubers that make crazy things in KSP sometimes they glitch out a ton Shadowzone also made a video about this topic
  4. Kroslev Kerman

    Kerbal Fact

    in the picture jool is smaller
  5. Kroslev Kerman

    Poodle use case

    for me ive used the Poodle for heavy landers(like bases and etc that are heavy)
  6. Kroslev Kerman

    Setting up a joystick

    @kspguy77 try the Advanced Fly by wire mod then maybe it will work
  7. Kroslev Kerman

    Kerbal Fact

    Did you know that Jool is around half the size of earth want evidence here
  8. Kroslev Kerman

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    One Word: AWESOME
  9. Awesome how about the stats and the effects will the stats be better? and the effects wil probably 2 engine exhaust i do like the twin poodle better.its our opinion what we like
  10. Kroslev Kerman

    Spool up Rocket engine Mod?

    i doesnt add engine spooling i dint mean engine response time
  11. Kroslev Kerman

    Spool up Rocket engine Mod?

    I already wanted a mod that adds Spool up to the Rocket engines not just the Jet engines because is there even a purpose of actually staying for a few seconds on the launch pad with your clamps until liftoff? i know that KW Rocketry does add it but its a PARTs Mod i want a actual mod that doesnt add parts it just adds the Spool up if you know any please tell me
  12. in the github download page it says 1.4.3
  13. When will this be Updated to 1.5.1?? Am just asking am not forcing you to update it to 1.5.1 k?
  14. Kroslev Kerman

    Mod Last Help

    The mk2 Cockpit is stock but I cant recognize the other stuff
  15. Kroslev Kerman

    Supersonic parachutes

    i mean BIG droque chutes