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  1. So uh

    I now own KSP 1.9.1's latest update with a missing texture on my first save, how amusing

    And yeah not much to say other than steam sales are cool

    On other news I might be reviving interkuniversal soon so stay tuned

  2. hey there

    just wanna say that I'm back to the forums

  3. Hello everyone! Glad to see this forum again after 6 months. I just kinda lost motivation to play KSP and... I sort of left the forums. Anyway, I should be bringing some mission reports things of what my absurd and weird stuff and crafts I can do to complete the KSP career (man, my last memory of KSP was hearing about 1.5)

    Oh, and obviously, Happy New Year!

  4. So, I updated the inter kuniversal page for you all, there's a little teaser Easter egg hidden somewhere...

    (It's truly in the thread it's nothing too mysterious lol)

    Also here's the page: 


  5. !Another Announcement! ~~CANCELLATION~~ In regards to this fan-fic, it will get cancelled indefinitely until I find some motivation to actually make a new chapter or just having nothing to do but playing KSP. Apart of that, my birthday is in 5 days so i need to chill a little bit as for me playing games. -Sadly, Pascovian.
  6. So... I'm actually surprised this came out, because a friend dm'd me about the trailer I came out of another 2 month hiatus to see this anyway, I think that this would be great but nothing would change the originality and the nostalgia of KSP in my opinion. It's just that I'm honestly expecting for this game to go well, and only with the trailer I got impressed not gonna lie (and also Jool[I think so?] has rings in the trailer, and if that isn't Jool then new planets YEET[ofcourse ignoring the not actual gameplay tag ])
  7. made a post

    1. Pascovian


      neat, now there's more planets in ksp2


      now, this is EPIC

  8. Extremely powerful Can we just _______ the removal of bugs in ___?
  9. !Announcement! I'm going to stop making chapters indefinitely over here due to my computer not handling so many mods on KSP (I have like 120 mods with a KSP 1.7.0 install) and primarily due to the lack of ideas to make chapters and stuff like teasers.
  10. 4/10 I've seen you on some threads
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