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  1. Better to delay the game than cyberpunk it. Good call.
  2. Well you should be able to do it with an engineer. Spawn a craft with new missiles, use engineer to move them and attach to the turret.
  3. Since we're on the topic of the soundtrack... @Nate Simpson, any chance you guys can get Hans Zimmer to write it for the game? I genuinely can't think of anyone more appropriate for this job. The guy is a genius!
  4. Does it have a forum thread? I can only find the SpaceDock page.
  5. Huh? Never knew BDAc had a successor... What is this Runway Project?
  6. You can fly through the clouds, walk through the grass, but you still cannot phase through the rocks. Not a fair comparison.
  7. Well those <10cm objects can be a reason to design something that will be able to drive over them without jumping all over the place, to use better wheels, to plan your route. If they turn out to be too much of a pain in the ass - their density can be adjusted, but IMO they should have collisions either way. If something is not collideable, it probably shouldn't even exist.
  8. I'd rather have my rover rattle over any rock even nut sized tbh. Anything that deepens the gameplay while you're on the surface of some body you've flown to. I hope you don't set the threshold too low, so that you can't disregard any of the rocks you see. It would've been amazing if all of the terrain features you've shown in this video would've been collideable. Or at least if there was a way to disable the ones that don't have collision. Nothing ruins the immersion more, than just phasing through something you wanted to drive/walk over.
  9. I've noticed that too. I think we're getting some mechanics related to cargo, not just parts. Pretty exciting stuff!
  10. My guess - it's a tease for spectating your friend's launch. Multiplayer YEAY!
  11. That "medkit pointing towards the vessel" looks simply just like an icon for cargo-related parts to me.
  12. Interesting tease for sure. Looking forward to visiting it in game
  13. Honestly a big relief. I'm so glad they're adding this to the stock game.
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