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  1. I've noticed that too. I think we're getting some mechanics related to cargo, not just parts. Pretty exciting stuff!
  2. My guess - it's a tease for spectating your friend's launch. Multiplayer YEAY!
  3. That "medkit pointing towards the vessel" looks simply just like an icon for cargo-related parts to me.
  4. Interesting tease for sure. Looking forward to visiting it in game
  5. Honestly a big relief. I'm so glad they're adding this to the stock game.
  6. When you need to extract something from the atmosphere of a gas giant for a long time. You can't land because there is no surface. Just dipping in there and going back to orbit is very complicated and expensive maneuver and you would have to repeat it a lot because you can't stay there for long, before you run out of dV to get back up. Floating colony is the only way.
  7. Not sure why would you need to have a separate building for a rover, i think SPH will do just fine, but separate launchpad with a test track nearby would truly be nice to have.
  8. Definitely a hard YES. Game really needs a good progression system. Discovering celestial bodies individually is even better, than whole system at once.
  9. The thing you just described is literally magic. "Oh hey i just collected this rock in the middle of nowhere and now my every engine pulled 30 more ISP out of its ass for no god damn reason." Seriously dude?
  10. I'll refer you to what KSP 2 devs had to say on that matter, their "PC Gamer interview: https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-interview/ "We made a document very early in the project that was like, here's the things we don't do in Kerbal Space Program. We don't do warp gates, we don't do warp drive, we don't do magic technology. And we've really been in close contact with a number of subject matter experts in propulsion, and in astronomy, to make sure that the things we're adding to this game are rooted in real science." Stop trying to use the quote, you don't even understand, t
  11. There is no place for magic in KSP2. End of discussion.
  12. Not possible. Interstellar ship won't fit in the VAB. We already knew, that constructing an interstellar ship would require some sort of complex orbital structure, that needs to be fed resources into, in order to construct crafts. Constructing and launching an interstellar ship in that "orbital VAB" already counts as 1 launch, which leaves us with 0 launches for constructing and supplying the structure itself, consequently making the challenge impossible, unless you start the game with the structure already complete and full of resources. Preparing a challenge for the game, without knowing
  13. Honestly it's fine as long you keep us informed about your progress. We would really like to see more frequent updates from you guys.
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