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  1. I have two joysticks, a logitech dual action and logitech wingman digital 3d. Both of them seem to work while configuring the controls, but in-game only the buttons work and the sticks don't seem to do anything. They both work fine for other games. Can anyone help me? EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. I just had set the joystick for primary as well as secondary, now it works fine. If anyone has the same problem, make sure that you set BOTH parts in the joystick configuring panel section and then see if it works.
  2. The rocket engine fire effects in ksp are all very unrealistic; except for the solid boosters and ion thruster, the rocket fire affects are all basically the same as each other but different sizes. But if you look at real-life rockets, the exhaust shapes, sizes and even color change drastically with the engine type and air pressure. In most cases, at launch (usually at sea level) the rocket fire is huge, often as long as the rocket itself, and as it ascends into lower pressure the flame spreads out and gets shorter (and seemingly redder). In outer space, rocket fire is hardly even flamelike anymore; it spreads out very rapidly and is often almost invisible. Maybe something could be added that makes the rocket fire spread and length inversely proportional to the local atmospheric pressure or altitude; that alone would make a huge difference to the realism of the game. Below are pictures of rocket exhaust at low altitude, vacuum, and in ksp for comparison
  3. That's what I was thinking. Also, it just seems like a logical thing to have in a spaceship game. I feel like it's missing something without any cameras or telescopes.
  4. I know there are mods, I just think cameras would be a great addition to the game in general.
  5. Hello, I haven't been playing ksp for long, but I've noticed a distinct lack of any cameras in the game (I mean as parts, obviously there is "the camera"). This seems a little strange, seeing as space travel in real life often involves cameras in some form. Whether on rovers, attached to rockets or in telescopes, they're everywhere, but the only "camera" in ksp is a huge infrared telescope. As well as adding realism, cameras could be used as a science tool, and potentially even be used to boost popularity and funds like photos do in actual space programs. Maybe camera views could be switched between by using "C" to change which camera you're seeing through, and "photos" from the cameras could be saved like screenshots. Here are a few ideas for different camera types, any of which I think would be a great addition to the game: A rocket-side camera- Maybe a gopro sized thing which you could stick on the side of rockets to film as they launch A moveable mastcam or camera system- Would be great for rovers, like the ones on opportunity or curiosity A tiny, hull-mounted camera for probes or rovers- like the navigation cameras on on Curiosity, could maybe make lower quality photos A large fixed camera- maybe for higher quality photos A space telescope part- yes, there's the SENTINEL, but it would be nice if there was something else, maybe to look at stars or very distant planets and take photos, like the Hubble space telescope.