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  1. Hello, it's been a while since I posted yet I've been playing! Today my KSP updated to 1.10 and I'm not able to transfer fuel a second time or between more than one tank. The very first two tanks I select will do. But if I select one of those tanks and a third, the "out" will select and the "stop" button will show up but no fuel transfer will begin. The "in" won't do a thing. Okay. I don't know what's going on but I tried to post this 3 times and without an error it takes me back to my post in progress missing images and some of the text. I don't get it. I'll try to send this thread without screenshots. Regards
  2. I played two days ago no problem. Today it updated. Now I'm facing some weird behavior with EVA. I might need a bit of help: Space station in orbit, click on EVA button for a kerbal. 1. Now: VIEW FOCUS unchanged. Before: VIEW FOCUS jumped near the kerball wherever it exited the habitat. 2. Now: EVAd Kerbal not grabbing from station starts spinning and getting away from station. 3. Switch to EVAd Kerbal. Kerbal stays like crucified (open arms). RSA jetpack does not work. Does not activate. Does nothing. Cant move or control. Basically same behavior as switching to a nearby separator floating around. What I've tried: a. Sent another kerbonaut to EVA. This time, he staid near hatch, open arms not grabbing. Can't Board. Can't do anything b. Switched to space center and back: no changes. c. Closed game and reloaded: no changes. I tried to take some screens. Hope they complete my description Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks, I didn't realize the keybindings were accessible before loading the savegame. This was silly of me. Got that sorted out. Regards!
  4. Hello, I have 370 hours played -until now- on a desktop PC. I recently got my first gaming laptop ever (Just a Dell 7559). The game seems to run smoothly. While testing, I launched a rocket and when I wanted to turn east, instead of moving my ship, I moved the camera!!. How can I change this? Google is not helping me, I seem to be the only one suffering this issue. Another important matter: I remember trying borderlands (another PC game) in an older notebook (it lagged a lot, to be honest) and I had this problem that if I changed the key bindings, steam would synchronize them to my desktop, so when I played with the desktop PC, controls were wrong again. LOT of rework. If I disable synch, my saves and progress are not synchronized either! Please tell me KSP won't do the same! Thanks a regards!
  5. Pretty hard thing to do, since trees are all different, your little drones should be able to calculate the center of mass on the fly for each object they're going to tow
  6. Hello, I'm going through my first gameplay and I'm aiming for Duna. I've only been to minmus and mun. I'm playing stock and I found Docking and maneuvering kind of pleasant. I'm ignoring the deltaV calculations and I've been flying the same ships multiple times between minmus, mun and kerbin while refueling at minmus. Up to this point, I'm using a crane to dock to the tail of my ship then undocking the fuel pod, carry it to my mining station and dock it on top of my miner to refill. Since I'm scaling up my ship to go to Duna (I feel like packing for vacations, I'm taking a LAB, a lander (obviously) a compact miner rig, 4 satellites to make a relay network and two fuel pods that I hope will suffice) I made an independent fuel carrier with more capacity, it's own engine and controls (so I don't need the crane). This time, the fuel transfer vehicle is too big to dock on top of the miner so the idea is to land it nearby and use a moving vehicle that would act as a hose or a bucket (coming and going) to fill it up. THAT's my headache right now... The past two "gaming sessions", I was testing (at kerbin) different approaches to make a transfer cart. The ONLY moving part I was able to find (stock, I'm sure mods solve this, but I'm not ready for them) is the Advanced Grabbing Unit (using the "free pivot" option). Problems I'm facing is that if I want the pivot to move in a single axis, I need two AGUs and it's not working well. I'll keep you updated if I get to make a practical design! For now, my Duna exploration is being held by the refueling labor union. Now, I can't properly recommend or encourage new players to adopt the minmus strategy because I yet haven't used it myself ! But I can say that minmus low gravity and inclination may train your skills and thanks to the ISRU refueling possibility, I'm less stressed with dV efficiency and more open to exploration. I'm sure I will end up checking the dV and maneuver efficiency in the end, but meanwhile I'm getting lots of fun this way. I can say that at least. This thread is very interesting. Regards!
  7. Hello there! This was probably discussed before, but I wanted to say that the scroll behavior is frustrating. I usually need to ZOOM and not fine tuning. I never used the scroll to change a maneuver node, on the contrary, I usually have all icons overlapped so it is difficult to see what are you clicking (or scrolling) so I have to Zoom-in and sometimes I end up screwing the node by changing something I'm not even sure of. I couldn't find a way to change the node scale like we can do with the nav ball. It would really please me to change this: <---o---> to this: <--------------o---------------> (I think you get what I mean, else I'll make a tiny graph with ms paint) Also, I read here in the forums that you can muffle RCS thrusters by using caps lock. It is quite useful for some light ships that RCS thrusters are too much. It would be a good idea to be able to "muffle" maneuver nodes sensibility with caps lock? Regards!
  8. Thanks everyone for your answers, I kept trying and I think I got it when the claw was 90º (almost perfectly 90, not 85 to 95 as I thought it was enough) I Took some screens: https://imgur.com/a/Fna4ELi Regards!
  9. Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I should introduce myself accordingly in the correct section... I'm going straight to the issue: I'm having problems with the "save X kerbal and recover X scrap on kerbin" missions. The AGU is definitely not attaching to the object to be recovered. It works with other parts or ships. The king of thing that frustrates me most of this game is rework, so the game kind of teaches you to rethink objectives and designs so you don't have to load previous saves often. I've made an SSTO with a cargo bay and a movable grabbing unit. I'm quite new but I have 239 hours on steam plus hours and hours of youtube (including Scott Manley) videos. I've googled enough so I came to you asking for advice! I tried jumping from one ship to another, reloading, time warping a little, quitting the game and loading from scratch. Arming and disarming the Arm. I don't know what else to do. If required, I would gladly share some screenshots with you... although I be grateful if you could pinpoint a free image hosting service! Thanks in advance!
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