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  1. I think by default it is off, I usually have to go in the DPAI Settings.cfg and set forceStockAppLauncher = true
  2. I use to use Crew Manifest years ago, then moved to Ship Manifest, since it was being updated.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a mod like this that handles just crew rosters? Sometimes I hate the way stock game give a player a roster starting a new save and I can't get any engineers, but pilots and scientist. The random roll can suck.
  4. Alright thanks. I haven't played KSP in a very long while. I am going through my mods and removing some that aren't useful. I might go ahead and keep Empty Tree mod.
  5. Does this mod work with Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes? Does anyone use Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes with this mod, or should I scrap Empty Tech Tree Node mod? Thanks.
  6. Yeah I am the same, with this mod I am pro, but without it, I am awful at docking, lol.
  7. No worries, CKAN has been weird the last day or so with other mods. Thanks.
  8. Going to give this mod a go, I always wanted to try Unmanned Before Manned, but it hasn't been updated. I like what you are doing with tech tree. I was using CTT, but pulled it out in 1.8 since it hasn't been updated. But it is nice you have your own tech tree and it works well with mods.
  9. Some reason they aren't showing in CKAN yet, mine haven't got updated. I am going to manually install them until they show up on CKAN.
  10. Some reason this one still doesn't show up for me in CKAN, but KAS is there already. Kind of weird.
  11. This had been in Toolbar mod, you have to use the latest version, if you have not. New release, Fixed buttons not displaying due to a change in the way floats are compared
  12. Yeah the thing is I would only use TR for only navball replacing, doesn't seem worth it. If I used it for other things like I use to, it would be. I use to use it for skybox and kerbal suits, but now I like the new suits and KSP added in a pretty good skybox. So that is why I don't use TR or DiRT anymore. One less mod in my mind.
  13. Do you guys think this need to be recompiled to 1.8? I am using it and it seems to work, just wondering since there was a lot of changed in 1.8. If someone is able, could you recompile it to 1.8. But like I said, it seems to work. These are what I like to use, for anyone interested: Emissive:
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