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  1. This is not going to be update. I feel the new stock round solar panels, do everything I wanted. If I could, I would remove this whole thread.
  2. No, it is manual, but once you learn how to use this mod, it feels really easy and rewarding. I personally like this mod over something automation like MJ.
  3. It could of been me, that is why I wanted someone else to look at it. Could of been my mods.
  4. For some reason this emissive seems like it is not there or blurry a tiny bit. Can someone test this one? Update is here.
  5. Nice mod, but you mod folder structure should be like this: \GameData\+Flags\Flags That last Flag folder is where all flags goes in. This will be for ease of install of mod or removal.
  6. I am most likely not going to do the other emissives, the ones with multi-color numbers or numbers that are different color on the each half of the sphere are giving me some issues. I might go back later and try, but right now the ones I did and ones already included are the best in this mod pack I think.
  7. @linuxgurugamerI tested all my emissives and they work good, ready to go. I had issues with therealcrow999-1 to show up in game with emissive. I had to remove it out of the all.cfg and it worked fine. Don't forget to remove therealcrow999-3 pair since they are the same as 5th Horseman. Also remove the commented out items in 5thHorseman-plus.cfg, since I already made their emissives. Also what is the config.cfg file for in PluginData, the one about therealcrow999-1 You can use my PluginData folder, if you like, I added the configs and fix the few. You can double check everything. Hope this helps. https://www.mediafire.com/file/o3vckrprcb1uwh9/PluginData.zip/file
  8. @linuxgurugamerHere is the emissive.zip. It has the redone JAFO and 5th Horseman. 5th Horseman_emissive, goes with: 5th Horseman black and grey 5th Horseman brown and blue evileyex_Dif I think you already had them setup like that. Now the 5th Horseman_v2, I did, also goes with: FalconB Tygoo 7-1 emissive, goes with: Tygoo 7-1 Tygoo 7-2 The other emissives you should not have trouble knowing where they go, their name is same has parent. There are 7 emissive files in that download. I have not tested them yet, but should be fine. I would do a quick test just in case before adding them to beta.
  9. @linuxgurugamerI got some emissives done, I will upload them later here. I am going to do some more. Also I was looking at therealcrow999-3 navball texture and emissive, you can delete those. They are the identical to 5th Horseman black and grey. I redid the 5th Horseman ones, and did the other 5th Horseman ones. I want to do a few more emissives and I will upload them here.
  10. I did my first test on emissives, I basically redone JAFOs emissive, the one I use all the time. I used Squad stock emissive as the base for the green tint color. First image is the old emissive and one below that one is mine. As you can see mine is more crisp with the numbers and lighter in green tint, this reflects more of the Squad emissive color, which I like for the emissive. I honestly hope I can use that color tint for other navballs. This might very, which I hope won't, because I want to keep the tint universal for ease. I have not tested mine in game, I am going to give it a go later. I kind of streamlined the process of the emissive making a bit. So it should not take me long to make more. I am sure some navball textures will give me issues.
  11. Thanks for the option to add to both, that is what I was looking for to have. I am debating on working on some more emissive for the mod. I was mess around with some last night, to see how easy it would be. I might not have time to do some, but I might give a few a go and see how it works out. If I can streamline the process and get it down, I might do all of them or most. I might even redo some already made, I found some emissives really dark compared to the stock ones. I like things to be unified.
  12. @linuxgurugamerThis is the mod I mentioned in the stream last night. So you said you have a mod like this already? This is a nice mod, I have a bunch of checklist and what not's, I use. This mod comes in handy, the UI needs to be cleaned up a little. This one is my must have mods. I use to use Image Viewer mod too, but I since don't bring in images in my game, I find my personal notes more important. I feel like this mod author of Notes mod, did the Image Viewer mod too, the original one. Could almost merge the two mods together, Image viewer and Notes mod and call it something else.
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