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  1. If you don't want to wait the next release and don't mind manual-editing files, you can simply replace all the contents of [KSP-directory]\GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\MKS\Patches\KIS.config With the patched file from the PR here I had the same issue as yours and this fixed it for me.
  2. FYI: I tested the Scoop for a couple flights and I had no problem with it.
  3. I would think that even Kerbals are not crazy enough for using NSWR on their planet
  4. Clear. I've just upgraded my pebble-bed powered SSTO spaceplane with an Mk5 MTFR. And that's actually pretty decent. In-atmosphere thermal flight is inferior but still solid and VTOL is still possible. Vaccum flight is (surprisingly) significantly better with my ATTILA engines stabilizing at about +50% thrust. I'm guessing that's because heat management is easier than with a pebble-bed. Thanks again for the amazing support!!! That mod is amazing
  5. I just unlocked the 1st antimatter node and 3 things seem weird to me. First, an Mk2 anti-matter reactor combined with an ATTILA engine can single handedly SSTO a 40t spaceplane. It can even VTOL that spaceplane! I'm surprised this is even possible for an electric engine (I can't do the same with any other electric engine). Is that intentional? Second, I bough positrons in the VAB/SPH for essentially the same price as regular fuel. Is that normal? Isn't antimatter supposed to be the most expensive stuff ever? Third, at 4k science, antimatter looks very OP. How is that low cost justified? Except for the extra-heat (that was still very manageable; note: I've unlocked all heat-management nodes except the last one) it did not have any significant drawback when compared to fission or fusion. For SSTO spaceplanes anyway.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. That was not obvious reading the description, indeed And btw, is there a fusion reactor supposed to be the master of thermal generation? Reading the reactors specs and descriptions, the MTFR seems to be the best fit for that use case.
  7. Doing in flight atm extraction here, with inline ISRU refrigerator and peeble bed. This is working mostly fine. From time to time the extractor is stuck extracting veeeeeery slowly and needs a vessel reload to get back to normal rates. This is a very powerful combination for SSTOs btw.
  8. I'm kind of surprised how the Magnetized Target Fusion Reactor compares to the Peeble Ped for SSTOs, it's main use if I can trust the description Mk4 Peeble Bed with a thermal nozzle: 11.5t, 797kN @ 1150s. => 69.3kN/t Mk5 MTFR with a thermal nozzle: 8.5t, 655kN @ 1240 => 77kN/t Per unit of mass the MTFR delivers 11% more thrust. This and the slight ISP gain are rather marginal improvements for a reactor with higher tech, worse form-factor and the need for an external energy source to keep the fusion running (further reducing the thrust per unit or mass advantage). Sure the MTFR is slightly cheaper but as SSTOs are usually supposed to be reusable that's really not a factor. Am I missing something? IIRC, pre-1.20.14 the MTFR had about 900kN of thrust making it a better value proposal. Happy holidays and thanks for this amazing mod
  9. KSPI 1.20.5 has beam relays working ok for me: KSPI 1.20.7 does not anymore: I could not find KSPI 1.20.6. It's neither on CKAN nor Spacedock. And reading it's changelog, 1.20.6 changed some beam power mechanism while 1.20.7 did not. I could not check on GitHub as I can't find a branch or tag for the release. Tested on KSP 1.4.5 with the exact same saved game and the following mods installed: Community Resource Pack Community Tech Tree 3.3.2 Heat Control 0.4.6 HyperEdit Interstellar Fuel Switch Interstellar Fuel Switch Core Module Manager 3.1.2 Patch Manager 0.0.16 TweakScale Let me know if you need more information (craft file, save file, logs...).
  10. Disregard that post. I got it to work with KSPI 1.19.4 Now it's time for some testing!
  11. No idea of an old version that is known to work? Because I never saw that stuff working and I'm afraid I could fail to positively test a working version...
  12. A big thank you for that great mod! I can't fly without it anymore
  13. A big thank you for KIS/KAS! They make base and station building so much more enjoyable and help my Kerbals feel useful again
  14. A big thank you to Linuxgurugamer and all the hard work maintaining that giant list of mod and keeping the community alive! This is very much appreciated