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  1. It's been a long time coming, but Microsoft has delivered the promise of giving Xbox One owners the ability to use mouse and keyboard controls for a variety of games on the home console. Phil Spencer publicly revealed in September that Mouse & Keyboard support was coming In the November 2018 console update. Major Nelson later confirmed after the update went live in November 2018, in his blog, that keyboard and mouse support is now enabled for the Xbox One. This gave both developers and players more choice on how they want to play, gifting the user the choice to use a keyboard to type and carry out commands and/or use the mouse to navigate through menus, UI and play their favourite games the way they want to. The option is there for the Developers if they wish to do so states Microsoft. So I'm really wanting to know as a fan and a long time player who has bought 3 copies of KSP for 3 different platforms, when will Mouse and Keyboard support for KSP come to Xbox? The reason of typing such a fuss, is that the enabling of K&M for the console version of KSP will transform the console version for the better guaranteed. Compared to its PC counterpart, the console controls have never felt natural since its console release turning many fans off to the console version. I do understand that the Enhanced Edition (KSPED) brought many improvements but there is still one glaringly obvious function missing to make the Console version truly complete. What we need ia someone from the KSP Dev Team to please give us an answer on when and if this function will be coming to Xbox now that it is possible on the platform? As Xbox have said, this is down to the developer, wether to enable the function or not. Thankyou For Your Time.