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  1. The black hole would be super cool and if you crash into it..... You could spaghettify or go into another dimension with wonky planets or something!
  2. I've been looking for a while on google trying to find some cool futuristic mods for a awesome youtube video. So please reccomend me one!
  3. I have all the regular visual mods such as, EVE, Scatterer, Stock Visual enhancements+all reccomended mods, and planet shine. But my game just doesnt look the same. It looks much much worse than the content creators on youtube that use the exact same visual mods. The problems are, the ground looks crappy, I see so many disturbing black lines, a line that follows my camera, and crazy amounts of lag. I get up to 20 FPS usually even though i have a GTX 1080TI and a 17 8700!!! PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS AND MAKE IT LOOK MATT LOWNE'S OR OTHER GOOD KSP CONTENT CREATORS!!
  4. Ok.. So I have the normal good visual mods the literally every KSP content creator uses. I use stock visual enchancements and all reccomended mods with it. Anyways, whenever i use these mods, everything works fine but the only problem is that it looks terrabile and not near like the youtubers that i watched. The problems are that i see a black line following my camera everytime i move, The anti aliasing looks horrible even though its on the best settings, i get 20 FPS even though i have a GTX 1080TI and whenever i have at least 10-15 mods my game runs normally at 10 FPS!. I have a
  5. I dont have module manager installed. And i downgrade to 1.3.1 because i want to play RO/RSS and it gets stuck on module manager with the mods and without them. And in the middle of the screen it says STATUS and the pictures go really fast
  6. Every time i get realism overhaul (manually because ckan doesnt work) i can only see air breathing engines like turbofan engines. PLEASE HELP!!
  7. So everytime i downgrade my version of KSP to 1.3.1 it gets stuck on module manager... If anyone has an idea of how to fix this problem then please tell me.
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