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  1. Cape Kanaveral needs an update to work with KSRSS reborn. For KatnissCapeCanaveral, you need to download the master branch on github.
  2. To install the 64k textures, copy the KSRSS-64k folder and paste it into your GameData. You shouldn't merge it with the KSRSS folder. I'd say not earlier than one month from now.
  3. Yes, when the mod is released. I think that's intended? But you should ask on the KCC thread.
  4. You installed KSRSS megapack, which is the old KSRSS. Use the link I put in the instructions to download the new KSRSS.
  5. The installation instructions have been removed because the mod isn't in a stable state. However, if you still want to play it: Install Kopernicus Install Kronometer Install Custom Barn Kit Download the reborn branch of KSRSS. Place the KSRSS folder in your GameData. Please note that KSRSS is now 2.7 times bigger than stock size (same size as JNSQ). If you prefer to play at a smaller size, change the SystemScale to Stock in KSRSS/Configuration.cfg.
  6. I didn't know that. I will add a patch to enable the KSRSS contracts without an uncrewed tech tree. EDIT : Done! It is now in the Extras folder
  7. The issue is the contracts don't work fine. You can't complete the first KSRSS contracts with the first node of the stock tech tree. The solution is to play with the stock contracts. But if you installed Contract Configurator (to add a contract pack such as Tourism Plus or others), KSRSS will remove the stock contracts (because it assumes you want to play with the KSRSS contracts). And this is quite bad because it creates a hard dependency on an uncrewed tech tree to play KSRSS in career. What the latest commit does is to enable the KSRSS contracts and remove the stock contracts only if an uncrewed tech tree is installed. That way, you can play with other contract packs with the stock tech tree.
  8. Thanks for the detailed report! This is now fixed on the gitlab.
  9. They will be available with the release of KSRSS.
  10. Cape Canaveral, Florida by default. KSC Extended doesn't work with the KSRSS beta.
  11. Thanks, however we already have a Kronometer config that does nearly the same thing, just to let you know.
  12. KSRSS is by default 2.7 scaled. You have nothing to change. 12 hours and 365 day yes Will do
  13. That was true before we made changes to support parallax 2. Now, Earth's name for KSP (and the mods) is Kerbin, so all the configs (EVE, Scatterer, SpaceDust, etc.) should target Kerbin. That's why I removed the Kerbin definitions from the delete patch, so we can edit them.
  14. KK is working. The configs aren't, because Earth name is now Kerbin. Change CelestialBody = Earth to CelestialBody = Kerbin in all your configs, or remake them. 64K textures for Earth land. Yes If you don't install it, Earth land will be in 16k. We will provide a 8k option in the future.
  15. You don't need to install anything, KSRSS Reborn is already at 2.7x scale.
  16. Delete your scatterer atmo cache This was actually a bug with Earth AFG. It should be fixed now.
  17. You're using the old KSRSS ("megapack"). It isn't supported anymore AND not compatible with parallax. Wait for the next release or download the reborn beta here https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS/-/archive/reborn/KSRSS-reborn.zip
  18. You're right, it's fixed, thanks Yes, and if you want we can include it in KSRSS
  19. It was too high in the old ksrss. In JNSQ the atmosphere is also 80 km high. Not yet
  20. This is where KSRSS was hosted before, it's an old release, do not download it
  21. Since we provide a config for KSCSwitcher I don't think a setting in a config is necessary.
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