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  1. Zheetan, that is some respectable work. As a scientist myself (not a physicist, unfortunately), I LOVE the work you took the time to demonstrate. Between you and Steuben, I think I will try this again this weekend. Thank you both!
  2. thanks Steuben. Getting to Duna isn't a problem, just getting up to that speed. Will try your strategy. Thank you! Another ? for you Steuben: do you think a Terrier will have enough thrust to reach those kinds of speeds or do I need something like a Poodle or other larger vacuum optimized engine?
  3. went to duna with a probe for the first time ever, but could NOT get an orbit large enough to give me a max velocity of 2450-2850 m/s between 28K and 44K over duna in order to test this heat shield for a lucrative contract. I ain't giving this advance back! So, I need to complete this mission, lol. I'm gonna be dogged about it. Any suggestions here? Sorry if it's been asked but I couldn't find the answer myself and I've tried to the point of frustration already. Thanks in advance, folks! EDIT: In thinking about this, would getting into a solar orbit first be the way to go, then simply crash from that large orbit into Duna atmo? Or will it have to be some sort of powered entry?
  4. Fantastic. Thank you Steuben. Will give that a try. A little different strategy, so hoping that works...
  5. Ok, i did a pretty thorough search and couldn't find much on these rescues that seem to be on a 45 degree inclination from the Desert Launch pad, and over 1Mm at PA and Ap. I have tried to accomplish using all the "old tricks" for LKO rescues (e.g., 1) into orbit before the vessel, 2) matching inclinations, 3) fixing intercepts with prograde burn somewhere, and 4) rendezvous and rescue); however, something seems "off" when I try to do these mid to high orbit rescues, and it has frustrated such that I wanted to ask for help here. Do I simply keep trudging along with the same manner, understanding that I am just not skilled enough yet, or 2) are there some sort of different strategies and "tips" for this "High Kerbal Orbit" rescues? Thanks in advance from a nOOb...
  6. I have to say, KSP's "save game" system does take a little bit of work to understand it. You have "master" game saves, then within each of those you can have a "subfolder" quicksave, BUT still, even under that, you can have a lot of "quicksaves" within the "quicksave", so that's where my confusion was when I first started playing the game. It is quite obvious now, but much like getting into orbit, it'll become second nature once the light bulb comes on. I got worried i was going to lose my progress at almost every game session, so I started a bazillion "quicksaves" within my game, and about a billion gazillion "F5" quicksaves in those quicksaves. I was gonna make sure I had it----lol now, i understand and don't do it quite as much anymore...
  7. This is great stuff. Love catching up on all these fun (? sometimes) threads I may have missed.
  8. gotta say, kudos to the Kop team and the admins here for the way they have handled all this craziness. You guys are the epitome of true professionalism. A sincere "thank you" for all the unpaid (almost said thankless, but I hope you all know there is a LOT of thanks to all of you) hours of hard work to maintain a plugin with this much demand.
  9. Definitely have to agree. If you're gonna promote your game as a wonderful, "free to mod", open-source project, then you need to let developers have early access.
  10. Let's get the Kopernicus people on the job for 1.7.1...now that I've discovered the OPM, I can't live without it!
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