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  1. Context: I am building a network of relay satellites and want to know the criteria for how they relay science. I have looked for an answer to this question on forums and google for some time now but to no avail. Question: Let us assume I have a relay network, starting at KSP Tracking Station T, going through relay satellites A and B, with a final ship C. Let us assume also that T-A-B-C is the only communications pathway for C to transmit to T. T-----A-----B------C Now C wishes to transmit say 80 mits of data to T. It has enough electricity on board to comfortably do this.
  2. Re rooting your rocket so the root part is in the final stage will make this problem much less. This is also highly recommended if you are using tools like Kerbal Engineer as you wont get accurate information otherwise. There are some mods that erstwhile fix this, but I have used them and have had no success. Ultimately it is a problem that there is no absolute fix for, nor should there be, as how can KSP be expected to know your exact staging, especially if you ever want to do something unique or exotic. - Gavin786
  3. Currently(v1.11) brake strength in KSP for rotors and wheels cannot be animated or assigned to an axis. Problem: Many people own joysticks with a brake lever. This brake lever is an analogue axis. Being able to choose brake strength is important. It is not currently implemented in KSP. Many designs would benefit from being able to animate brake strength whether one has a spare axis or not. Context: Currently designing a helicopter in which I would like to control bringing rotor blades to a stop. Went to animate the 'Brake' value(NOT binary brake on/off) and found it was not an o
  4. hi Guys, Been using KK and got a question. I am trying to launch from the stock island runway just off the coast from the KSC. I cant seem to figure out how. Other relevant mods installed : kerbin side remastered, water launches omega stockalike. Things I have tried: Searched all through the list in the SPH when I press the KK icon. Never found Island Runway no matter what options or filters I use. Switched KK difficulty options 'Launch from Any Site', 'Open Everything' and 'Show Hidden Bases' to off, and it did not seem to do anything whatsoever as I still had same
  5. I actually am quite an experienced player, so am well aware of control authority limits, etc. Problem is no matter what I might set limit to, when the roll gets to about 1/3 the aileron will max out to that value. So if I set my authority limit to 20 degrees for example, when my joystick gets to 1/3 or so that aileron is at its 20 degrees. Behaviour I would expect and prefer is for the aileron only to max out to 20 when joystick gets to full +1 or -1. Good question 1 is : IS this normal behaviour for KSP ? That is if one makes a plane, puts ailerons on end of wings where they should b
  6. I notice that ailerons on my aircraft max out long before my roll meter(or joystick) gets to the end. Like about half way, seriously short of the mark. I use analogue joystick and am used to fine control/movements which is why I havent noticed, it could well have always been this way I just now noticed it. I can increase to full fidelity if I use a KAL and assign to roll and aileron deploy angles. This is not a good solution for numerous reasons. It lets me confirm, however that there is indeed a problem. But I am thinking this cant be right. Surely there is a problem somewhere.
  7. LOL. Yeah I call that continent "KerbAfrica" whenever I am flying towards it.
  8. There are a few questions/comments/bugs about this Mod I would like to point out, given I use it regularly. Fuel efficiency numbers are off by a factor of 1000. No biggie as normally usage is to just compare changes to the aircraft and maximise fuel efficiency at cruising. Just remember if it says 0.7 Kg/ 100Km this is way too optimistic, actual value is 7.0Kg/Km. Not a real problem, it is just a scale factor error. I notice that there is a "Jump" after a calculation, when Wind Tunnel seems to re-calculate its results to get a more accurate table. Often this is several seconds af
  9. I just perfected and calibrated my wing angle and size to get the maximum fuel efficiency for my aircraft, it can now circumnavigate Kerbin and without adding any additional fuel. The number of different things this mod can do and how amazing it is just cant be overstated. If you create aircraft in KSP this is the Mod for you, and I seriously hope we get this in KSP2, it is one of the top-tier mods in my book. You NEED to use Precise Editor with this, of course, as one cant set exact angles of wings under a degree accuracy by hand, its not possible without Precise Editor. And that
  10. @E_Torfbinder Create the file C:\<your kerbal space program>\GameData\PreciseEditor\PluginData\PreciseEditor.cfg and default values in PreciseEditor.cfg : ANCHOR = source DELTA_POSITION =0.2000 DELTA_ROTATION = 15.0000 REFERENCE_SPACE = absolute PreciseEditor.cfg seems not be included with current CKan release, causing the problem of editor not appearing as it cant load this file.
  11. Since this is a Mod I use pretty much every day, I see there is a new maintainer now; there is one big problem with it, which I will explain: And it is to do with manually inputting of angles. Whenever an angle is partially inputted to a box, it is taken as a complete representation of the desired rotation angle, the whole angle is normalised, then updated, often changing the value just inputted. The mod can often get into "gimbal lock"/low precision floating point problems, and 2(or more) parts in symmetry can end up with different angles(and out of symmetry). Manually inputting of an
  12. Dear Mod Creator, Just want to say how grateful I am for this mod. I recently went through all the mods, and ranked them, and this is #1. The one mod I could not play the game without. How can anyone play without the numbers? Just shows how different my mind is from most "normal" humans. Anyway, thank you all so much this is the reason I play and keep playing this game, I would not if it did not exist. Many great mods out there; This is THE mod. Gavin
  13. Having fuel transfer options, fuel switch on/off and so on as action groups, animateable is a good idea, was looking for that functionality in last build I did.
  14. UPDATE(there is more to the story now): I used the COL from the Correct COL mod and when I switched my COL on, the bug came straight back. When I returned to stock COL the bug disappeared again. This bug is somehow related to lift/drag calculations being done somewhere? I have yet to fully pin the blame on Correct COL, I will try with it uninstalled and see what happens. UPDATE: Removing CorrectCOL did NOT fix it; problem still occurs when I switch on "Show Aero Data in Action Menus"
  15. More fine-grained control is always welcome. Been thinking about your post, and previous one I just wrote about helicopter controls, very similar requests, we need more and finer-grained control options. Serious players bump against frustrating limitations to perfection, not because it is out of spec in the device but because we cant set the right limits, etc. Being able for any control actuation, and this also is true for helicopter blades, to be able to rather than having a single global limit "authority limit" to have individual limits for each axis. However, this gets hard
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