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  1. Context: I am building a network of relay satellites and want to know the criteria for how they relay science. I have looked for an answer to this question on forums and google for some time now but to no avail. Question: Let us assume I have a relay network, starting at KSP Tracking Station T, going through relay satellites A and B, with a final ship C. Let us assume also that T-A-B-C is the only communications pathway for C to transmit to T. T-----A-----B------C Now C wishes to transmit say 80 mits of data to T. It has enough electricity on board to comfortably do this. My question is about A and B. Do they also need to have sufficient power to transmit these 80 mits? How are they factored into the data transmission, is the fact that they have sufficient signal strength to relay enough, or does each have to re-transmit those 80 mits? Thank you to any who chooses to answer my question. - Gavin786
  2. Re rooting your rocket so the root part is in the final stage will make this problem much less. This is also highly recommended if you are using tools like Kerbal Engineer as you wont get accurate information otherwise. There are some mods that erstwhile fix this, but I have used them and have had no success. Ultimately it is a problem that there is no absolute fix for, nor should there be, as how can KSP be expected to know your exact staging, especially if you ever want to do something unique or exotic. - Gavin786
  3. Currently(v1.11) brake strength in KSP for rotors and wheels cannot be animated or assigned to an axis. Problem: Many people own joysticks with a brake lever. This brake lever is an analogue axis. Being able to choose brake strength is important. It is not currently implemented in KSP. Many designs would benefit from being able to animate brake strength whether one has a spare axis or not. Context: Currently designing a helicopter in which I would like to control bringing rotor blades to a stop. Went to animate the 'Brake' value(NOT binary brake on/off) and found it was not an option. There are times when it would have been advantageous to have analogue control of brakes on planes when binary on/off was not sufficient. Resolution: Add the ability to animate or assign to axis brake strength for all parts which expose it as an option. An even more perfect solution would be to add an additional axis for "brake" so that those with appropriate hardware(or a spare axis) can use it. - Gavin786
  4. hi Guys, Been using KK and got a question. I am trying to launch from the stock island runway just off the coast from the KSC. I cant seem to figure out how. Other relevant mods installed : kerbin side remastered, water launches omega stockalike. Things I have tried: Searched all through the list in the SPH when I press the KK icon. Never found Island Runway no matter what options or filters I use. Switched KK difficulty options 'Launch from Any Site', 'Open Everything' and 'Show Hidden Bases' to off, and it did not seem to do anything whatsoever as I still had same list of bases in the VAB. I tried switching the filter Icons off in the tracking station. There just does not seem to be any option to restore the stock bases to the drop down list in the VAB or have them as a launch option in the KK Menu. Does anyone know of a way to get stock options back? Do I need to fly out there and try and make a new KK launch site? Also I did have some ideas about KK. For those who create and fly a lot of aircraft(like me), to have a map pack which guarantees a landing(and launch) site within 500km of any place on Kerbin. And another which guarantees within 250km(which is 4 times more than the 500 as it goes by square), so that is a lot but not too much as there are good filtering options in the Tracking Center with KK. There are so many cool sites on Kerbin and be great for near launch sites, especially for explore by helicopter. Are there any such map packs already around (or planned) ? - Gavin786
  5. I actually am quite an experienced player, so am well aware of control authority limits, etc. Problem is no matter what I might set limit to, when the roll gets to about 1/3 the aileron will max out to that value. So if I set my authority limit to 20 degrees for example, when my joystick gets to 1/3 or so that aileron is at its 20 degrees. Behaviour I would expect and prefer is for the aileron only to max out to 20 when joystick gets to full +1 or -1. Good question 1 is : IS this normal behaviour for KSP ? That is if one makes a plane, puts ailerons on end of wings where they should be, then sets roll to 50% on their joystick, is it normal that those ailerons would be maxed out(at the maximum angle that authority limiter is set to? That would answer question if it is just me or it is normal for this to happen. I might double check with couple other designs to see if it is also happening, I think I have seen it before, however, it has just never "twigged" that it is a problem until now. *** Just confirmed its happening across all aircraft and also at about the same point in my roll input - screen shot attached ***
  6. I notice that ailerons on my aircraft max out long before my roll meter(or joystick) gets to the end. Like about half way, seriously short of the mark. I use analogue joystick and am used to fine control/movements which is why I havent noticed, it could well have always been this way I just now noticed it. I can increase to full fidelity if I use a KAL and assign to roll and aileron deploy angles. This is not a good solution for numerous reasons. It lets me confirm, however that there is indeed a problem. But I am thinking this cant be right. Surely there is a problem somewhere. My KSP install has grandfathered since couple years now, and I have had literally hundreds of mods installed and un installed. Could there be a setting somewhere that is adding a hidden multiplier to my roll? Would be VERY nice if I had full authority on roll. Pitch and Yaw are perfect, it is ONLY roll. Only roll is assigned to the offending control surfaces, pitch and yaw are disabled. Anyway question is there a multiplier or setting somewhere that might be wrong in my install, like for example making my roll 2x sensitive or such ? Or is this just standard behaviour I just havent noticed till now ? I have already went through my settings.cfg and found nothing. Thank you fellow KerboNauts, Gavin786
  7. LOL. Yeah I call that continent "KerbAfrica" whenever I am flying towards it.
  8. There are a few questions/comments/bugs about this Mod I would like to point out, given I use it regularly. Fuel efficiency numbers are off by a factor of 1000. No biggie as normally usage is to just compare changes to the aircraft and maximise fuel efficiency at cruising. Just remember if it says 0.7 Kg/ 100Km this is way too optimistic, actual value is 7.0Kg/Km. Not a real problem, it is just a scale factor error. I notice that there is a "Jump" after a calculation, when Wind Tunnel seems to re-calculate its results to get a more accurate table. Often this is several seconds after calculation is complete and when looking at the graph there is a "jump" of lines and figures. Is there any more info on what exactly is happening here, is it exactly what it looks like, that the initial calculation is done "fast", then a more in-depth one is done in the background, and results updated after completion? Would be good to know or have some indication about this. Something on-screen letting us know this is happening and giving a % complete would be great, especially if people are going in depth to the figures, they need to know they have the correct and fully computed set. Could be good when I manually adjust graph axis, Wind Tunnel remembers what I input and does not keep resetting to default unless I keep the tab open. Sometimes I forget to do it and keep needing to re input the figures. There are of course crashes and bugs, and great if they are fixed, I do need to regularly restart KSP when using Wind Tunnel, but totally worth it. Would also be great if it remembered the previous values so that we can compare right on the Wind Tunnel app and not record values on a note pad, so when we change the plane, then click on the graph we can see the previous set of figures and the new set and work out if/how much the changes we made improved the aircraft. Nice to have feature of course. Another nice option is if engines have dry and wet modes to click which mode is being used. Just an ergonomics and totally not necessary. I did note that had been done on the AOA and Velocity curves but not the main page. Anyway, there are my thoughts given I use this a lot what I think could be better. Of course general stability, accuracy and bug fixes got to be #1 priority. Gavin786
  9. I just perfected and calibrated my wing angle and size to get the maximum fuel efficiency for my aircraft, it can now circumnavigate Kerbin and without adding any additional fuel. The number of different things this mod can do and how amazing it is just cant be overstated. If you create aircraft in KSP this is the Mod for you, and I seriously hope we get this in KSP2, it is one of the top-tier mods in my book. You NEED to use Precise Editor with this, of course, as one cant set exact angles of wings under a degree accuracy by hand, its not possible without Precise Editor. And that is something that aught be stock also. This mod is utterly amazing. Thanks to Boots for creating this. Said it before and say it again. Really love this mod.
  10. @E_Torfbinder Create the file C:\<your kerbal space program>\GameData\PreciseEditor\PluginData\PreciseEditor.cfg and default values in PreciseEditor.cfg : ANCHOR = source DELTA_POSITION =0.2000 DELTA_ROTATION = 15.0000 REFERENCE_SPACE = absolute PreciseEditor.cfg seems not be included with current CKan release, causing the problem of editor not appearing as it cant load this file.
  11. Since this is a Mod I use pretty much every day, I see there is a new maintainer now; there is one big problem with it, which I will explain: And it is to do with manually inputting of angles. Whenever an angle is partially inputted to a box, it is taken as a complete representation of the desired rotation angle, the whole angle is normalised, then updated, often changing the value just inputted. The mod can often get into "gimbal lock"/low precision floating point problems, and 2(or more) parts in symmetry can end up with different angles(and out of symmetry). Manually inputting of angles just does not work as the mod currently is. Using the +/- buttons works perfectly and that is how it is normally always used. Would be great to be able to actually input the desired angle, though. A solution to these problems is to have an option "require full angles", in which one can update angles in x, y, z and the change does not take effect until one presses a button. So it does not instantly take effect when an angle is changed, instead a button needs be pressed, so the angles can then be changed in x, y, and z simultaneously. Right now any manual change to an angle is instantly updated, often triggering the "gimbal lock" bug and putting 2 parts out of angular symmetry. I have learned to work around this problem, but am very aware it does exist. Often times when I want to manually put an angle, the only way is to zero the angle first(which takes a lot of time, as often multiple inputs of "0" are needed; a "zero" button would be amazing also, which zeroes the rotation in x, y, z). After it is zeroes, I rotate in the x, y, and z as I need to using the +/- buttons. So, requests, put a button "apply angle changes" or such, which can be optional, and requires a button to be pressed before manually input angles take effect. Then they are all normalised together and the rotation done, and any post-normalisation changes to the x, y, z values are then updated. And another "zero rotation" button would be grand also(but I guess not really needed if the first change is done). Gavin
  12. Dear Mod Creator, Just want to say how grateful I am for this mod. I recently went through all the mods, and ranked them, and this is #1. The one mod I could not play the game without. How can anyone play without the numbers? Just shows how different my mind is from most "normal" humans. Anyway, thank you all so much this is the reason I play and keep playing this game, I would not if it did not exist. Many great mods out there; This is THE mod. Gavin
  13. Having fuel transfer options, fuel switch on/off and so on as action groups, animateable is a good idea, was looking for that functionality in last build I did.
  14. UPDATE(there is more to the story now): I used the COL from the Correct COL mod and when I switched my COL on, the bug came straight back. When I returned to stock COL the bug disappeared again. This bug is somehow related to lift/drag calculations being done somewhere? I have yet to fully pin the blame on Correct COL, I will try with it uninstalled and see what happens. UPDATE: Removing CorrectCOL did NOT fix it; problem still occurs when I switch on "Show Aero Data in Action Menus"
  15. More fine-grained control is always welcome. Been thinking about your post, and previous one I just wrote about helicopter controls, very similar requests, we need more and finer-grained control options. Serious players bump against frustrating limitations to perfection, not because it is out of spec in the device but because we cant set the right limits, etc. Being able for any control actuation, and this also is true for helicopter blades, to be able to rather than having a single global limit "authority limit" to have individual limits for each axis. However, this gets hard for beginner players and very complex for KALs etc. I really think a proper stock scripting system, that can be used as an alternative/extension for KALs and also parts. When a part is right-clicked, simply have another tab, which introduces all the values as a script, then many more can be added for fine-grained control for advanced players while still having the basic set for newcomers. So there is when right clicked, still the standard set of options we know and love, and where the # is to turn to numeric, another value which turns to script mode, where all the values are just as as a script with : // hello i am a comment <setting> = value; function yes_we_need_the_power_for_those_who_can( v ) { return v * 2; } Deploy Angle : yes_we_need_the_power_for_those_who_can( input_roll ); gimal.yaw.minimum = what_jm_builder_needs; // set the individual limits on the gimbals gimal.yaw.maximum = also_what_jm_builder_needs; // and so on //////////////////////////// Can have the script be declarative in nature, very similar to the amazing and wonderful yet under appreciated QML(qt modelling language). We do need more options for advanced builders, yet still respect those who dont/cant. And 99% of time we just need basic options, even intially it can be a choice of script OR page, no parser is needed for first release. We also desperately need something like this for KALs, we truly need looping and decision making. kOS can do that but is more specialised to higher-level autopilot like functionality, rather than low-level actuation of control surfaces based upon conditions/input. One thing that cannot be build for now is true flying wings like B2 spirit because of lack of horizontal stability. This is compensated for IRL by flight control mechanisms, and can be also in KSP if we had KAL-script that could take angle of sideslip, yaw input, and make changes to breaks/engines as needed to stop frisbeeing. There are so many cool things we can do with more control, and extending it to a scripting system for those who can, is going to make it very easy to update/change compared to a UI-based system. GUIs just dont/wont cut it for what advanced players need, and there is no reason why there cannot be a graceful transition between GUI and script. Can even have it be like advanced tweekables that is hidden completely from newcomers unless they switch it on in the options menu. Anyway, we need something MOAR. Please, SQUAD!
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