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  1. My fix is working, I can correctly query my RD108! I have submitted a pull request with my changes. I also have a branch with a 1.3.1 backport in, would this be of interest?
  2. Flibble

    [1.5] Real Fuels v12.7.3

    I think this is because of how RF calculates thrust values. The config files have vac thrust and the Isp curve. To get SL thrust you calculate the mass flow rate from the vac thrust and vac Isp then by the effective exhaust velocity (which is derived from the SL Isp). This means if you reduce the SL Isp it reduces the SL thrust as the mass flow rate is considered fixed. A rocket with SL Isp so much lower than vac but with thrust much closer together would require variable fuel flow which rockets don't tend to have.
  3. Flibble

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Not much progress on my orbital flight. Still having issues getting the stage masses calculated correctly (turns out to be some weirdness between the engine I'm using and kOS). It flies the early ascent phase beautifully though:
  4. I have a curious issue with kOS when used with RO. I have an engine on my craft, the RD108, which is a dual engine, but not multimode. It's a main engine plus a set of vernier thrusters. Both can fire at the same time, use the same fuel, but have different thrust, gimbal, etc. The issue is that in kOS they show up as two separate engines, but both with the same properties. So I can only get the main engine properties (twice), rather than having them separate. In the log I get: [WRN 13:22:28.489] kOS: Second engine without multi-mode on RD108: RD-108 Series Which makes sense since that's exactly what it is. So, solutions. Is it going to be best to add some settings to get the secondary engine stats, similar to how the multimode stuff works? I'm not sure what a robust way to get this working is. Edit: I have a possible solution, though I won't be able to test it in game until tomorrow. I have changed EngineValue.cs to have a list of engines. Multimode work as before whereby it uses either primary or secondary. Everything else sums / averages the properties of all engines. Hopefully that is more or less correct.
  5. Flibble

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I know what the issue is, my code calculates stage mass to work out an estimated burn time, but I'm not getting everything assigned to the right stage. So it thought the second stage would burn for around 30 minutes, rather than 130 seconds.
  6. Flibble

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Attempted my first (simulated) launch to orbit using my homebrew accent guidance system in my RO playthrough. It did not go well. The guidance computer went haywire when the first stage detached and crashed, at which point the rocket nose dived to the floor. Some more work needed I feel.
  7. Flibble

    Launch optimisation

    I've set up a github repo with the WIP stuff in. Not really release ready yet, but if anyone wants a look, they are welcome to. I've started trying to get Stock settings working also, but they're not quite there yet (I think I need a stock rocket as my RO rocket doesn't really work correctly in Stock). https://github.com/RCrockford/ksp-launch-optimisation
  8. Still cheaper than Europe, I'm paying over $2CAD per litre.
  9. My dell laptop has a battery life of about 5 minutes on the desktop with nothing open.
  10. I had to put out a fire in my recycling bins last night. Luckily a passer by rang the doorbell and woke us up.
  11. Flibble

    What did you do in KSP today?

    KRS Experiencing a significant booster shortfall
  12. Flibble

    Cant get into orbit

    My Mk2 spaceplane could lift about 6 tonnes or so to lko with enough fuel margin to do orbital rendezvous. I didn't have rapiers either as it was in career. I mainly used it for shuttling tourists and crew up and down though as it is much cheaper than using staged rockets for that. I recall having a lot more wing than the OP though, huge delta wings in fact to give enough lift. They also meant I could glide land it fairly easily.
  13. Good advice. I play with an xbox pad a lot (on PC) and they need really large deadzones to avoid accidental drift. I think mine are 30% from memory.
  14. No atmosphere on the moon also means much better solar performance. And maybe a station out in orbit beaming solar energy down.
  15. Flibble

    Cant get into orbit

    Flips could be centre of lift too far forward, you don't have it switched on in your screenshot.