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  1. You could use the kOS director to point in any direction like that.
  2. Opening the panel is just for checking settings are working - it should work fine without. And yes, nothing happens on the ground, I have been caught by that - I use the kOS steering manager to get my plane off the ground then switch to AA once airborne. That is AA behaviour, not something specific to the kOS interface.
  3. That should be enough, what happens when you run the script? Also what does AA show when you open the control panel for cruise flight?
  4. This is a thread for the continuation of Kerbal Wind that I've been working on recently. Orignal thread: New GH repository: https://github.com/RCrockford/KerbalWind Current release: https://github.com/RCrockford/KerbalWind/releases/tag/v1.0 Dependencies FerramAerospaceResearch is a dependency. You need it or this mod won't even load. Current status is Beta for testing. Only tested in RSS, it will probably work in other scales, but some of the altitude dependent stuff will be a little off. New features Weather system: it has position and time dependent weather that is seeded from your save game (so you get the same weather if you revert a flight and refly it). New UI: Gust modelling now updates every couple of seconds (speed dependent) rather than every frame which makes it less twitchy. Wind speed and turbulence is altitude (above ground level) dependent. License The code is subject to the MIT license (see GitHub page). In addition, the creators of derivative work must give credit to silverfox8124 and DaMichel. The toolbar icon is subject to the WTFPL (http://www.wtfpl.net/)
  5. You need to post a full log (as an attachment, don't dump it into a post).
  6. You need to post logs. That's just the standard ksp has crashed pop up.
  7. Is this for a newly placed cockpit, or a loaded craft? You might need to replace the cockpit on old craft for it to get upgraded stats. You also might need to buy the upgrade in the R&D centre.
  8. What makes you think that isn't realistic? Propellers on Venus are very effective because the atmosphere is so dense.
  9. Other sites are supposed to work, I assume you're switching with KCS switcher? It is not possible to launch from the moon.
  10. A simple mod to allow atmosphere autopilot control from kOS scripts. Allows for control of the plane via FBW (use Pilot controls in kOS), director mode, or cruise mode. Alpha 0.2 adds suffixes for the majority of craft and autopilot settings. Documentation, such as it is: https://github.com/RCrockford/kOS-AtmosphereAutopilot Releases here: https://github.com/RCrockford/kOS-AtmosphereAutopilot/releases
  11. Anyone "less skilled" I would expect to wait for a CKAN release.
  12. And having double checked I can see that it does have a folder structure in it, so I'm not sure what the issue is.
  13. It's supposed to be in a separate folder, though I'm not discounting that I messed up the zip.
  14. I recently did a complete overhaul on Mars Biomes because they were really broken, so I think we've doubled up our work. Your install is bugged? You'll need to post at least a screenshot.
  15. To pick up on this old post, I have made a mod that extends kOS to allow it to control AA from script. Currently supported are: toggling mode (fbw, director, cruise), setting director vector, setting some cruise params. Note that the director is not mouse director, I've added a new kOS director to avoid the mouse interfering. Download (and code) here: https://github.com/RCrockford/kOS-AtmosphereAutopilot/releases Usage: You can access it with ADDONS:AA it has the following boolean suffixes: FBW, DIRECTOR, CRUISE, SPEEDCONTROL, PSEUDOFLC, scalar: SPEED, HEADING, ALTITUDE, VERTSPEED, and vector: DIRECTION e.g. set addons:aa:altitude to reqAltitude. set addons:aa:heading to reqHeading. set addons:aa:cruise to true. or set addons:aa:direction to heading(reqHeading, reqPitch):Vector. set addons:aa:director to true.