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  1. [RO/RSS 1.6.1] A beautiful sunset launch. Followed by engine failure. Final apogee was 14,500 km, somewhat short of the Lunar intercept it was meant to achieve.
  2. Never heard of anything like that and we have automated crossings here. I have seen video of a car missing a train by centimetres and the engine kept running. Even if the engine cut out the car would roll off the crossing anyway.
  3. That's about right for a ballistic reentry. You should probably try to do a lifting reentry if you're doing manned stuff.
  4. In the VAB click the RCS button. In flight RCS has a separate display to normal engines - it should be under the vessel tab (I think), or you can add it from the edit panels.
  5. I don't use MechJeb. I do use kOS for guidance though. You can more or less eyeball it, though getting a precise orbit will be difficult. Most people just use MJ I think. Also it's pretty tedious to fly by hand, since ascent takes about 7-8 minutes.
  6. Thanks. Incidentally, for those who don't play RSS - that mission required just over 12k dV.
  7. [RO/RSS 1.6.1] Made it at last! First lunar flyby. 3 stages to LEO (200km) followed by a spin stabilised unguided burn for TLI. 680km perilune (target was 1000km).
  8. But there aren't actual address lines so... Also, most desktop processors only support 64GB anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
  9. Not really true on recent hardware. Since they moved the memory controller on-chip some years ago, the number of address lines is actually more like 20.
  10. You have a 116t craft with over 3700 kN of engines. TWR should be about 3.3 by my reckoning. You have two E-1 engines (1885 kN) on the lower stage, you should have two LR89-NA-5s (831 kN).
  11. [1.6.1 RSS/RO] I designed my first Lunar probe today. Three stages to LEO then an unguided spin-kick to get the probe out to the Moon. It should work...
  12. It should be able to, if you set up the control loops correctly.
  13. Use an older version of KSP. You need to provide more info. Like maybe a craft file or at least a VAB screenshot.
  14. Pretty much, this is why things like kinect used a depth camera as well as a normal camera.