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  1. NeoDarkF

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I won't be very original when I try a Blue Mun with a New Glenn.
  2. Awesome . One of the best mods for KSP. Excellent work. I would like to ask if anyone knows if it is possible to change the color of the engine plume directly with restock, without needing a different mod?
  3. NeoDarkF


    Para activar las maniobras hace falta mejorar los edificios de estación de seguimiento y el centro de control a nivel 2 (los números 5 y 10 respectivamente en la imagen). La linea de trayectoria pasa de color gris a azul. Si no me equivoco no se requiere nada más.
  4. NeoDarkF

    Rover SuperLadri

    Llevando ese Rover a Mun o Minmus seguro se obtiene mucha más ciencia y si lo traes de vuelta a Kerbin dirás "shut up and take my science!"
  5. NeoDarkF

    Nave Super Rata

    ¿Colocado en horizontal puede rodar? Reinventando la rueda XD
  6. NeoDarkF

    Ready for my first lift off

    Hi, I'm new around here, but not in Kerbal. I can't remember when I started with my first lift off, it must have been version 1.0.2 or so. When I started, Kerbal didn't even have the current guide and learning anything was certainly tedious. Reading information in forums or watching videos was slowly learning, I guess like most of us. Later on March 2017 I started a youtube channel (in Spanish), at the beginning just uploading for fun and now creating tutorials for Kerbal initiates, and some special video with references to other space franchises. I don't consider myself an expert or anything similar, I keep learning something new every few time, but I like to be able to contribute to those who start in Kerbal. I hope therefore to be able to help here in the forum, although mainly in Spanish, I can also, not without some difficulty, in English. I take this opportunity to leave some screenshots of my own. Greetings to all ^^
  7. NeoDarkF

    Problema de Ingenieria... AUXILIO!!!!!!

    Aporto otra idea. En algún diseño similar la solución que utilizaba era colocar unos RCS lineales bajo en rover. Tienen que estar bien distribuidos sobre el centro de masas del rover o en vez de subir en vertical se irá hacia un lado. Lo que puede traer complicaciones es el depósito de propelente al estar descentrado, según se vacíe influirá en la verticalidad del ascenso con rcs En lunas con poca gravedad es viable, pero totalmente inservible por ejemplo para Eve.