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  1. When we got to Bop we switched to the Nemo II lander at the spacestation: Valentina on Bop (spoilers for the secrets of Bop): After drilling and refueling at the Bop stations, they headed to Laythe with full tanks and a few hundred units of ore to process on arrival. Spacestation cutaway shot: Then Valentina and Christiano transferred into a Lidenbrock III spaceplane and rendezvoused with the mining/refueling base in polar orbit. Engineer Christiano EVAed over to the base to land with it. My thought was that it could refuel itself and take little hops until it was in a good position. While it was a great lander/base for Laythe, it was not stable trying to hop. So I had to make several landing attempts until I got it to the right spot. After Christiano landed solo with an AI pilot, Valentina landed solo in the spaceplane. I'm not the best atmo pilot in KSP, but I'm a lot better after doing a few unimproved runway landings and takeoffs on Laythe: And here's a latter mission to the surface with some other Kerbal meeting up with Christiano: After I got confident with takeoffs and the SSTO flight pattern for Laythe exit, I managed to take a pretty good screenshot of assent: The last of the contracts above was completed when I got the giant part from Vall orbit all the way back to Kerbin's surface: After that it was all refueling runs to the surface until I had enough Lf to refuel my passenger transfer ship for the trip back to Kerbin. It took the data disc back too and an unmanned spaceplane from Kerbin went up to retrieve the disc, Valentian, and Christiano for their triumphant return home. Through the course of this mission, I realized that the "Breaking Ground" surface features don't appear until you create a new save file. So this is the last mission in this save. I might wait until KSP 2 at which point I plan to switch to my laptop, but I might get the urge before then to fire up KSP on my Xbox to build some ships I've been dreaming up. Either way, this mission was way too long and I'll only be doing single launch missions from here on out.
  2. I have had this happen. I’m pretty sure it is from leaving and reentering physics range without reloading that physics frame. I would recommend making a save file when you land, making a save file when you get to the site and fulfill that part of the contract, switching to KSC, switching back to your EVAed Kerbal, and returning to your ship. If the ship is still floating, reload the save from after the contract fulfillment and head back to your ship.
  3. You have accidentally set the trim. That’s what the purple makers represent. I think it gets set when you press in on the thumb stick while maneuvering. Since you also press in on the thumb stick to change cameras this can result in inadvertently setting the trim. I’d recommend going in to settings and turning trim off entirely. I did that a long time ago because I was having the same problem which I why I don’t remember exactly how it gets set.
  4. Physics range should be 2.5km in space (25km on the ground). Make sure you aren’t time warping as you cross over 2.5km but then you should be able to time warp after that until just before 200m. On Xbox, if the glitch a happens the target craft will speed away when you get closer than 200m. I save at about 500m so I can reload if this happens. It never happens after the reload at 500m. Since I stopped time warping over the 2.5km barrier it has only happened rarely. So step-by-step: Stop time warp before 2.5km and don’t time warp until after you are closer than 2.5km Save game around 500m out Stop time warp before you cross over 200m and don’t resume until you are sure the glitch didn’t happen Load your save at 500m if needed
  5. Wasn't quite ready to land Valentina on Bop. Needed to get some of my craft circling Laythe sorted out. I took the inflatable heat shield off of the big tank in the original post above (but I'm saving it to repurpose it later). I then refueled my "Columbia" station and got it down to low Laythe orbit to rendezvous and attach to the big tank. I dropped the four nuke engines I was using on it because this will be the station's final orbit and I needed to free up the one large docking port. And it was a good thing I did because the standard sized docking ports on the station aren't working anymore. All three have space tape (struts) attached to them. I was able to dock at these ports before, but now they don't work. But luckily the big tank that is now the station's base has two docking ports. As it is, I won't be bringing more than one vessel to the station at a time due to physics limits (too many parts). So it's all good and that's the fun of sending all this stuff at once and seeing if it all work - way to late to revert to the VAB!
  6. Thanks!! It refueled quicker than I expected considering the small drills and small converter (but I wasn't really concerned with time at this point). Tylo has very rich ore. Lander has two fuel cell arrays tucked between the nacelles, so plenty of power for the small ISRU set up.
  7. By the way, that's Valentia above next to the flag. This is her first landing in the Jool system. Now my mission is to land her on the other four moons (and I haven't landed anyone on Laythe yet). After mining/refueling, took off from Tylo and rendezvoused with the transport. Put all the Lf on the transport and ditched the lander. Also took the data disk (a probe core between two docking ports) so I could land it on all the other moons. When I get back to Kerbin the disc counts as a craft that landing on all five moons. Took transport back to Vall and mined/refueled there and got Valentina and the disc their landing. Then back to Pol to refuel a Jool sat that I wanted to send to Bop to look for mysteries. If you look close, all three inner moons are in this shot! While the scanner sat was at Pol, I found the rough location of an anomaly. It was high in the mountains and Valentina had to fly around looking for it. I was lucky with the monolith spawn on Vall, so the game made up for it by placing this one in a tough spot for landing. It never registered as a discovered green monolith for some reason. And then the game glitched and I had to reload and when I went back to the monolith is still didn't register. So I named it the "Green Meanie". After mining/refueling at Pol, I went to refuel the sat. It has a docking port for this purpose, but a piece of space tape stuck to the port after staging and it's useless. So I had to bring the claw. After that I sent the sat, the disc, and Valentina to Bop and sent Shaihulud (the lander pictured here) to Laythe to bring fuel to the masses. Did a bunch of other maneuver to refuel things, but basically all caught up now. Next time, I'll land Valentina on Bop and visit it's two anomalies.
  8. Next I added fuel to my Tylo lander and made some landing attempts: That was actually a scary near miss! Gotta check what's in front of you when you start a burn. After a couple of failed attempts, I finally landed: Tylo is tough and if I go back I will use bigger engines - something like a 10+ TWR. But Tylo is also pretty dull, so I won't be going back in this mission.
  9. Taking the photo on console is the easy part. Then you have to get it to your laptop/tablet. I play on Xbox and the Xbox app on PC is pretty good for this. Editing all the pictures so they aren't too dark to post is the real effort. [Unrelated Post Follows] Landed on Tylo. It's a pain and it's dull:
  10. Luckily, I've been doing more playing than posting lately! I mapped Vall's anomalies using a Rovemate core on board my standard Jool sat. I found both anomalies and they were rather close to each other. So I landed one of my rovers on a flat ice plain and then landed my crew nearby. The engineer stayed on board to mine while the pilot and scientist drove from the landing site to the first anomaly: A green monolith! These appear randomly on each planet/moon that you can land on. I was lucky that it spawned so close to my real objective. I knew it might not, which is why I sent two rovers. Then they drove through the hills to the second anomaly. Driving in KSP is not my favorite, but I found that designing the vehicle so that it's top speed on level ground is low prevents frequently flipping and allows you to physics warp safely and make the long drives go quicker (I still stop and save every 10 minutes or so). This still took me two days of playing. So the rest of this post will be in a spoiler box in case you want to discover this one for yourself:
  11. I’d like to see it in action, but I play on console. Would you make us a video?
  12. I find 0% (i.e. locked) is the best gimbal setting for Vector engines in vacuum. They are a hazard to Kerbal-kind once you leave atmo.
  13. Very cool! I’ve had a lot of fun with monoprop vehicles. I haven’t built any since I got Breaking Ground though. Love the arm on that thing!
  14. Thanks!! Shaihulud is probably the best thing I’ve built in KSP. I’ve had a lot of fun with the more cosmetic designs, but Shaihulud is extremely capable so I use it all the time (and it’s still cool looking).