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  1. I find this service module rather frustrating. It won’t let you easily access stuff that look like it should be exposed but if you stick stuff through the sidewalls they work just fine. It’s like they intended something different for it. So if you have trouble accessing the sensor in flight, try zooming in until you are inside it. That should work.
  2. That’s a bummer. I didn’t have anything landed at the time so I got lucky.
  3. The recent update switched gear on existing craft to “override” settings. You should be able to change the settings on the gear/legs to automatic and either use that setting or then tweak the springiness.
  4. Long shot guess, but if you switched from sandbox or science mode to career mode then you don’t see all the nodes until you upgrade the tracking station. if that’s not it then I can tell you I’ve seen full node on Xbox since the last update so maybe reload the game?
  5. That’s why they don’t tell you in the contract - the skies would be filled with stranded pilots nobody needs.
  6. Is that your theory or have you seen a reference that Gateway will be in one of those orbits? What is the benefit of these orbits?
  7. I’m excited about Blue Origin, but they are a bit behind right now in terms of lift capability. They may really catch up and their moon lander looks promising. I was specifically discounting SLS, not all the other efforts out there. I’ve seen the SLS concept being tauted since the late 80’s and I think if it were a good idea we’d have done it already. I was really hoping Virgin Galactic and Burt Ratan would have gone orbital by now too. I was a Burt fanboy long before I had heard of Space X.
  8. Now I’m curious as to what aspect of a contract you were trying to fulfill by having your tourists EVA. Were you doing a rendezvous and transfer without a docking? Did you just put too many on two ships without any spare seats to do a transfer? But I do feel lucky that I inadvertently learned that they can’t EVA before I took any tourist missions; I could see ending up frustrated if I hadn’t. Also, who would pay to land on the moon if they couldn’t do an EVA?!?
  9. In this video, at 2:20, they say that Gateway will, “...balance between Earth and Moon’s gravity.” That sounds like they plan to park it at Lagrange Point 1 (L1) in the Earth-Moon system: Has anyone else seen this spelled out somewhere? If they don’t mean L1, what do you think they mean? Also, let’s just discuss the video in general. I think it is a good video, but I don’t think the SLS will meet schedule and they should just go with Space X.
  10. I went to the Mun the Russian way: And made a commentary version of the same vid:
  11. Uplifter Single Stage Rocket (USSR) and the Kerbal-to-Ground-and-Back (KGB) Mun Lander I built the lander first to look like a Soviet-style machine and then decided to build a vehicle to put it into orbit. I started off with a cargo bay and was planing to put a space plane on top of an expendable launcher, but in testing it out I discovered that I was able to get to orbit! I don't really know why it works as an SSTO, but I'm sure it's not very realistic. It can deliver about 8.5t to orbit. Here's a video of the mission: For some reason the Onion module on the USSR kept turning black. I thought it had something to do with atmospheric heating, but it didn't happen when the KGB Onion module reentered. Weird. And here's a version of the video with commentary instead of silly text and music: Specs USSR Stats (without KGB payload): Wet Weight: 323.5t Part Count: 107 Length 41.2m Width 15.3m KGB Transfer Stage dV: 1036 m/s KGB Descent Stage dV: 1256 m/s KGB Ascent Stage dV: 1396 m/s KGB Stats (without Transfer Stage): Wet Weight: 4.5t Part Count: 37 Length 3.2m Width 2.7m
  12. I had a lander slide for about 10 minutes on Duna on a not-very-steep slope. Actually pushed it along with RCS to get to the flat part quicker. Didn’t thing of turning it into a fun activity for my Kerbals - nice vid!
  13. Good stuff! I’d like to see you do a video of an Fiocci ABM intercept. Also, aspiring Kerbal dictators like road-mobile launchers. Working on any of those?
  14. More like “Lucky dead dogg”! Those are cool contracts I haven’t seen. My contractors just want me to build and mine stuff.
  15. I guess this is something I did yesterday but then the game did to me (or I noticed) today, but the moons of Jool chucked my mapping probe on a fast trajectory out of the sun’s SOI. I had mapped the three inner moons and then had enough dV to do a flyby of Pol from Tylo. That all went well and I Kept an eye on it for a while afterwards as it got chucked around the Jool system, but it seemed to settle into a 45 degree orbit just inside of Tylo’s. Then I time accelerated about half a year and went back to check and found this. Looks like 20 years and 200 days until it leaves the system, so I’ll have to check back on it then. Pretty cool because I probably couldn’t have achieved this if I tried.