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  1. You are Right, My Man! Thanks for the help!!!
  2. Hello, just a tiny question. How can I turn on the display for gun convergence? I remember something like that in the old days and now I am really missing it, when I would like to use more than one gun. Thank You!
  3. Welcome Back dear Creator! I loved this mod, I am really glad that you have returned to the scene!!! Hm, what I would like to see? A bit more refined cockpits, in- and outside. Other than that, I am happy with the mod!
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a problem with this FAR Continued. I am in KSP 1.4.2. The Mod starts, I've got the icon, but when I get in VAB or SPH the COL sphere doesn't show any arrows and when I click on the FARc icon it doesn't show any data no matter what i do. There is no lift at all and the center of lift stuck by the first part what i put in the hangar. I haven't found any similar problems like this. I've made a clean install without any other mods, but it's still the same. Edit: So, I have tried the old 1.4.3 recompiled version (FAR_0_15_9_2_ferram4) and that seems to work with KSP 1.4.2. I haven't played much with it, so it's probably buggy as mentioned here in the forum, but at least I can use FAR with Infernal Robotics, wich is awesome to make some swing-wing F-14ish planes and VTOLs, Yeeehaaa! And I've figured that the CoL sphere doesn't have to have arrows, as somebody wrote here in the forum. But it still bugs me what could be the problem for me with the latest FAR releases?! I use the 64 bit version, no other mods, installed only FAR by hand, no CKAN, but still no luck with FARContinued. If anyone had similar problem, I would really appreciate His/Her help, and would give a virtual kiss on His/Her belly ;-x