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  1. Im very happy with my steam copy of KSP thay have a sale on steem so this is the time to get it one thing I sugest is if you are running on a old pc or need a fast boot time disble steam from starting up on start up thorough task manger on windows. Please like post if you found it usefull Miner 36
  2. Hi, Im wondering if I can install ksp on kali (i need steam) becouse kali is a debian baced and practicly a skin of ubuntu with some different tools. Im trying this tonight so i will post my result here. Thanks, Mine 36
  3. Thank I will look into that but it mite be cheaper if I by a $130 gtx 1030 then faster ram that's basicly my intentions to add a gpu Will a gtx 1030 work?
  4. Will My PC https://nz.pcpartpicker.com/user/Miner_36/saved/qBhTCJ Play Ksp is a Ryzen 3 2200g with integrated graphics Run ksp on recommended settings NOTE I have a budget of $590 NZD!
  5. the tourist contract must have expierd did you have a probe on your pod?
  6. Thay Basicly copped Surface Experiment Pack By AlbertKermin I wonder where thay put the "About Breaking Gound Expantion" will it be with the Making History one?
  7. Thanks for the help its running fine I needed to add the -force-opengl Startup parameters then Found i need to add a - on the front thanks for the help
  8. Amazing mod fixes that problem when you cant slow down and you have a service bay full of science.
  9. Hi I am Making KSP Run on AWS (Amazon web services) For Cents an Hour But I Need Some Help 1. I need help turning off steam cloud Because there is a data out charge 2. Is AMD CPUs Better Than Intel for KSP 3.I open Task Manger On my sever I have 8GB of ram and 4GB of the 8GB are used doing nothing will this run KSP with litte lag should I get 16GB
  10. I need some help building my own ksp reddy pc for $260 NZD (this is in new Zealand money) all I need is to play ksp with no mods lag free(ish) (WE DONT HAVE AMMAZON YOU CAN FIND PC PART IN NZ AT PRICESPY.CO.NZ)