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  1. by didnt use resources i mean it said i need materialkits even though i had them
  2. How do I deploy the inflatable ranger stuff? I enough mats on my base but it will only give me the deploy option through a kerbal and it doesn't use the resources from the colony. I was able to deploy the habitation modules but not the greenhouse or workshop.
  3. When I use this mod and open ksp, I get to the menu screen but cant click anything, does anyone know why?
  4. if its not crazy hard do you think you could make a bigger, more spider shaped critter crawler? if it comes down to it i could make a model of one and if you want to you could do it.
  5. pro tip, in the final texture, remove the uv image
  6. no i couldnt fix it, im pretty sure im using the right version and it didnt work
  7. the problem was the wrong version, even though I used the version listed im pretty sure 2017.1.3p1
  8. I agree, the current planets would be enough if they weren't so boring and realistic, there is no exploration factor because every planet is identical besides a color and size
  9. How would I make a parachute integrated into a capsule? I don't really understand making a parachute at all and im making a replica of the cst-100 starliner and I need to be able to make a parachute, which I dont understand at all. @wasml showed example parts, but the parachute didn't load into Unity.
  10. only thing i can think of is that one has specular one has diffuse lighting edit: im late but i guess its too late for me to go back now
  11. my mistake was searching it in the ksp forum, i didnt realize it was an option on github, sorry.
  12. hey I can't find the branch for the 2.79 version of blender, is it gone?
  13. what workflow do you use when texturing? By this I mean, when you are texturing, to get the best looks, do you use images like a collage? and what techniques do you use to make the textures look more realistic.
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