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  1. Apologies... must have mistook the KSP staff flair for Moderator
  2. @Vanamonde @Just Jim or any other moderator, is it possible to lock this thread? I've handed the story over to a friend, and he'll republish it sometime later.
  3. Sorry all, this fic will be on hiatus. I'm not sure whether I can continue on the forums for IRL reasons, but a friend of mine could publish these in his own threadif you'd all like to see this continue. Peace.
  4. I'd tend to agree with the 'no' side here. The fact that the game hasn't been out ten years yet plus the diversity of the community's opinions make it just silly. Plus, I still don't really agree with singling out stuff for TOTY: it's fine I guess, but choosing one thread from a massive catalogue seems like a subjective task.
  5. @LittleBitMore That's a good idea, and in a common location too! Alrighty!
  6. Fair enough, but I'll wait for some more details. @Ultimate Steve said those are only the main characters, so maybe I could voice a minor character or something? My internal 'Chad', for the record, had a stereotype Aussie/Californian surfer dude accent: 'Aw bro, we're like, so totally in a spaceship right now, bro! Totally rad bro. Bro.'
  7. Could this 'Chad' have a different accent? Mine is a weird mix of Aussie/Kiwi and British. Failing voice acting, I'd be happy to fill in as a storyboarder or something such. Have you got a Discord for us to centralize our efforts?
  8. The forum filter has unfortunately changed around the meaning of a few sentences. I do apologise.
  9. Is this thread alive? I'd love some feedback on my story or even just what you like, what you don't etc.
  10. Well done, @ManEatingApe thoroughly deserved from what I've heard!
  11. Sorry for the long wait.. Here's a rather smaller chapter, as exams are encroaching upon my sanity once again. Hopefully we can enjoy further discussion of the story now that I've restarted it. CHAPTER FOUR Aquarian Superprix, Qualifying. “Well, Jeremy, we’re here again. Just over five minutes until the Formula K grid is allowed to exit their respective pit boxes and begin qualifying for the Aquarian Superprix. Jeremy, old buddy, first of all, I’m glad to see you’ve changed your shirt since yesterday. Secondly, what are your predictions for the qualifying?”
  12. I'm wheezing.. why is this crudely edited egg so funny?
  13. That was the guide I followed.. unfortunately SXT Continued's status as a required mod makes CKAN install difficult, so will try manual download and extract
  14. Some sort of error with RP-1- SXTContinued got a 403 error and failed. RSS and RO installed fine, but RP-1 throws up problem after problem on 1.2.2, 1.3.1, 1.6.1 and 1.7.3. It's enough to make a guy scream! Will attach files when I get them: just wondered if this was a common issue with an easy fix.
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