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  1. *Rubs eyes* Is that....a Quadruple Integral? And i thought Triple Integration was a pain. Back to the topic at hand though, would it be possible to null out the majority of an object's mass (Say 98-99% of it). And then accelerate it, gaining momentum the entire way. At which point it would have so much energy just from the velocity component, that it could form a singularity/black hole if you used the warp field to increase it's mass instead at that point. Basically, my thought goes like this. We know Wormholes can do what we want, and that the quantities of Negative Energy nee
  2. Yep, this is what people really need to realize. KSP2 looks good, but it's no Cyberpunk or Crysis 3 graphically. It's going to hammer a single thread, because the developers haven't gone away from rigid-body arrays. They are optimizing around it, so the performance will likely be much better than KSP. But still, Ryzen 3000/5000 or Intel i5/i7 8000 series and up is really what you want. Ideally ofc, you could probably get away with something like a i3 OC'd to the limit (I forget which one was Overclockable tbh). But why do that except for the lels
  3. It's in scope, but in order of priorities it's so far down the queue that it's effectively approaching 0 importance Think about it, before tides we'd want Wind, Clouds, Weather, oh and N-Body because you'd have to have an actual simulation of gravitation at this point. Then you might as well implement a more accurate approximation of Aerodynamics al la FAR, and so on. That's what he means by feature creep, this isn't a feature that would come on it's own. It's packaged with a whole assortment of other things that would be required to make it convincing, and many of them the community
  4. Windows Defender (I'm kinda assuming you're using windows since if you're a penguin you'd shout it to the heavens) and UAC throw up so many False Positives it's absolutely absurd. At least until you realize they throw an order of magnitude less false positives than any paid AV services and then just learn to grin and bear with it. Basically, as long as you understand where the software came from and that it can be trusted i wouldn't worry about it. I've had Windows nuke SKSE on multiple occasions, just because the DLL injection it uses just happens to be a common method for more mali
  5. If you noticed; i even mentioned i used Parsec for remote access.... It's a third-party tool that was apparently optimized with remote "Coop" sessions in mind. So yeah, Steam Remote is so absolutely garbage that i have to use a completely different service to just shovel code between computers xD It's such a shame that even though i mentioned this in passing, it took this long down the comment chain for someone to say this lel Brah, this isn't flaming. At least of you personally, now STEAM is a different story. They have more money than humanly imaginable but can't get rem
  6. Asteroids aren't actually celestials, at least in the traditional sense. So they might not share the same limitations.
  7. Factorio != KSP2 There are fundamental, base-level systems that if not done correctly the first time won't ever be fixed once it goes live in KSP2. This is why I'm so adamant about no EA, no "Beta", and allowing them as much time as they please. Because KSP1 is held down by the cruft from it's past, and no amount of patching would fix it entirely. Therefore, KSP2 isn't just unlikely to benefit from this idea. It's much, much more likely to hurt it in the long-term.
  8. Well I know that, but I was replying to the discussion as a whole. Everything being discussed here except for the concept of having water not at sea level is way out of scope for KSP2. Also caves aren't going to happen aside from pre made assets, since the developers confirmed that the terrain system is unchanged from KSP1. But yeah going back to the general idea, I think it's solvable for sure. Especially when we throw the idea of any kind of complex interaction out the window like you said xD
  9. If they have a symmetrical gigabit pipe plugged into them at all times, otherwise the experience of playing remotely is very hit or miss. I use parsec for getting into my workstation while I'm at work if I need some files, and even though it's barely 5 miles away from me and my home has symmetrical gigabit it's still dropping frames, hiccuping and generally performing poorly on even civilization type games. Because the connection at work is like 20mb/s and unless both ends are up to snuff that's what you get. However it has been very nice for throwing compile jobs on my WS, that
  10. I'd love someone who is far more familiar with this stuff to answer my question if they're so inclined. Why do we have to include all water in the full simulation ? What would prevent there basically being two kinds of water. One would be tied to celestials, contribute to the mass, interact gravitationally and so on. And the other would be used more like a prop, placed where needed. It would still have mass, and bouyancy, but a simple boolean flag would exclude it from the full simulation. Because if we just want to kayak down a mountain stream, I don't think we really care abou
  11. Nope, "Pre-Release" is a final release for all intents and purposes. So let them have the time they need, and stop begging them to jump the gun just because HYPETRAINOMFGWHERISGMEEE
  12. Unlike most suggestions, this doesn't require major refactoring or rewriting significant portions of KSP1. And it would add an amazing variety of new ways to play it it has my +1 for sure.
  13. I know a few of the Procedural wing mods have bordered wings, but those are normally black.
  14. When I said "more bugs" I mean compared to the PC version. All games have bugs, but there's no excuse for introducing more than you started with in the beginning due to an botched port. Also you have stripped down DLC, mind you it's not too much. Making history has the mission planner removed, and I think breaking ground is mostly intact. And the slowdown experienced when part count increases isn't a bug, that's just how looping through those arrays scales. You can easily find plenty of documentation of bugs that exist only in the console ports of KSP, but aren't in the PC ve
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