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  1. The best version of any software is the version that supports the features you want; look at your modlist and see which ones are supported for 1.6.1/1.7; then ask yourself if that specific mod is worth running a older version. You'll be shocked how many mods you can trim when you really question why they're installed.
  2. tbh a big thank you to the modding community here in general; iv'e had yet to see another community so willing to answer questions, deal with newbie mistakes and write comprehensive documention for their tools of the trade. The latter i can only really say exists in most beth games; but the communities of modders there aren't even 10% as nice for some reason so you're left to learn most things on your own. But let's take a crack at names here; let's start with thanking @Nertea for making my atomic dreams possible (Also those fkn plumes on the LV-N's are a sight to behold) A massive fistbump to @dkavolis for maintaining FAR and to @linuxgurugamer for that Mouse Aim mod; both of which allow me to continue getting myself in hilarious situations with supermanuverable fighters at Hypersonic speeds. Along with @linuxgurugamer again for Hangar Extension which is a downright neccessity to use parts larger than 3.75M. Then there's @EmbersArc for the incredible KRE; and @NecroBones for SpaceY heavy lifters. But everyone who works on mods, makes textures, creates these models and has any hand in the incredible mods we use on the daily deserves a round of applause.
  3. It was during my first successful mun mission, jeb had landed successfully but i had staggered the launches so that return rocket was a few hours away. Insertion burn went well; and began my decent. What i failed to realize was that there was a crater rim that intersected my orbital plane about 4-5000km away from my landing site. I tried burning prograde to raise myself above the rim but it didn't work; valentina smacked into the rim in excess of 900m/s resulting in a complete loss of craft and the pilot.
  4. Indeed; with large spaceplanes especially it makes me wonder if they're better off using traditional rocket engines after a certain point. Once you're using 13+ RAPIER engines which are far from the lightest or most efficient, how much mass are you really saving? Especially since you end up needing additional whiplash engines for atmospheric flight eventually anyway; a RAPIER Sr. could be larger and even more efficient because of "Improvements" made using data from the previous engines if that was desired. I wouldn't mind the RAPIER sent to a lower node at all; it just feels more suited as the final product of all Hypersonics development rather than a true endgame part.
  5. Iv'e had it detach and destroy the capsule during a 6 m/s impact; so this is actually why i try to ditch it well before hitting the ground.
  6. Well of course; because then it's a job. And worse since you don't get paid for doing it! And also just the fact that you have to have a geninue interest in this stuff to keep content coming; you have to be the kind of person who wakes up at 4AM and goes "I KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO X IN KSP" and spends the next 2-3 nights iterating upon it until finally it works. And then that same enthusism flows into the final work; captivating the audience as well. You don't get that by phoning it in.
  7. I'm honestly trying to understand how you could get this slow of an encounter; iv'e only sent a single probe to the Jool System but it only took about ~3 years after final manuevering. It was basically a slightly longer Duna Mission; then again i did a hohmann transfer when Kerbin and Jool were at the right phase angle. Then corrected further out two times (Once for inclination and then another prograde burn to bring it down from 6 yrs to 3.) The majority of my transfers are within the 2-3 year range; but iv'e had total mission times >6yrs after doing multiple transfers.
  8. Personally i think the main issue with the rapier is not it's performance; with a pre-cooler and inlet cones 2X rapier can push me to >Mach 4 and 25K before flaming out (This is with FAR being used though). The main issue i find is that it's the only engine of it's kind, on a endgame node and ends up being more of a curiosity than much else. Rather than buffing the existing RAPIER i would like to see dedicated spaceplane engines expanded, with 1.875m, 2.5m and 3.75m parts. And before everyone says it; i'm more than aware mods for this exist (They're awesome and i have them downloaded). Me personally; since i already use mods i focus on reusable launchers rather than SSTO's.
  9. We don't have a flight sim model at all lul; the way stock KSP computes drag/lift is practically fantasy. And it's not like the "Old" model just couldn't become a toggle in difficulty settings; for those who would rather stick with it.
  10. Everyone seems to be forgetting the Tegra chips CPU's in the switch are not X86; it's ARM. You would need to recompile the source for the new architecture; along with ensuring the proper instructions are there. Is it impossible? Not by a long shot. But would it be in the best interests of Squad to hire on an entire team of ARM developers to develop a port of a niche game for a niche system that won't ever manage to equal the experience available on even the slowest PC ? I can't speak for their financial department; however , common sense says no.
  11. I enjoy a "Barbell" configuration with 2 MK3 pods connected to a 1.25m service bay and one end with a 2.5m docking port; throw some science and/or a probe core in it and now you have 6 crew+ science+ docking. Apply parachutes and a heatshield for easy reentry; simmer at around 2000m/s at ~50,000 km. Best served with a recovery crew with thermal blankets, water and stretchers to get your brave explorers out of the miserable can safely back to KSC.
  12. Considering i'm a massive aircraft nerd (Especially military) the fact that my process looks like this is not surprising in the slightest; even though i didn't intentionally base it off that model xD
  13. a MK3 command pod with a docking port and enough fuel can get you > 3K Delta-V; then you can just make multiple trips with a nice compact lander. The only issue becomes getting all 6 back down to kerbin; you have to choose between making the "Tug" heavier with more space for tourists. Or docking a return module after entering LKO.
  14. #1- Why does your lander have 4 engines in the first place? You apperently have the ability to dock and NERVA engines. So make yourself a Space Tug, shoot it up into LKO and rendevous it with the "Lander" for your contracts. This saves you money on the transfer stage (Your only cost is fueling it now) and makes the lander the only stage you need to recover and it goes from needing to carry enough fuel to go from LKO>Mun>Insertion burn> Circularize>Land>Ascend>Escape>LKO>Decend>Land. To only needing enough fuel to Land>Ascend>Rendevous>Decend; which can also be done with much more efficient engines now with much less weight. And you still recover the lander! #2- Honestly i hate to say this but your solution is not really in the stock game; there's plenty of mods that add reaction wheels for 2.5M parts and beyond which make this a cakewalk. But assuming the stock game is your only option; don't fuss around with RCS and just make sure you have enough reaction wheels to keep these parts stable at the very least; then left-click your engines and find the "Thrust Limiter" and set it at about 10-20. Then target your docking ports and do the dance; and save often so when you muck it up it's not a complete waste of time. But tbh i think you're building wayyy too big and the mass is just running away from you; meaning more fuel and more engnes which means more mass AHHHHHHAAAAHHH. Like i haven't seen contracts in the stock game where the number of tourists is over 4; which means that even if your lander parts don't have the capacity making multiple trips with the lander is an option.