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  1. Yeah that's fine; i just wanted to know if it was "Market supply" or "What's in the ground" It seems to be the latter.
  2. Is that figure how much supply exists in theory? Or the sum of all surveyed deposits? Uranium Supply I'd expect to be higher due to it having commercial applications, but Thorium currently has few if any practical uses. I agree it's all limited resources, but the idea that there's less Thorium than Uranium legitimately doesn't make sense. Not only is it 2 atomic numbers lower, but it's a daughter product of several radioactive decay chains. So it should be even more common due to it being replenished. Also those figures are based on traditional LWR reactors that are known to be incre
  3. Personally i think we should be focusing far more on breeding Uranium from Thorium, instead of mining the stuff directly. Liquid Sodium reactors are some of the most underappreciated designs in our history, and much more suitable for use in spacecraft or remote colonies than conventional designs.
  4. You do want the heat, but in the right places. If your pistons begin expanding because of excess heat, and then your timing is off by a few miliseconds...well then no fusion. That's the advantage with Tokamak and Laser-initiated designs vs "Brute-forcing" it. Also the energy comes from the mass, or rather the energy released by fusing the elements in the first place. If the fusion reactions at the center of the sun didn't release more energy than they consumed, then they wouldn't counter the gravitational force attempting to crush the star inward. So no; it's not impossible by far. It's a
  5. Fission fuel, or use the energy to create hydrocarbons. When you have cheap reliable energy and a surplus even extremely lossy pathways are plenty viable. Also I'm going to be honest, I seriously doubt the Canadian reactor will work. At least when scaled up, all of those moving parts along with the challenges of containment and removing heat will become liabilities. As for new materials, mostly thinking of heavy elements. There's quite a bit more we can explore on the periodic table, but it's limited by available targets and energy. So more energy means we can make heavier elements for ta
  6. We didn't use the first rockets to go to space, Chinese intially used them as fireworks Fusion, controlled, and producing more energy than it consumes is legit a game-changer; once you have it you now can take all that nasty radioactive waste from your Fission Plants and blast it with neutrons until it decays into nothing (Just....don't be anywhere near this, the radiation would be incredible). You also can now breed all the Uranium, Plutonium and Fissionables you want; yes they can absolutely be used for bombs. But they can also go into RTGs, NTR's and everything else you need them for.
  7. Thank you; the way these people are talking you'd think there was an actual product that was available for purchase at some point. The only people out any money if the game fails is 2K and Intercept, not anyone here. And I'm sure that people will find a way to manage until 2022, there's several great games coming out between now and then along with KSP still receiving updates. Even if KSP2 is a flaming dumpster fire, in a couple months people will move on to other games....
  8. I'm not running RO, so i shouldn't need to worry. Thanks for the assist.
  9. So as of right now it would double patch any OPT tanks if SMURFF is installed? Trying to track down a error with my new install ATM.
  10. You've been asking about KSP's texture formats, how it handles planets, and etc for a while (for at least a week from my lurking). As the saying goes ~Just do it~ Even if you fail; you'll learn quite a bit in the process.
  11. Does SMURFF patch this? Or is your custom solution just for the people who don't have it installed?
  12. I was able to get some scaling by forcing CFX and tweaking the profile, but only with Astronomers visual enhancements installed. You need a GPU load before any additional GPU will get you anything, and KSP just doesn't have it stock. Also as for the idea of using a Nividia GPU as a physx accelerator, unity is using the physx library for physics but it's not running on the GPU. It's on the CPU, and heavily single-threaded at that. So basically unless your computer is a "project car" already and you don't mind messing around with driver settings and profiles to brute-force modded grap
  13. If it was just the pods heatshield exploding, then you're absolutely correct. But very, very rarely do i only reenter with a heat shield only (I normally try to keep whatever is left attached until at least ~50,000km), so the heatshield explosion often destroys the mission by causing the rest of the stack to collide with it. Also I rarely try to get the best reentry profiles, mostly because i dislike waiting for the craft to swing back to the right position, burn and then come around again. So most of it I'll fully admit is a product of my own impatience xD The KV's just seemed to hi
  14. What difference does it really make at this point though? Seriously, that's the one thing i don't understand. If our options are either KSP2 is vaporware, or KSP2 will release as a flaming pile of garbage filled with bugs 2 years from now then what does saying any of this accomplish? No money has changed hands, no game has even been available to play, literally nothing but a vague expectation has been set. If KSP2 never comes out, then no amount of posts or developer hounding would make it any less doomed. If KSP2 is in development for 2 more years, and still has multiple showstopper bugs
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