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  1. The contract isn't broken, it's just sometimes referencing the older version of the part. You won't see this mentioned anywhere in the text, but if it isn't working when you select the current model in the parts tree, you have to use the older one. These contracts can still be completed. I have done this many times across multiple saves. As I mentioned previously, the older parts are accessible by switching to the advanced mode of the parts tree. There is a button for this in the top left corner of the VAB/SPH screen. Alternatively, press L3 on PS4 (LSB on XBox) to toggle the cursor
  2. Unfortunately you won't find one. The console version has been corrupting save files for years. I have been playing the game on PS4 Pro since June of 2019. Even through routine cloud backups, I have lost two long term career saves since last year because of it, and have seen dozens upon dozens of non-fatal save file corruption messages, which only ended up in a minimal loss of progress. This is one of the main reasons that I will never recommend the Enhanced Edition to anybody (which pains me to say, because KSP is a brilliant game), unless you simply can't or otherwise don't want to p
  3. The contracts sometimes still reference legacy parts (older visual models). These parts aren't in the parts tree proper, but can still be accessed from the advanced mode of the build menu (the button on the top left of the VAB/SPH interface), where you can sort by cross section size, etc. You will see two variants of the parts in question in the listing, and selecting the older model will normally clear this particular issue up and allow the contract to complete.
  4. Unfortunately, there's no way to directly access the save file system on the console version of the game. Each career/science/sandbox mode game is contained its own save data file, regardless of how many different manual saves you make. So, for example, if you have a career mode with the "persistent", "quicksave, "manual_save1", "manual_save2", etc, it will show up in your saved data management on your consoles HDD as a single file; "career name here" (if you didn't rename it from "default"). What that means, is that once the "persistent" file becomes corrupted, that game mode is un
  5. This happens frequently on console as well, though it's not limited to SOI change (although that is a majority situation). I have made mid-course corrections in solar orbit that put my final position exactly where I want it to be, only to have the act of selecting "warp to next maneuver" ruin the adjusted trajectory to the point where I have to do multiple mid-course corrections to get where I was going to end up after my initial adjustment. It's ridiculous at times. I have been in situations where 700 m/s of Delta-V should have been enough to put me into Kerbin's atmosphere (based on n
  6. When I first started playing KSP, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, and ended up attempting things long before I was even remotely ready for them. One such incident ended up with a Kerbal on a trajectory that would eject him from the solar system. I ended up messing around with EVA instead of adjusting his trajectory, out of the novelty of it for me, and the physics caused him to slip off of the command pod and lose his grip. At the time, I wasn't aware of how to activate the EVA backpack (honestly, I don't even know if I knew they were equipped by default). It seems silly
  7. And even after all that, we still don't get everything that was part of the same PC update, which is kind of a kick in the junk considering how long we have to wait. Notably lacking are some quality of life improvements (I'm looking at you, better burn time indicator, adjustable docking port attraction force, maneuver mode widget, etc)
  8. We don't even have 1.8 on consoles yet, and that was released for PC 9 months ago.
  9. Today, while beginning construction of a large ship in LKO, I performed my first ever multiple-port docking when I attached one of the engine sections to the core stack via 2 Docking Port Sr. That's a tricky little bit of RCS wizardry to get the alignment and rotation perfect on multiple ports before impact. I thought it would be near impossible on console, but I was pleasantly proven wrong
  10. As far as the game is concerned, that wheel isn't broken, it's just not aligned properly anymore. That's not something an engineer can fix.
  11. That while it's important to know the total Delta-V of your craft, it's equally (if not more) important to know the Delta-V of each stage, as well as the function of that stage, so that your rocket can perform its intended task appropriately. Bigger doesn't always mean better (although, bigger is almost always more awesome). I have, at times, reengineered some of my more monstrous crafts into something more refined and ended up having more Delta-V as a result. Have a contingency plan! A recent manned round trip to Dres was almost less than successful due to the buggy nature of mane
  12. Also, it does not detect all asteroids that appear. They have to have a specific inclination. #2 *beep* Además, no detecta todos los asteroides que aparecen. Tienen que tener una inclinación específica.
  13. I had one of these high paying Sentinel contracts on my PS4. Was 4.66M up front, 7.69M reward +154 science and 252 rep to track 12 near Kerbin with an inclination of greater than 39. It had a 977 year deadline. What I thought was absurd about the contract wasn't so much the payout (but it did raise my eyebrows). It was the deadline that had me wondering what. Things like this rarely take 20 years, let alone nearly a thousand.
  14. I had been tinkering with the idea of creating a fully modular surface base system for low gravity bodies. Each module uses the same foundation core, and is equipped with both wheels and landing legs. Upon landing, the wheels are deployed on each section, and the landing legs retracted. This guarantees that the docking ports are aligned, as long as the terrain is reasonably flat. Then you simply drive one module over to the other, and connect. Since each module is independently mobile, the base can be reconfigured as design and needs dictate. It was a perfect execution here at the KS
  15. How unstable and unoptimized the Enhanced Edition on consoles is. Of the 114 games in my PS4 library, KSP is the only one guaranteed to crash every single time I play it. In fact, crashes with other games are so few and far between that it's barely worth mentioning. KSP is king of that hill by a long shot, and reigns supreme as the only PS4 game I have ever had corrupting save data (which has been an ongoing problem for years with this game). I back up my PS4 saves to the Plus cloud as a matter of routine, but this is the only game where I have ever needed to download one of those back
  16. I'm interested in seeing where it goes. I recall him mentioning this reboot recently. I find his content to be entertaining, for the most part. I always appreciated that he documents his failures in his instructional videos, as well, so as not to come across as holier than thou.
  17. 552.528t into 100k Kerbin orbit. It was a fully loaded fuel depot. Normally, I launch my depots empty, and fill them up later, but my need for this depot in Kerbin orbit exceeded my then present need to put it there efficiently. The launch vehicle was ... interesting. The first stage had 60 engines on it. In total, it was 381 parts, 4,187.407t on the pad, and cost 2,380.217 to launch. It was a satisfying display of brute force, but my Playstation was not happy about it.
  18. I have been gaming since the late 70's, before we even had the option to create save game files. I adopted the "save early, save often" practice when that mechanic was introduced with The Legend of Zelda, back in 1986. You can create quick saves in KSP on console all you want, but every save that you create all get lumped into one master file (including the associated persistent save). So, each career game exists as a single on-disk file, each science mode game exists as a single on-disk file, etc. Backing up to the PS Plus cloud is the option we have, but when the uploaded file is
  19. I get that. Similar thing happened with No Man's Sky. The game is phenomenal now. But with KSP, it seems like they're more focused on adding content rather than fixing game breaking bugs that have plagued the Enhanced Edition. I have seen people claim that you should only have a small handful of crafts on console, and don't build anything with more than 100 parts. Kind of nonsense is that? I would *almost* give credence to that if it actually solved any of the problems, but it doesn't. I had a new career started. Just got back from Minmus. I had a total of 3 ships in the VAB list,
  20. You're right, but it's not Sony's or Microsoft's fault that the console version is riddled with bugs that have existed for ages.
  21. I understand that, but it doesn't really address the problem. Just more sweeping under the rug. I know first hand how rewarding an experience Kerbal Space Program can be. I just want console players to have those opportunities without fretting about whether it's all going to vanish in an instant because of issues that have persisted for such a long time I don't think that's an unreasonable expectation, considering how long this game has been out.
  22. No such thing exists on the PS4 version.
  23. Yeah, but there's the point. I lost my creations. That's the hard part. You guys who play on PC at least have all your craft files saved separately from everything else. Console players get screwed in that regard. Pretty much all of my hobbies involve creating in some manner. Be it photography, 3d modeling, music, etc. A lot of those things aren't tangible, but they still matter to the person who created them. It's no different here. I just spent the better part of the last week on a massive undertaking involving the simultaneous deployment of 10 vessels from LKO to the Jool sy
  24. I just lost another career save due to crashing and corrupted save data, which has been an ongoing problem with this game since I started in June 2019. Everything I have created and accomplished in this game in the year+ that I have been playing is gone, for the second time. I can't keep doing this. This is really heartbreaking
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