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  1. Greetings you Galactic Go-Getters! When I last posted, I had just tasted the victory of a successful interplanetary mission. So naturally, it was time to try again. But the previous ship, the Unnecessary Expenditure, while functional, lacked some desirable traits. We had come in very tight on delta-V, and while we are there around Duna, we didn't have sufficient fuel to explore Ike. Further, while the return journey had plenty of fuel left to enter a final parking orbit, KSC still had to send a separate recovery vehicle to the ship to return the crew. Finally, the Duna lander
  2. Greetings you Generous Gentlefolk, I hope your KSP endeavors have been well! When last I posted, I had a few probes out heading towards outer planets. One passed by Jool, and the other, through miscalculation of delta-V and general incompetence the whims of fate and the fickle mistress that is space, managed to impact into Dres in a rather spectacular fashion. Oh, and we decided to go to mother-flippin' Duna. And to do so, we would need a once-in-a-lifetime ship capable of taking us to the stars in quiet luxury. A ship that was the envy of entire nations, that would cradle our bra
  3. Fellow kerbonauts, I present, fully assembled, the Intentionally Left Blank Fast stats: 188 (in game) days to complete construction 26 total launches for station assembly 14 crewed missions, including EVA construction Career mode construction
  4. Salutations you Scions of Space, you Sultans of Science, and you Settlers of the Stars! Hopefully you haven't forgotten about me, because I bring a whole host of endeavors in KSP to share. Having tried out the current rover, the crew of the Munar base, Do Not Leave Blank determined that the vehicle, while functional, was not particularly well designed or comfortable, and began to pose comments and questions like, "This rover isn't particularly functional," and "You landed us in the one place on the Mun that doesn't seem to have any rocks, yet the rover has a scanning arm" and
  5. Normally, I'd put together some sort of rhyme and/or attempt clever word play, but I don't know how else to say that I finally reached Eve in KSP! Of course, that wasn't the only thing being done; I continued my STS challenge by recreating the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft:
  6. I just wanted to stop by and say that, while I don't really have much use for SSTOs in KSP, I had to d/l at least one of your Nova series of planes!  Top notch work, it flies like a dream, :D

    1. Yakuzi


      Thanks @Gunnerline, I do put a lot of time in my craft to make sure they fly decently at a minimum. I'm currently working on an interplanetary version of the Nova as well, so keep an eye out!

  7. Greetings cosmic jammers and lithoslammers! With the truss complete on the Intentionally Left Blank and the Cумрак/Cолнце portion of the station now attached, it has been time to begin the next phase of construction of the project. The first task was to bring the Z1 module up to the station so that the structure is capable of orientation and RSS control from a centralized location, especially with regards to its powerful set of reaction wheels: The Z1 module is used here to orient the station in a polar orientation, ensuring maximum coverage of the Cумрак/Cолнце solar panels.
  8. Congratulations! SSTOs are no easy feat, and you seem to have had a respectable amount of fuel even before de-orbiting.
  9. I certainly don't think it came off that way. As I stated, I completely understand why that would exist, and I would understand your call in either case. It certainly makes sense in retrospect. My posts in the forum so far have usually be curated photos of my missions/adventures in KSP, and this was my first attempt at posting for a challenge. I wasn't really sure how much detail should be brought forward to the moderator, but again, in retrospect, of course it makes sense that more information and pictures would be better. Thank you again for your feedback and helping bring me up
  10. Thank you for being understanding, it was certainly not my intention to attempt to game the system. And I completely understand why attempting to do two missions would potentially allow for "easy" ways of getting around mission objectives. My thought process at the time was that, since there was no actual orbital rendezvous, my ability to complete mission STS-1b was completely dependent on my ability to complete STS-1a. I actually thought I might get told to not waste your time and have them separate! I have a rather humorous story about the second time I flew Benjee's Shuttl
  11. Presented below is my entry into the STS challenge. I have included details concerning the construction and the mission overview for STS Mission 1a and 1b in separate categories: Mods used in construction: Near Future Propulsion Restock+ Taurus HCV Additionally, I used Kerbal Engineer Redux to estimate delta-V values, and the Restock mod to make everything look pretty (and slightly deviated from the normal apparent of stock modules). The dry-mass delta-V of this shuttle is 6,120m/s, and approximately 990 delta-V for orbital maneuvers. With a 40t load, delta-v value
  12. A fine evening to all you space walkers and code talkers! Today's set of missions were once again focused on maintenance and construction, with an emphasis on further development of the Intentionally Left Blank and the Do Not Leave Blank facilities. As part of our commitment to providing more resources towards permenant habitation of celestial bodies, the Do Not Leave Blank received a shipment of a brand new munar rover, the Vagabond: Our engineers have also discovered the vital secret to building useful sky-cranes: check your center of mass before adding thrusters.
  13. You and me both. I spend more time constructing things on the dark sides of planets than not
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