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  1. I want cometely realistic exhaust. I think you should add vacuum optimized engines. Also add a realism-meter, which determines how hard it will be. Actual ignition fuel. Electric igniters, realistic heating and stuff like that
  2. I want to be able to attach parts at two attachment nodes at the same time. Like for building a space station with a ring made from single segments. Currently we are only able to use one attachment node at a time. I hope the improve this
  3. I think kerbal space program 2 looks stunning. I like the idea of interstellar travel and colonization, but I am worried that we can't keep the freedom ksp 1 had. I would suggest some mandatory things to stay, like the nav ball and all the keyboard controls. Then I would suggest a Gameplay mechanic so we ca place Colonies ANYWHERE. First : launch a factory to the place you want to colonize maybe a beautiful hill or something like that. Second build construction rovers. Third plan your colony, like the way you build bases in subnautica. You can place without you materials but it will only be a
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