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  1. 55 minutes is actually very fast. It usually takes me (Xeon E5-1620v4) 2-3 hours. I don’t see why not. P9 is even farther away from Kerbol then Soden, so it shouldn’t interfere with any of MPE’s orbits.
  2. Well, procedural solar systems are a dream of mine as well, but, as you can imagine, very difficult. While creating the generator application for this pack took only about a month, the ProceduralPlanet library took very long to develop. I think I created the project files for it sometime mid-2019.
  3. About Planet 9 (P9) is a KSP planet pack that adds the theorized 9th planet of the solar system plus it’s moon system into Kerbal Space Program. However, unlike other planet packs, this pack is entirely proceduraly generated. This also doesn’t mean that the pack’s textures are pre-generated. Infact, the pack download comes with no textures in it at all. Instead, it ships with a custom application that you need to use before being able to play the pack, that proceduraly-generates a new set of textures and models, just for you. Everyone who downloads and plays this pack, will play using a c
  4. Thanks for the warning. I've added a License to the download and GitHub repository, and named it in my post. I hope I got things right this time. Please let me know if there's anything else I may want to fix.
  5. Knossos - A moon completely covered in a maze Knossos is a mod that I created while experimenting with various maze generation algorithms. I ended up successfully mapping a maze to a sphere, and imported the thing into KSP. And now, due to popular request, I'm releasing it for everyone to enjoy. Download available on GitHub: https://github.com/89Mods/Knossos/releases/tag/1.0 This mod requires Kopernicus to also be installed. You can download Kopernicus here: Description This mod adds a new moon into orbit around Kerbin, which is completely covered in a huge maze. The
  6. Today, I tried my hand at modding the game for myself. Ended up creating a moon that is completely covered in a maze.
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