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  1. They clip. And there is really no way to fix this. Just gotta ignore it. Ah, you got me there. In the next update, I was going to add a config option to make all Kerbals into Avali. No more Kerbals. That'll be a sure way to find out its working. For now though, just look for any names in the Astronaut Complex that don't end it "Kerman".
  2. About Avali Space Program is a little mod I created that adds a few Avali (an alien race most well-known from its appearance in a Starbound mod) as playable characters into the game. This mod doesn't replace the Kerbals, but rather adds the Avali alongside them. Avali astronauts will randomly appear for hire in the Astronaut Complex at the KSC. The mod simply swaps out the 3D model of the Kerbal head on the Avali astronauts. It is purely visual and doesn't change any gameplay. Screenshots Licensing All texture and animation assets are All Rights Reserved to me. All 3D model assets are derived from the Da'vali VRC Avatar model, which is All Rights Reserved to Rai Kitamatsu and used here in compliance with the usage rules set forth by the asset's creator. All plugin source code is distributed under the MIT License. This project uses the Poiyomi Unity Shader, which is licensed under MIT. Downloads All downloads are available on the GitHub repository here. Support I've programmed the plugin to print additional error and debugging information into the game log in case of an error, so PLEASE provide me with your game log if you run into any issues. It will contain all the information I need to help you.
  3. 55 minutes is actually very fast. It usually takes me (Xeon E5-1620v4) 2-3 hours. I don’t see why not. P9 is even farther away from Kerbol then Soden, so it shouldn’t interfere with any of MPE’s orbits.
  4. Well, procedural solar systems are a dream of mine as well, but, as you can imagine, very difficult. While creating the generator application for this pack took only about a month, the ProceduralPlanet library took very long to develop. I think I created the project files for it sometime mid-2019.
  5. About Planet 9 (P9) is a KSP planet pack that adds the theorized 9th planet of the solar system plus it’s moon system into Kerbal Space Program. However, unlike other planet packs, this pack is entirely proceduraly generated. This also doesn’t mean that the pack’s textures are pre-generated. Infact, the pack download comes with no textures in it at all. Instead, it ships with a custom application that you need to use before being able to play the pack, that proceduraly-generates a new set of textures and models, just for you. Everyone who downloads and plays this pack, will play using a completely unique system of moons around Planet 9. You can even customize your moon system inside the application, and create the perfect system for yourself. This is accomplished through my "ProceduralPlanet" procedural celestial body generation software library. Though it is intended for general use in game development, I am using it here to produce this proceduraly generated planet pack for Kerbal Space Program. Currently, this project is still only a proof-of-concept and will receive further development. Therefore, any bug reports and suggestions are greatly appreciated. However, please note that only the textures and models of the major moons are proceduraly generated. Their physical characteristics and orbits are fixed, though they were determined initially by an algorithm as well. Screenshots Note: because this planet pack is proceduraly generated, the screenshots shown here only represent random examples of the generator's capabilities. Though the pack download does come with some default assets for Planet 9 due to technical reasons, none of the shown moons will appear in your game exactly as seen. As explained previously, your system will be completely randomly generated. Installation Planet 9 is a little bit more difficult install then your regular planet pack, due to the requirement of needing to run the procedural generator first. The download link below will contain a .zip file which, as you're probably used to, needs to extracted into your KSP install's GameData folder. This pack does require the "VertexHeightMap" Kopernicus Expansion from VabienArt’s fork of the Kopernicus Expansions, which can be found here: https://github.com/VabienArt/KopernicusExpansion-Continueder/releases However, a compatible build of this expansion should always be included with the download for this pack. Additionally, while this isn't a strict requirement, it is recommended to have OPM installed, simply so that Planet 9 actually is the 9th planet from Kerbol. You may also want to install an Orion Drive Mod. Just trust me on this. You will need it. Before being able to run your game, you need to run the procedural generation application to create the textures and models unique to your system. However, instructions on using the generator application would blow up this forum post. Instead, I have added usage instructions to the GitHub repository for this project, which can be accessed at this link: https://github.com/89Mods/Planet9/blob/main/README.md Please read the contents of this page very carefully! The generator application in a sensitive piece of software, and will not work at all if you do not follow the instructions to the letter! Visual mods This planet pack comes with scatterer configs for the two celestial bodies in it that have atmospheres. Otherwise, no other visual enhancement mods are utilized in this pack. Support If you have successfully ran the generator application, but cannot start your game, you must provide the Kopernicus log files, or I will be unable to help. If you are trying to run the generator application but get an error, you must show me the exact error message. If the generator application instead freezes with no error, ensure that you have correctly followed the usage instructions for the application. If you did and are still experience this problem, you can send me a message, and I will do my best to help. Licensing This planet pack and the generator application are published under the GNU General Public License v3. Download The current version of the planet pack is 1.2.0 for KSP version 1.12.x, and can be downloaded from the project’s GitHub page here: https://github.com/89Mods/Planet9/releases/tag/1.2.0 Please make sure to carefully follow the installation instructions above, as this is not a simple planet pack. Changelog Credits
  6. Thanks for the warning. I've added a License to the download and GitHub repository, and named it in my post. I hope I got things right this time. Please let me know if there's anything else I may want to fix.
  7. Knossos - A moon completely covered in a maze Knossos is a mod that I created while experimenting with various maze generation algorithms. I ended up successfully mapping a maze to a sphere, and imported the thing into KSP. And now, due to popular request, I'm releasing it for everyone to enjoy. Download available on GitHub: https://github.com/89Mods/Knossos/releases/tag/1.0 This mod requires Kopernicus to also be installed. You can download Kopernicus here: Description This mod adds a new moon into orbit around Kerbin, which is completely covered in a huge maze. The walls of said maze are high and steep enough to prevent most rovers and Kerbals from walking over them. So you'll just have to cheat with rockets instead solve it properly. There is a solution to the maze, as it stops around the poles, which could be considered the "end" of the maze. The moon itself is half the size of The Mun, but its orbit around Kerbin is behind Minmus', and is also highly inclined and eccentric, making it difficult to get to in the first place. More screenshots License This mod and its source code is distributed under the MIT License.
  8. Today, I tried my hand at modding the game for myself. Ended up creating a moon that is completely covered in a maze.
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