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  1. this looks like a great mod but one thing i could think about is that some of the bodies seem a bit to close together and with the 2nd star being at jools orbit it makes the systems very densely packed. i under stand the want to not need a warp drive but one thing you could do is spread the star systems out a bit and have wormholes in every system. but this mod looks AMAZING i will definitely be keeping an eye on this mods progress.
  2. i am currently working on a leader board scoring system and will post it soon
  3. after some thought i have to say your logic is sound and i can see why you forgot about having the pannel open i apologise for this you are back on the leaderboard
  4. @mystifeid amazing job especially with getting them back. I am personally impressed with this and i can't believe you pulled this off because when i built my station i had 1 ion engine tug and had several hour long burns to do it. very impressive dear @jinnantonix thank you for participating in this challange but in this video i noticed you had used several mods. now if that was it then i would still count you for the modded leaderboard but in this video i saw that the hyperedit pannel had been open when prevously closed. this makes me wonder if you used hyper edit to acheve a kerbin encounter. due to the fact that there is no proof that you did this without hyper edit i must sorrowfuly disqualify you. i you can show me evidence that you did not use hyperedit i will happily put you back on the leader board but untill then your submission is disqualified.
  5. you should be able to get the dependencies in 1.4.3 if you look hard enough but you should never put current mods on an outdated ksp that is one sure way to break something
  6. the laboratory doesn't expand are you sure there is no one in there and if there is try getting them out if this doesn't work make sure your [email protected] is updated cause i think in the new update change log they changed the texture of the laboratory
  7. i am in sandbox mode and my buildings are therefore at the max level, but sometimes when i go to launch a craft it glitches out and tells me that the launch pad/runway and vab/sph are level 1 and cannot support more than 20 tonnes. also i cant have my kerbals do an eva because my astronaut complex is to low of a level even though its in sandbox. has any one had a similar problem this is currently a huge problem because i Need to get a kerbal out to repack parachutes or i will lose a colony seed ship (edit) now vab wont let me have action groups
  8. i never actualy launch my rockets from kirben i make a huge launch vehicle and when i start flying it after a few seconds of getting my ship to laugh in the face of all reality i just alt f12 it to its target and dump the stages for launch
  9. As my eve/gily return probe blew up during reentry at 3 km/s i wondered what the fastest reentry possible would be. so i came up with idea to challenge the community to test this. idea payload is Probodobodyne OKTO with mk16 parachute reenter kerbin's atmosphere with a periapsis under the ground (pre reentry) have settings set to normal in difficulty settings the only cheats you can use is to set up you trajectory into kerbin and infinite fuel and infinite energy (no atmospheric drag fiddling, no ignore max temp) your payload must survive to land any thing else you add are allowed to be destroyed try and get the fastest speed possible (the fastest speed will be recorded when you hit 70,000 m) you can use an engine to speed yourself up before you hit the atmosphere
  10. i think that the easiest way to solve this it to just put options in and create a community accepted setting style that is basically recognized as the pro settings or something
  11. my go to solution if i dont have enough twr to get off the landing pad is to strap the smallest srb all over every available surface - my computer hates me
  12. it can be any orbital range and no it does not need to be circularized personally (haven't figured out the screen shot function for ksp) i sent a huge amount of batteries with 4 1x6 solar panels and used an ion engine to establish my perihelion (3 gm) doing my anti normal burn at the edge of the kerbols soi
  13. i think that having a lot of options let you be able to never play the same way adding variety without needing mods or personal rules and it lets the inexperienced learn this game should not be only for those that played ksp before. it should be a game for everybody no matter there skill level. you can NOT tell me that when you first played ksp you could have re-entered with 120% re-entry heating. you might say "ehh but the options will be default ehh". there is no way in kerbal hell that will go over easy, so no. There is no reason we should force all players to have the default difficulty when the experienced part of the community wants to challenge themselves and the inexperienced should have to play without some handicap.
  14. yes thank you this is what i meant because in complicated mods like interstellar the concepts were just thrown at you and when i went to try and figure it out my brain shutdown while they where explaining how nuclear reactors powered engines but did not produce power and something like thermal force or something. and @Brikoleur thank you for putting my jangled mess into coherent words.
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