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  1. When I feel like getting rid of my 100$ computer I might install this mod
  2. I really don't know what's going on with my savegame, the persistent and quicksave files keep deleting, I can only continue playing by getting a backup from the backup folder, and now I noticed my minmus outpost literally disappeared, it's no where to be seen. I had two kerbals in EVA just some meters from the base and it's suddenly gone. I fear that this might also happen to my orbital station (and if it does I'll be really upset) Now I'll just build a new outpost in the runway and cheat to teleport It to minmus, because I didn't notice the outpost was gone until lots of (quick) saves.
  3. I meant HRD (Hydraulic Radial Decouplers) lmao Just noticed they are actually called Hydraulic Detachment Manifold
  4. It's just 2 hydraulic radial decouplers connecting the shuttle and the external tank, and in the external tank 4 HLD connecting both the boosters to it, and there are no things like batteries or anything between each tank, it's just pure fuel
  5. How do i build a plane that doesn't break itself upon reaching high speeds? I'm trying to build a shuttle and it always breaks
  6. Well I already have two ore refinery parts in the station, because I thought it would be easier to carry the ore to the station because minmus has low gravity ( and because of that it would be easier to transfer the ore ) I guess I'll add a new module in the outpost. Also what do you think about using a space shuttle or SSTO for refueling the station? Might be a good idea, because it's pretty easy to land in the flats and can carry lots of fuel
  7. When I reach the space, I try transferring the fuel from my (liquid fuel) boosters to the main tank, but for some reason nothing happen when I press "in", and when I press "out" the button becomes "stop" but no fuel is transferred. I have crossfeed enabled, the decoupler isn't connected to the ones I am trying to transfer, is that the reason for it?
  8. Hey guys, now I've decided and after landing the core I will connect some ore tanks to the base with docking ports and use a rover with KAS to transfer ore. I am also building a space station in minmus that will receive that ore and convert it into fuel, so my future interplanetary missions will be way easier. It might be finished by tomorrow
  9. Every time I open my game it says "save incompatible" in my save game, and when I open the saves folder both the quicksave and persistent saves just disappear
  10. After almost 400 hours I believe (steam says 178 but I know I have way more), I have FINALLY landed a rover in another planet for the first time. (Duna) I needed to disable crash impact because the rover wouldn't decouple from the rest of the rocket, it's wheels were stuck between the decoupler lol, so forgive me, but now I'll try to land kerbals in duna and go back to kerbin
  11. Actually you're right, I just googled and found someone with the same exact problem as me, and it was related to Scatterer: darkness and infinite loading. Now I know the problem was on Scatterer and not on Kopernicus, but I still find it pretty weird how it only happened with Kopernicus Well, thanks for the attention anyway
  12. Is there any way to connect cables without kerbals? I want to launch a rover in curiosity-style but it won't let me attach in editor or unmanned
  13. I don't know, but if yes then that might be the issue. The Scatterer was installed for about 1 week