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  1. noticed the game has had quite a lot of updates since I last played, so many mods are going obsolete or not working, so I'd like to know what is a good version to use to install mods.
  2. Every time I leave my capsule to do something, like collect science from another vessel or just make an eva report, the capsule suddenly starts flipping and it makes it impossible to enter it again. Rn I had this problem, so I loaded my previous quicksave to discover that save was from the previous launch
  3. My favorite planet is definitely Jupiter, that planet and it's moons are amazing!
  4. hey good mod but could you add a feature that lets the player mark multiple parts and rescale them as a group? would help a LOT with building BIG rockets
  5. I don't know if I should post this here because I don't see this fitting anywhere else but here it goes: At the moment the only settings I know what it does are texture settings (obviously), and I have no idea on what most other settings do, so I'd like if someone could tell me with examples and/or comparisons. The one I'm more curious about is render quality tbh, because I can't see much difference and it slowdowns my game a lot
  6. amazing, I literally just thought about making a planet and was wondering how to make the textures. funny thing is that textures always look ugly on paper but in-game they can actually look amazing
  7. Exactly same thing is happening to me @Gameslinx Give me some minutes I'll get a screenshot
  8. That's good to know. Also I just noticed I am not getting illumination or solar panels problems, before I had to delete solarpanels.cfg but now it's working just fine with it
  9. Got some problems with planet textures here Noticed it in guardian rn
  10. That one is good too but it is way harder than what I can do lol
  11. Could someone make a mod that rescales each stock part from the game to something close to the realistic scales? Like, take the kickback, give it a higher fuel capacity, higher thrust and same weight/mass/height than the real counterpart. I know there is tweak scale, but I believe it's scales aren't the same as the real counterparts and that mod makes my game run too slow
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