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  1. uhhhhh, that's really weird, i don't know where the lags can from for you, I thinking about the lights but the new LC-20 didn't have lights, it's also not the animation ELA-2 and LC-20 didn't have animations. I don't know what can I do to be honest, lot of people tested it and you are the only one to have this fps issue it's really weird Thanks you !
  2. Aurora Space Center 1.1: Kodiak Update ! List of new launchpads, HIF, and other cool things: DOWNLOAD: Dependencies: Kerbal Konstructs & Module Manager This version is compatible and work from KSP 1.8.X to 1.10.X Changelog: 1.1: Kodiak Update - Add ELA-2 - Add Kodiak LP-3 (Astra Rocket3.0's launch pad) - Add Medium HIF with interior - Add Kodiak LP-2 - Add Big HIF with interior - Rework of LC-20 launch pad (the old one is still available but will not be updated) - Add lights system - Fix default position for Crew Access Arm right
  3. @infinite_monkey Okay, I just tested Aurora in 1.8.1 and no problem for me on LC-20 (old), the new one and the LC-2 Maybe the next update will fix this issue ?
  4. I will do some checks in KSP stock, but I don't see how a mod like Aurora Space Center can do NRE to KK Could you try with the pad "LC-17" of Tundra Space Center ? I think it's the animation manager in KK
  5. Thanks ! , did you try on the both doors ? (Right and left) Uh, I get the same bug on my RSS ksp, but i don't think it's a Aurora Space Center bug, could you try with an other mod like Tundra Space Center ? You are playing on 1.0 and I have not made any bug fixes on it because there was none, and I (and my friends) have never had any problems playing with this version By the way: The Aurora Space Center 1.1 release is ready, I just need to work on some bug fixes, 1.1 will be out soon (I can't wait to work on the 1.2)
  6. The next update is coming soon! I only have some bugsfix left to do and modify some things that I did not like on v1.0 (because I am still a very big user of my own mod and I noticed that things could be improved) In recent weeks I have been working on a light system for the shooting range (which you can place yourself) I still have to see if everything is good, I also have worked on the Kodiak LP-2 which is modeled but must be animated Kodiak LP-2: I'm really sorry for the time that Aurora is taking, with the pandemic and my personal life I put a lot this mod aside, I'm doing everything to get the v1.1 out quickly as possible! You can also check the progression of the update here: https://trello.com/b/X0coCMIn/aurora-space-center
  7. Yup, but for this pad I don't have so much informations about his dimensions and how it is work and to be honest, I want to work on Aurora Space Center 1.3 (which will be a super cool update)
  8. Informations about Aurora Space Center 1.1: Hello, sorry for the lack of updates on the mod, in fact I am working on the next update which will be released in the coming days This one should be based on Kodiak but due to the lack of information about certain buildings it will not be complete nevertheless, I took advantage of this update to add a lot of statics This update will add: - ELA-2 (Ariane 4 & Ariane 3 launchpad) - Kodiak LP-2 - Kodiak LP-3 (Astra Rocket 3.0 launchpad) - 2 New Horizontal Integration Facility with an interior and animated doors - The LC-20 already present the 1.0 version has been completely reworked More info in the coming days, excuse me for being late!