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  1. Haha yes It's ELA-1 in the Ariane era, but I will also do this one for Vega c: Well I can't really explain how I make these, it's somehow complicated because you have to model them and adapt them to the game but I do: - SketchUp for modeling - Blender for corrections (mergings faces, normals, rename faces according to textures names) - Unity (using Part Tools) - and then do the .cfg
  2. 1.1.1: Kodiak Update - Add the ability to disable lights from ELA-3 launchpad Download: Aurora Space Center 1.1.zip NB: Next Aurora Space Center update is planned in some weeks, more details coming soon. (lot of great stuff!)
  3. @Jacktical Hi guys, thanks you for your report! I updated the ELA3 launchpad with the possibility to remove the lights https://github.com/Zoeille/Aurora-Space-Center/blob/master/GameData/AuroraSpaceCenter/Pads/ELA3/ELA3.cfg You just have to edit your launchpad and select "Without Lights" variant:
  4. Do you use a shader mod ? You should check your KS3P/TUFX settings.. I don't think I added lights on ELA-3
  5. Hi ! Today I worked on a "hors serie" of the next update: Delta IV SLC-37B! This will be the only launchpad that is not from VAFB to me featured in the next update including SLC-37A & SLC-37B (Apollo era)
  6. Really cool! Thanks for using Aurora Space Center
  7. hi! Would it be possible for kRPC to support Gridfins from Kerbal Reusability Expansion ? It didn't work on krpc, but work well on kOS (I think it's an issue with moveable wings in general)
  8. Thanks! I'm very busy right now but I think I will try to release it in the coming months Aurora Space Center 1.3 here my progress about this update: - SLC-6 (Delta IV variant) is done - SLC-2 (Delta II variant) is mostly done - SLC-3 not started yet - SLC-4 SpaceX HIF is done
  9. I made the Astra rocket using Procedural Parts, Procedural Fairing and Generic Engines in RSS, also when you place the static, you have a popup and a option with "Model Scale" Thanks!
  10. Wow, thanks for using Aurora Space Center on this extension!
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