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  1. Then you probably should have taken an easier comet, and i almost did the same mistake while doing my Dres maneuvers, i realized skipping a whole 25 year orbit would make my maneuver much cheaper.
  2. Comets have a special description that classes them in 4 categories: Short Period, Intermediate Period, Long Period and Interstellar, i've only found an intermediate and a long period, also they have new size classes going from F to I
  3. I also noticed from my score, 270 that you gave me 50 aesthetic points for my craft, because if there is no aesthetics bonus i would have only had 220, how much of that is from the rocket or the probe?
  4. I have a certain idea for what i will do with my probe when i'm done, also for the narrative of Infinity 1 there is a small instrument used to analyze particles and chemical composition concealed inside of the back-mounted Advanced Grabbing Unit Jr. and the probe has a camera.
  5. Asteroids and comets, i didn't check if switching to target mode just disabled Persistent Thrust in the ion engines.
  6. I've had only 1 issue with this mod so far, and that's the fact that it doesn't work when the Navball is set on Target mode.
  7. In the VAB This Standart Mainsail-Poodle 2 Stage Rocket will take my probe into it's journey. Second Stage and Probe Due to the Klaw Jr. being placed at the bottom of the probe, i had to build a pretty interesting arrangement to hold the probe in place. Interplanetary Space Despite having left Kerbin's SOI, it is still barely visible. Burn Preparations I was about to do one of the last burns using the second stage of the launcher. Encounter Ready You can see the potential targets' orbits. Touchdown? We can still see the second stage in behind the asteroid. Naming it I1 for Infinity 1, the mission's name, and 1 for the first destination. First Re-Encounter I came back in Kerbin's SOI temporarily, to fling me toward my next target. Matching velocities With the next target. Say hi to I1 - 2! The second destination is a slightly larger asteroid. Comet Kennard-Obford-Tombree 1 This Intermediate period comet is the next destination for Infinity 1. Swing Past Kerbin This was a by-product of my velocity matching I1 - 2, which was in a Kerbin Encounter Trajectory. The Big Burn A huge burn to get an encounter with Kennard-Obford-Tombree 1 (which i'll refer to at K-O-T 1 from now on). Burning Ahead! The comet was visible, but was not emitting a Plasma Tail yet. There it is. The Plasma Tail was a little shy and appeared late, but it was just as beautiful as usual. Finally After nearly a full orbit i was approaching K-O-T 1. The Coma At this point i was entering the comet's Coma, this was nearly the image i'd select for my flagship patch. But this one's better I decided to pick this image as the one in my flagship patch, no need to add the probe onto it either since it's already there. A prefix Instead of making the comet's name I1 - C1, i decided to add it as a prefix. A tiny Planet Dres, the forgotten planet, even this mission won't study it in detail, only it's scattered ring of asteroids. Chapter one Complete And the arrival at I1 - 3(D) marks the end of this first chapter of the Infinity 1 Mission. It is already Flagship level. In Chapter 2, i will go to many Dresteroids to get large amounts of Data on this mysterious feature in a very high orbit of Dres. @The Doodling Astronaut The probe's Twin Ion Engines allow for more thrust, and is very useful even with Persistent Thrust Mod.
  8. I'll take a break and put in my current progress, which is already enough for flagship.
  9. Update: I got on a ballistic trajectory on Dres, which i subsequently fixed and i'm about to encounter the first dresteroid of this mission I've done the first dresteroid and i have 2217 m/s left.
  10. I'm doing the mission right now, i've already done my 2 asteroids and my comet and now i'm just timewarping myself to my maneuvers to Dres.
  11. I would say logically you can mostly find comets in crossing the Dres or Jool orbits, so i'd put my sentinels to track there
  12. I'm definitely participating, i will try to aim for the 2 Asteroids, 1 Comet and 1 Dresteroid (and a LOT more for points) approach but if i can't i'll do Hard with 2 Asteroids 1 Comet.
  13. I would say it only takes a few 10's of m/s since the orbital speed at their altitude is so low.