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  1. Hey can you add animated brakes that after some time of braking get red hot????
  2. In school. I go to economic and informatics high school (senior) and my special subjects are 3D modelling (mainly Blender) Programming (C++, JAVA, HTML) Economics and Accounting. So my advice for you wold be just go to YT and learn a thing or two and then when u get more professional head to paid online courses like Skillshare (not sponsored)
  3. I know. It was a joke. I know how hard programming and designing is. Im literally studying 3D modeling, C++, and Java at the same time.
  4. Ok thank you. Can you tell me when is that update coming? Hey, i guess same? On Instagram if im not mistaken you with someone else.
  5. Hello im here with numbers for you that i tested. Space center: 35fps with Scatterer and 55fos WO Launch pad: 25fps with 40fps wo Launch same craft: 26fps with and 32fps wo High altitude/in clouds: 26fps with 34fps wo Map screen: 33fps with and 47fps wo So now i have tested Scatterer in my main game with all the other mods that i mention before (i forgot you told me to test only Scatterer). These are the numbers that i got. Over all 10-15fps lower in regular gameplay and around 20 in space center.
  6. Yea i know thats why im bothered cuz im playing science mode and only the half of my teach tree is unlocked so i dont have many parts and i cant build huge rockets.
  7. I will do my best! Im not saying that the mod is bad intact its great. And yea i will try my best of testing the mod. With stock and BH game saves! Ow yea also 1920x1080 resolution.
  8. Well i dont really wanna turn off water shaders. But i wanna desable parts that are casting shadows from so far away and godrays that are casted by parts but not the mountain and stuff. How can i do that? Any idea?
  9. Ok so i dont think it will work even tho i install without parallax cuz even the stock game is like that with Scatterer and i dont have parallax installed on it. And i do understand how hard it is to do "school" and work. I do understand that you care about what we (users of ur mod) think. Some dont and you aren't one of them. And i just wanna say keep it up. Ure doing great.
  10. I mean im fine with that but its important for me cuz im making YT videos with it. And i need 60fps. Also what do i need to run KSP with mods NASAs super computer? Ow man i really dont want to rush you but please make it ASAP. Also i figured the problem is mainly Scatterer since without it im running around 50fps. And im also discussing the same thing on their forum.
  11. My main game is running with Beyond Home, Parallax, TUFX, engine lighting, Real Plume stock and no part texture mods. My rig is: CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz 8GB DDR4 2100MGHz RAM GPU: GTX 1060(3GB)
  12. Hi. I need help. When i install the mod wth the shaders im dropping from 75 to 25fps. Why is that happening. Im running Beyond Home and Parallax but when i delete Scatterer its all fine. Also same with the stock solar system. Why is it dropping more than twice. I have a GTX 1060(3GB) and it goes all 100% out at 70°C is there a problem or is this the way it will be? Can someone please help me????
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