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  1. Version: KSP V1.9.1.2788 (macOS 64-bit) Fresh install Problem: 2 Showstopper errors involving mod parts Mods installed: AP+, BDAc, PRE, Firespitter, KSP Recall, Neist Airliner Parts w/TMasteron TS patches Detail: Conflict with S2 Structural Fuselage (AP+) and AWACS radar (BDAc), both resulting in showstopper errors Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nrHHLR2yPuVxqrg3icspvHs29dwzj_kx/view?usp=sharing (Errors near the end of log)
  2. So I've been running the mod in 1.9.1 for a short while, does the elevator and jet blast deflectors move? I do see the mechanism modeled for the deflector but not sure how to toggle them
  3. Forgot to send those, sorry about that Here's the craft file (It uses AP+): https://kerbalx.com/Destroyer_AmanogawaKai/Mikazuki-MA10-10 Here's the glitch I experienced: https://imgur.com/9qGGwG0 And here's the Output.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sz4e1dh69tlytp/KSP.log?dl=0 For reproduction, just do a flight and use persistent trails to get a replay
  4. So I tried this mod since I do have interest to film a KSP short movie, but apparently B9 PWing isn’t compatible with Persistent Trails and cause the wings to appear as unadjusted parts. Is there a fix for it?
  5. I did try that and it works, though at the same time I don’t want the AI up to burn so many missiles against a single target in case of re-engagement. Hence why I used a limit of 3 missile/target while carrying 6 AIM-120s and 12 AIM-9s. Another way of doing it is to change the engagement style by bumping normal altitude higher and that seems to fix it too. Though it is frustrating for the weapons manager to not consider AMRAAMs that have already missed
  6. I have this issue as well, though most of my time it is after a wave of AIM-120s missing and the opponent is a sitting duck to a AIM-9 shot, the AI for some weird reason refuses to fire the sidewinder and giving the opponent the chance to fire back and instead killing it. The most weird thing is that the AIM-9 has a lock and is a really easy shot, but for some unexplained reasons the weapon manager absolutely refuses to shoot on guard mode unless I manually right click and press fire from the menu there If anyone wants I do have my 2 test crafts for repeated experiments (The F-5C Mashiro
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